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Welcome to Travis Air Force Base, located just northeast of San Francisco, California. The base, like many, was formed during World War II as an Air Transport Command hub to ferry aircraft and supplies across the Pacific. The base was named after Brigadier General Robert F Travis, who was killed when his B-29 Superfortress crashed shortly after takeoff in 1950. Known as “The Gateway to the Pacific” for its principal role as a military airlift hub, the base’s host unit, the 60th Air Mobility Wing is the largest in the Air Force’s Air Mobility Command. Today Travis AFB is home to more than 6,600 active-duty military, 2,850 Reservists and 3,770 civilians. Continue reading for our in-depth guide on Travis Air Force Base to help aid you in your transition to your new home. 1. Where Is Travis Air Force Base? 2. Google Map View 3. Getting There – Directions to the Base 4. Entering Travis Air Force Base and Amenities 5. Where Should I Live Near Travis Air Force Base? 6. What Schools are Near Travis Air Force Base? 7. What’s the Weather Like in Travis Air Force Base? 8. Things to Do Near Travis Air Force Base

Where Is Travis Air Force Base?

Where Is Travis Air Force Base?

The base is just 3 miles from Fairfield, California; 50 miles from San Francisco; and 130 miles from Lake Tahoe.

Travis Air Force Base

Bldg 599 Travis AFB, CA 94535


1 (707) 424-1462

Travis AFB Map

Travis AFB Map

Travis Air Force Base Directions

Driving Directions to Travis AFB

From San Francisco International Airport

  1. Merge onto US-101N toward San Francisco (11.6 miles)
  2. Keep right onto I-80E at exit 433B toward Bay Bridge/Oakland/Seventh St / US-101N (46.1 miles) (Portions will have tolls).
  3. Take Air Base Pkwy / Waterman Blvd exit toward Travis AFB (4.2 miles)

From Oakland International Airport 

  1. Merge onto I-880N toward Downtown Oakland (6.3 miles)
  2. Keep right to take I-980 E toward CA-24 / Walnut Creek (1.4 miles)
  3. Merge onto I-580 W toward San Francisco (5.8 miles)
  4. Take I-80E toward Vallejo / Sacramento (portions have tolls) (34.1 miles)
  5. Take Air Base Pkwy / Waterman Blvd exit toward Travis AFB (4.2 miles)

From Sacramento International Airport 

  1. Merge onto I-5N toward Woodland
  2. Merge onto E Main towards CA-113S / Woodland (.7 miles)
  3. Merge onto CA-113S via the ramp on the left toward Davis (11.1 miles)
  4. Take I-80W (16 miles)
  5. Take the Mason St exit toward Travis AFB (.2 miles)
  6. Turn right onto Mason St (.3 miles)
  7. Turn right onto Peabody Rd (5.4 miles)
  8. Turn left onto Airbase Pkwy (.25 miles)

Greyhound Bus

Visit their website for up-to-date ticket and travel information.

Travis AFB Nearest Greyhound Bus Station

177 Main St. Suisun, CA 94585


There is an Amtrak station just outside base at 4921 Vanden Road, Vacaville, CA 95687

Travis AFB Transportation Office

When moving, the Personal Property Processing Office (PPPO)  will arrange for the delivery of your household goods. Whether you are doing a Do it yourself (DITY) or government move with a moving company, PPPO will organize all aspects of your move and is where you will submit your claim for reimbursement for the move.

Travis AFB Traffic Management Office

540 Airlift Dr, Bldg 381 Travis AFB, CA, 94535


: 1 (707) 424-2411

Travis AFB PPPO Office Hours

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday:

  • Thursday:

Entering Travis AFB and Amenities

Entering Travis Air Force Base and Amenities

Guards will conduct a 100% ID check at all gates. All visitors must have a valid military ID or proceed to the visitor control center for a pass. Due to current COVID measures, be sure to show your IDs with the barcodes facing the guard so that they may scan them without touching them. Pass information and entry requirements can be found here.

Check-in Procedures for Incoming Personnel

If arriving during working hours, report to your assigned Unit Commander’s Support Staff (CSS) with your orders and personal documents. Your sponsor should schedule your check in procedures and walk you through the process. You will be directed to the appropriate processing section and should bring:
  • 10 Copies of your orders
  • Medical and dental record
  • Military ID and driver's license
  • Dependent information (marriage certificate if you got married in transit, childrens’ birth certificates, etc.)

Travis AFB Visitor Center

Bldg. 599 Travis AFB, CA 94535


1 (707) 424-1462


To schedule an appointment with the ID Card or DEERS office, use this link. Travis AFB ID Card Section/DEERS 540 Airlift Dr, D Wing Bldg. 381 Travis AFB, CA 94535


1 (707) 424-8480

Travis AFB DEERS Hours

  • Monday through Friday:


Travis AFB Gate Hours

You must have a valid driver’s license, valid insurance, paper registration, smog check for any vehicle registered outside of California. Motorcycles require a valid motorcycle license and BRC/ARC certification.
  • Main Gate -

    0600-2200 Monday through Friday
  • North Gate -

     0600-2100 Monday through Friday
  • South Gate (Commercial) -

     Commercial Gate open 0600-1800 Monday through Friday to commercial traffic only
  • Hospital Gate -

    Open 24/7

Travis AFB Commissary

Travis AFB Commissary

Pick up groceries, dine, and shop in the department store-style exchanges located conveniently on base.

Travis AFB Commissary

460 Skymaster Dr. Travis AFB, CA 94535


1 (707) 437-4004

Travis AFB Commissary Hours

  • Daily:


Travis AFB BX

461 Skymaster Circle Bldg. 648 Travis AFB, CA 94535


1 (707) 437-4633

Travis AFB Exchange Hours

  • Monday through Saturday:

  • Sunday:

Travis AFB Barber Shop

Travis AFB Barber Shop 


. Main Exchange Barbershop

461 Skymaster Circle Bldg. 648 Travis AFB, CA 94535


1 (925) 325-5367


  • Monday through Friday:

  • Saturday:


2. Hospital Barbershop

Bldg 777 Travis AFB, CA 94535


1 (707) 437-2776 Hours:
  • Monday through Friday: 0900-1630
  • Saturday, Sunday: Closed

Travis AFB Post Office

Get your letters and packages delivered where they need to go properly and on time with the help of the Travis AFB Post Office.

Travis AFB Post Office

465 Skymaster Circle Travis AFB, CA 94535


1 (707) 437-2889


  • Monday through Friday:

Travis AFB Finance

Travis AFB Finance 

The Finance Office offers financial help to all service members and their families. Please call ahead to make an appointment.

Travis AFB Personal Financial Management

540 Airlift Dr, Ste F-1 Travis AFB, CA 94535


1 (707) 424-8359

Travis AFB Finance Office Hours

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday:

  • Thursday:

Active duty, dependents, and retirees are eligible for legal assistance in most areas. For a full list of what services the office can perform and which services on which they can only provide legal advice, check their website here.

Legal Services Office

510 Mulheron St, Bldg 383 Travis AFB, CA 94535


1 (707) 424-6809

Travis AFB Legal Office Walk In Hours 

  • Monday through Friday:

    0900 to 1400

Travis AFB Library

Travis AFB Library

Most military bases and their respective libraries have plenty of online classes and educational opportunities. Stop by and ask about services offered and check out videos and books in the online collections.

Mitchell Memorial Library

510 Travis Ave. Travis AFB, CA 94535


1 (707) 424-3279


  • Monday through Friday

    : 1000-1900
  • Saturday:

Travis AFB Hotels

Travis AFB Hotels

Travis Inn

570 Travis Ave. Bldg. 402 Travis AFB, CA 94535


1 (707) 424-8000


24/7 Download MyBaseGuide’s Relocation Guide for information about hotels nearby.

Hot Tip: Download MyBaseGuide’s Travis AFB Military Relocation Guide for information about hotels nearby.

Where Should I Live Near Travis Air Force Base?

Where Should I Live Near Travis Air Force Base?

If you’re considering living on base, check out the available on-base housing options. Otherwise, read on to find out more about living off base.

Cities Near Travis Air Force Base

Travis AFB is located near the town of Fairfield, California and just an hour northeast of San Francisco. Sacramento is a reasonable commute as well if you prefer to be in a more built up area. As you may know, the bay area has become one of the most expensive real estate areas in the country due to Silicon Valley so you may experience higher home prices than you’re used to if living closer to the bay.

Best Places to Live Near Travis Air Force Base

Vacaville, CA

Sitting just about halfway between San Francisco and Sacramento, the city of Vacaville has about 88,600 people. The city is a 15 minute commute from the base and offers a nice, thriving community. Homes in the area start around $169,000 for a three bedroom, and one bedroom apartments start at $650.

Fairfield, CA

Just west of the base, the city has a population of 140,000 and is a thriving business center that is home to Anheuser-Busch, Clorox, and the Jelly Belly Candy Company. Homes start around $285,000 for a three bedroom or $735 for a one bedroom apartment.

San Francisco, CA

While the commute might take an hour and the real estate is out of this world expensive, if you’re looking to truly make the most of your time at Travis AFB, you might consider living in the city. There are tons of amazing sites and things to do. Homes start around $400,000 for a small 2 bedroom and rentals begin at around $1450 for a one bedroom. Look for homes and apartments for rent or sale on AHRN.com.

Hot Tip: Look for Travis AFB homes and apartments for rent or sale, and find BAH, PCS, TLA & ETS military housing information at AHRN.com.

Travis AFB Schools

Travis AFB Schools

There are two elementary schools on base: Scandia and Travis Elementary. Just outside base is the Travis Unified School District which includes a middle school, high school, and two more elementary schools.

1. Travis Unified School District

2751 De Ronde Dr. Fairfield, CA 94535


1 (707) 437-4604 If you live north of Alamo Drive, your children will attend the Vacaville Unified School District which has three high schools, two middle schools, ten elementary schools, and one K-8 school

2. Vacaville Unified School District

401 Nut Tree Rd. Vacaville, CA 95687


1 (707) 453-6114 The Fairfield-Suisun Unified School district has three high schools, five middle schools, and several elementary schools.

3. Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District

2490 Hillborn Rd. Fairfield, CA 94534


1 (707) 399-5000 And check out our full guide to Travis Air Force Base schools for a more detailed rundown. Travis AFB Weather

Travis AFB Weather

Like many places in California, the summers in Travis AFB are long, warm, and arid. The winters are short, wet, and fairly cold. The average summer temperature range from 55 in the morning to 88, rarely ever making it over 90 degrees. Winter temps can get as low at 39 but rarely, if ever, go below freezing, and up to the high 50s. This lovely, temperate climate means you won't have to pack too many heavy coats during the winter and during the summer, low humidity means you won’t sweat too hard while enjoying outdoor activities. Winds are almost always out of the west off the bay and can bring some marine layer clouds. The water temperature is cold even for Pacific Ocean standards in the low 50s. Things to Do Around Travis AFB

Things to Do Around Travis AFB

Nearby Attractions

Being so close to both Sacramento, San Francisco, and just east of Napa Valley, there is no shortage of things to do.

Napa Valley

Check out the multitude of vineyard tours and tasting rooms, enjoy incredible nature walks, or go super romantic and take a hot air balloon ride.

San Francisco

You can make a day trip to San Francisco and enjoy the bay activities such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island or whale watching. Head into the Golden Gate National Recreation area to giant redwood trees or take a walk along the Presidio and Fisherman’s Wharf for outdoor dining, gardens, shops and amusement parks.


In the state’s capital, you can visit the State Capitol Museum and Capitol Park. Check out the Sacramento Zoo or check out some of the fantastic restaurants.

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20 Of the Best Things to Do Around Travis AFB

Restaurants Near Travis AFB

Here are three top restaurants located near the base recommended by TripAdvisor.

1. Texas Roadhouse,

American, Steak 3333 N Texas St. Fairfield, CA 94533


1 (707) 422-7623 This familiar spot serves up hefty steaks and burgers with thick cut fries and no doesn’t skimp on the serving sizes.

2. Huckleberry’s,

Diner 3101 Travis Blvd, Ste B Fairfield, CA 94534


1 (707) 427-3800 A local diner with a steamboat, it's their twist on a New Orleans cuisine that serves up big southern breakfast platters.

3. Babs Delta Diner,

Diner 770 Kellogg St. Suisun City, CA 94585


1 (707) 421-1926 Another local diner, right on the water, this spot offers lovely breakfast and lunch with outdoor seating with big portions and pleasant views. Looking to explore more options? Check out our blog, 23 of the Best Travis AFB Restaurants. Connect with military-trusted businesses and deals exclusively at MyBaseGuide.com

Hot Tip: Connect with military-trusted businesses and deals exclusively for Travis Air Force Base at MyBaseGuide


Travis AFB is situated in a great spot with beautiful California weather and San Francisco, wine country, and Sacramento all at your fingertips. Be sure to contact your unit sponsor early to help you get settled because you’ll want to get out and start exploring this fantastic location right away. We hope this guide helps you and enjoy sunny California!  

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