By Buddy Blouin
If you’re reading this, you can thank DARPA. The organization has helped create numerous technological advancements that have utterly changed our world including The Internet. Another popular example includes the world’s most famous virtual assistant, Siri, which began as CALO (Cognitive Assistant that Learns and Organizes) under the organization’s development. There have been advances in cancer research, weapons, remote-controlled animals, and more from the group. Basically, if you can imagine something being used for national security, DARPA projects have, are, or will work on them.

What Is DARPA?

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is an agency working for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) that helps develop technology for the U.S. military. DARPA projects range in a variety of ways and help advance technology aimed at making our national security stronger. Since February 7, 1958, the inquisitive minds at DARPA have been working to maintain a high level of technological advances for the American Armed Forces. Birth in response to the Soviet Union as a way to continue its advancement in missile and other technologies during the Cold War, the organization continues to lead today. President Dwight D. Eisenhower created DARPA as a way to advance the missile and space capabilities of the United States of America. It has since sprawled into a technological leader ranging in everything including communication, weapons, navigation, healthcare, and more. DARPA is a part of The Pentagon, however, it also is on its own within the military research division of the Defense Department. Many of the projects within DARPA have helped create advancements that have reached farther than the U.S. military.

What Is DARPA Working On?

It’s hard to know exactly what DARPA is working on. This has led to many conspiracies, but for now, let’s focus on what we know. Developments such as hypersonic weapons, machine learning, and advanced materials have come from the division and they continue to innovate in any way necessary to advance the U.S. military. Collaboration is also a huge part of DARPA’s game plan. This includes working with a range of different organizations and entities such as companies, educational centers, government agencies, and more. You can throw out the rulebook here as DARPA is known for innovative and unconventional approaches to research and development. Through risk, however, comes reward. The experiments that occur within DARPA projects have and continue to lead to breakthroughs simply not found anywhere else in the world. The organization continues to be an imperative part of the American Armed Forces. The high-risk, high-reward research and development projects are great but they produce their own level of scrutiny. There is no shortage of DARPA secret projects, but that also comes with conspiracies. For example, DARPA COVID conspiracies continue to float around the country and the world involving the organization’s research on coronavirus. Ultimately, we are all free to think and believe as we wish, but DARPA’s primary function is to help Americans, not harm them.

Where Is DARPA Located?

You can find DARPA’s headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, continuing its focus on innovation and creation. AI, space tech, hypersonic missiles, computing…it’s all there. This includes the basis of DARPA Forward, which showcases security innovations throughout the country. Being skeptical is a good skill, particularly when it comes to the government. This nation was partially founded on it. But when you think of DARPA, it’s less about conspiracies and more about improving our capabilities of remaining free and improving the lives of all of us as well.




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