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There are many zoos and aquariums throughout Arizona, but none are quite like the experience you’ll get at the Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park. Part Arizona zoo, part Arizona aquarium, and part wild animal park, you’ll be able to enjoy seeing and learning about Arizona’s largest collection of exotic and endangered animals. There are over 600 species, with the park also featuring a variety of rides, daily shows, and even a petting zoo that lets you get up close and personal. With so many unique sights and sounds, the park is truly a great place to experience for people of all ages. Get the scoop on what you need to know when planning your visit.

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Plan Your Visit to the Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park

The Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium, and Safari Park in Litchfield Park, AZ, has a lot to offer, but it’s important to know what to expect before setting off. Here are some tips and tricks to know before setting the GPS to 16501 W Northern Ave., Litchfield Park, AZ 85340:
  • The zoo is open daily starting at 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., while the aquarium is also open daily at 9:00 a.m. but closes at 7:00 p.m.
  • General admission is free for kids ages 2 and under, $27 for children between the ages of 3 and 12, and $48 for everyone 13 years old and up. Seniors can enjoy a $5 discount every Tuesday, and AAA members can receive $5 off with a valid AAA card. Taxes are not included, and additional costs for rides and events may apply.
  • The public bird feedings and Wildlife World Zoo Aquarium & Safari Park Exhibits Wildlife Encounters are free with your admission.
  • Memberships are available for children between the ages of 3 and 12 for $100 and $200 for everyone ages 13 and up. Your membership comes with perks, including a complimentary pass as well as 10% off souvenirs from the gift shop.
  • Outside drinks and food are prohibited, but you’ll want to make sure you stay hydrated, as we all know the Arizona sun can be a doozy. Food and drinks are available for purchase.
  • The Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park is less than 5 miles away from Luke AFB and is a great place for military members and their families to enjoy.
  • Strollers and wheelchairs are available to rent for $8 and $20, respectively.
  • Free parking is available.
The safari/zoo/aquarium experiences you’ll enjoy here are engaging, educational, and fun. Plan a trip and be ready to see magnificent animals unlike you’ve ever seen before.

What To Expect

A trip here is great, but with hundreds and hundreds of different animal species, there’s a lot to take in. Here are some of the main exhibits that guests can enjoy during their visit:
  • The train ride through the Safari Park gets guests close to the fastest land mammal known to man, the cheetah.
  • Visiting the aquarium means enjoying over 75 indoor exhibits featuring a variety of wildlife, including stingrays, sea lions, piranhas, and sharks. From beautiful fish to river monsters and superior predators, this Arizona aquarium has it all.
  • Ever wanted to see giant ectotherms and reptiles in their natural habitat? Welcome to DragonWorld! Here, you can experience these animals in settings that reflect their natural body temperatures.
  • Adventure World is home to a wide variety of animals, featuring dozens of different species native to both North and South American continents. Bison, black bears, bobcats, tapirs, and more are all available.

Make the Wildlife World Zoo Aquarium & Safari Park Your Next Adventure

Featuring over 215 acres, there is a lot to see and do at the Wildlife World Zoo Aquarium & Safari Park. The park is even expanding, as the Wildlife World Zoo introduced their black-backed jackal pups earlier in 2022. In fact, we’ve spent most of our time here focusing on the wonderful animal exhibits, but there are also rides available, such as the Flume Ride, Australian Boat Ride, and Carousel. A variety of dining options, many educational activities, and yearly camps mean that there is always something new to explore. If you are looking for adventure, you’ve found it. Plan your visit and experience nature in a fun, interactive way.

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