By Meaghan MacDougall
Making sure you have reliable and trustworthy medical care near you is important. Although going to the doctor or needing medical assistance can sometimes be nerve-wracking and stressful, it is important to know what resources are available around you. The Womack Army Medical Center in Fort Bragg, NC, is a state-of-the-art medical center that is committed to treating their patients with excellence.

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Womack Army Medical Center Address

The Fort Bragg Medical Center is an integral component of Fort Bragg’s military mission. The medical center is committed to giving excellent customer service, world-class health care, and operational readiness. To get into the clinic, make sure you are updated on all gate schedules and information, as they may change periodically. Visitor passes are distributed to all non-Department of Defense persons who have a valid reason for entering the medical center for up to one year. There is a security vetting process that is required for all non-Department of Defense individuals before receiving a visitors pass. The registration process takes approximately 3-7 minutes and includes all non-DoD individuals within the non-DoD vehicle. To get to the Womack Army Medical Center, check out the driving directions on the Womack Army Medical Center website.

Womack Army Medical Center

2871 Reilly Road Fort Bragg, North Carolina 28310-7301

Appointments and Contact Information

If you’re looking to make an appointment at the Fort Bragg Womack Army Medical Center, cancel an appointment, or make a specialty appointment, you can call the Womack Army Medical Center appointment line. If you need to access the MHS Genesis patient portal, you can visit the patient portal website.

Make an appointment

  • 910-907-APPT (2778)

Cancel an appointment

  • 910-907-CNCL (2625)

Appointment line hours

  • Mon.- Fri.: 8am - 5pm

Health Services

The medical center provides many services that offer medical care in a healing environment that helps to promote better outcomes for their patients. The center is committed to providing patient and family care in a culture of excellence. Listed below are all of the health services the medical center provides, ranging from Womack Army Medical Center pharmacy services to hospital care and surgery.

Womack Army Medical Center Services

  • Primary care
  • Preventative care
  • Executive medicine
  • Fast track & emergency care
  • Lab tests and radiology
  • Hospital care and surgery
  • Mental health and substance abuse
  • Case management
  • Specialty care
  • Pharmacy services
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Readiness
  • Children's health
  • Women's health and pregnancy

Visitor Guidelines

Before visiting the center, make sure you’re up-to-date on all of the visitor guidelines. Children are allowed in the center, but they must be accompanied by at least one parent or guardian. Women who are in labor are also allowed one supporter, but the support person privileges are not allowed to be transferred from person to person. Pet visitation is supported by the Womack American Red Cross; dogs and their handlers are allowed to visit patients who are a part of the Womack Army Medical Center. Visitation hours are not set in stone, so for more information, visit the Womack Army Medical Center website for visitor guidelines.

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