By Paul Mooney


This scenario might feel familiar: you spend months (or years) applying for a job, land a good one near or on a base, and finally start settling into the swing of things. And bam, it’s time to PCS again. Now you have to start all over again with a new job search in a new city or town. Military spouse employment is often all too temporary for reasons you just can’t control. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are careers you can take with you anywhere because you perform them from the comfort of your own home. And, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic employers are realizing and accepting the benefits of holding positions for remote careers. So we’ve compiled 7 of the best work-from-home jobs for military spouses out there today.

7 of the Best Work-From-Home Jobs for Military Spouses

There is a wide array of great careers you can do from home. Some big companies like Amazon have special programs that offer as many remote jobs for military spouses as possible. The majority of the most common work from home jobs fall into the following major categories: Customer Service Work-From-Home Jobs for Military Spouses

1. Customer Service

Ecommerce, SAS, retail, service, and many other companies rely on customer service representatives to provide support for their products, services, and company policies. Major businesses like Amazon, Humana, and Williams-Sonoma all hire remote customer service personnel. These reps are on the front lines for client interactions and can turn moments of frustration or confusion into repeat buyers armed with positive google reviews. With the increase in demand for a contactless digital buying experience, more consumers are turning to online chat and email requests for help or questions. And with the near-universality of internet and phone connections, more and more companies are turning their customer service reps into remote jobs. If you like talking to people and helping them solve problems in their day to day lives, this could be the perfect job for you.

Skills Needed in Customer Service

  • Patience
  • Clear communication skills
  • Firm, clear speaking voice
  • People skills

Customer Service Average Pay

2. Tutor

It may be a while before many of the schools and colleges across America go back to in-person classes. This transition in the way that children and teens learn via Skype or Google Meets or other virtual classroom settings may benefit most but also introduce new challenges for learning. Companies like Tutor.com, Tutors.com, and TutorMe have positions in all sorts of subjects teaching kids of all ages, from elementary school to college. Being a virtual tutor is even more critical to help guide kids that may have less one on one time with their teacher and need extra support. And it allows kids to connect with people from anywhere in the world who have the expertise they need in the specific subjects they’re struggling with.

Skills Needed in Tutoring

  • Patience
  • People skills
  • Good with children
  • Knowledge in the subject/subjects you wish to teach

Tutor Average Pay

3. Technical Writer

Many firms require you to have some technical experience or training in the specific field(s) they work in or create products for. But if you’ve got a good head for tech and a good eye for proper grammar and formatting, this is a great job that’s always in demand. Loads of tech companies big and small, including Amazon, have remote positions for technical writers.

Skills Needed in Technical Writing

  • Good grasp of technology
  • Strong writing ability
  • Curiosity about how things work
  • Able to speak with subject matter experts

Technical Writing Average Pay

Web Design Work-From-Home Jobs for Military Spouses

4. Web Design

The coronavirus pandemic has forced more companies to transition from traditionally based advertising or marketing methods into the digital world. And with this change comes a hungry increase in demand for web designers to help bring the presence of their brand to the new wave of online consumers. Companies like Etsy, Amazon, and VSchool are looking for remote web designers. If you’ve got a creative streak and an eye for design, color, graphics, and tech this could be a great outlet and start to a well-paying career. Some companies, particularly the higher-end and higher paying ones, require a bachelor’s degree for a web design job. But other places may higher you if you have a certificate from a training course or even an impressive enough design portfolio you’ve created on your own.

Skills Needed in Web Design

  • Proficiency with design software
  • Proficiency with one or more coding languages
  • Good analytical ability
  • Strong visualization skills

Web Design Average Pay

Transcriber Work-From-Home Jobs for Military Spouses

5. Transcriber

If you’ve got a good ear and fast, accurate fingers on a keyboard, consider working as a transcriber. It may not sound like a job with a big market. But all sorts of institutions, from major universities to big companies, need people to translate video and audio recordings into text. Lectures, seminars, meetings, phone calls, etc. All things you can make money typing out, and often with little or no prior experience. Although those with additional expertise or knowledge in specific areas, like the medical or legal fields can make more money, doing basic transcription work still pays fairly well.

Skills Needed in Transcription

  • Strong listening ability
  • Strong writing ability

Transcriber Average Pay

6. Recruiter

Like customer service, this is another vital job for any business’s first impression and building of their workforce. This job requires strong people skills and the willingness to build relationships with dozens to hundreds of applicants to become future hires. And it’s also one that many companies are transitioning to the digital landscape. Job expectations can vary from interviewing potential job candidates to more proactive methods by seeking out potential hires, while some recruiter positions will require you to do both. But if you want to help veteran or retired military members or their spouses find good jobs of their own just like you, this is a great one you can do from home.

Skills Needed in Recruiting

  • People skills
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Understanding of the industry (or industries) you’re recruiting for

Recruiter Average Pay

7. Digital Marketing

This term covers a broad category of jobs, many of which were rarely remote until recently. But with the availability of technology and how increasingly easy it is to work and interact with others from anywhere, more and more marketing jobs are leaving corporate offices for home ones. From sales managers to advertising specialists to PR writers, a wide array of digital marketing-based jobs can be done online. Marketing firms, as well as major companies with their own marketing teams like Amazon, are hiring remote marketing staff even in these difficult times.

Skills Needed in Marketing

  • People skills
  • Communication skills
  • Writing skills, both general and those in any specific categories the specific job requires (email, press releases, advertising copy, etc.)
  • Understanding of market, social, and digital trends

Marketing Average Pay

Benefits of Working Remotely

Benefits of Working Remotely

Working from home may feel a bit strange at first, particularly if you’re used to an in-person office environment. Whether you worked in a huge office with hundreds of people or a small one with half a dozen coworkers, switching to remote is a big change. But there are some fantastic benefits of working remotely:

1. Take Your Job With You

No more changing jobs every time you PCS. No more having to give up work altogether for years at a time. when you go somewhere remote or OCONUS. All you really need for any of these careers is an internet connection and a quiet place to focus.

2. Flexible Work Hours

In a lot of the above cases, these work from home jobs come with a high level of flexibility. Some, like web design and tutoring, tend to work on completely freelance schedules which means you can work whenever and as much as you want. Your job can go from full time to part time (and vice versa) at your convenience without changing careers or leaving your living room.

3. No Commute

It may sound obvious, but you definitely should not underestimate the impact on your monthly gas allowance and car maintenance when your daily trek to work is no farther than the distance from your bed to your living room or home office.

4. Social Distancing

With the national and state mandates for social distancing is impacting business office layouts. Working remotely is turning out to be the most effective way for businesses to comply with “social distancing” regulations.

5. Mental Health

Once they’ve adjusted to the differences, most people who work from home find their jobs to be significantly less stressful. Without the high pressure and distraction of an office environment, many people find they get more done faster. Plus, that flexible time we mentioned means you can take time to focus on your mental well being whenever you need it most. Work-From-Home Jobs for Military Spouses


With a work-from-home job, a military spouse like yourself will never again have to worry about leaving a job behind with your old furniture and outdated clothes the next time you PCS. And while the current pandemic has forever shifted the way that people interact with the world around them, it has opened up new lucrative remote job positions and a new era of work culture.,. So if you’re looking to find long term job security throughout your spouse’s military career (and beyond), you should definitely consider working from home.  




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