By Olivia Rigby
In recent Navy news, an aircraft carrier fire aboard USS Abraham Lincoln occurred. The fire happened on Tuesday, November 29, and injured several Soldiers on board. Keep reading to learn more about this fire on the USS Abraham Lincoln and the future plans for the aircraft carrier.

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The USS Abraham Lincoln Aircraft Carrier Fire

So far, there isn’t a lot of news about the fire or how it happened. From what we do know, the aircraft carrier fire broke out in the morning. The fire was extinguished quickly by the crew’s firefighting efforts, and the injuries reported were minor. But this fire still brings up the question, “Why did this happen, and are the troops aboard safe?”

The Troops’ Injuries

Nine troops were reported injured, and six of those injuries reported were dehydration. There’s nothing clear to say whether the troops experienced dehydration because of the fire or if they were already experiencing dehydration before. However, dehydration can be a side-effect of firefighting, which could be how these troops experienced dehydration from the fire. There are no details on what injuries were sustained by the other three troops.

What Caused This Aircraft Carrier Fire?

So far, the cause of this aircraft carrier fire is still under investigation. There have not been any official reports about the size of the fire, where it was located on the ship, or how long the fire burned. It has been reported, however, that the fire was quickly extinguished by the crew.

The Future of the USS Abraham Lincoln

As of now, the USS Abraham Lincoln is conducting routine operations and will remain at sea. The USS Abraham Lincoln is currently located in Southern California, about 30 miles off the coast of San Diego. The fire was not enough for the ship to come back to port.

Older USS Abraham Lincoln News

Back in late September 2022, E. coli was found in the USS Abraham Lincoln water. Though the issue was resolved quickly, it came in the wake of jet fuel in the drinking water on another aircraft carrier, the USS Nimitz. At least five troops got sick from the jet fuel water on the USS Nimitz. Other than a tainted water supply, the USS Abraham Lincoln and the USS Nimitz have something else in common: they’re both Nimitz-class boats. Nimitz-class ships are nuclear-powered and can run for up to 20 years without refueling. They’re predicted to last at least 50 years in service, but with all these accidents happening on these boats, are they really safe to use for so long? The USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier fire is just another reason to question the safety and longevity of these boats. Are they actually going to last for 50 years? Are the service men and women on these boats safe? Is it the Navy’s fault that these instances keep happening, or is this just a “when it rains, it pours” kind of thing? Hopefully, for the sake of those serving, the rain has stopped with this recent aircraft carrier fire.

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