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Welcome to the United States Coast Guard Academy, located in New London, Connecticut. This prestigious service academy, one of five in the country, is also the smallest. The Academy’s enrollment is about 1,000 cadets each year. Here, you will pursue one of nine academic majors, from electrical engineering to environmental sciences to government. Finding housing while you train to become a Coast Guard officer will be one of your first priorities upon moving to New London. This guide provides information on U.S. Coast Guard Academy dorms, as well as some brief information on some of the nearby privatized housing communities. We hope this guide proves useful as you explore your Coast Guard Academy housing options.

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U.S. Coast Guard Academy BAH

Follow this link to look up your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) for your rank and zip code. This is a good starting point to help you create a budget for your housing search.

U.S. Coast Guard Housing Officer

U.S. Coast Guard Housing Officer The Coast Guard housing officer can assist you with any housing questions you might have regarding your move to the Academy. The housing officer will be able to provide the latest information regarding the New London housing market and can direct you to helpful resources.

U.S. Coast Guard Housing Officer

Pete McDonald


: 1 (860) 444-8211


: peter.m.mcdonald@uscg.mil

U.S. Coast Guard Academy Dorm Rooms

There are few better ways to make friends and get the full college experience than living in the on-campus dorms. Plus, they provide a safe, secure environment and easy access to all your classes and other Academy activities. All Coast Guard Academy dorms are in Chase Hall. When not in class or drills, cadets use Chase Hall as their home base for rest, relaxation, and homework… always homework. Since the Academy is home to 1,000 cadets, you can imagine that Chase Hall is a rather large building. Not only does it house cadets, but it is also home to a number of amenities, such as a barber shop, restrooms and showers, and even a flight simulator. There are typically four cadets keeping watch at all hours. The rooms themselves are what you’d typically expect from the average college dorm room. Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. Most rooms house two cadets and are equipped with a twin bed and work area for their studies. Some rooms are air-conditioned, and some aren’t. Fingers crossed you’re one of the lucky ones! One dorm perk is the ample storage space. Each room is equipped with a closet and drawers under the bed. In the event all your belongings won’t fit in the room, you can utilize Chase Hall’s Trunk Room to store the rest. For a more detailed run-through of some of the dorm offerings, check out this welcome video on YouTube.

U.S. Coast Guard Academy Housing Communities

U.S. Coast Guard Academy Housing Communities For cadets not living in the Coast Guard Academy dorms, east across the Thames River from New London is Groton, Connecticut, and Beacon Point Homes communities for military families. These neighborhoods, managed by Balfour Beatty Communities, offer rental properties in a variety of floor plans ranging from two to four bedrooms. These comfortable communities are great for raising a family and come with a number of unique amenities, such as basketball courts, fitness centers, a splash park, pools, and picnic areas. Pets are welcome, too, with a two-pet limit per home, pending dog breed restrictions. For more information, use the contact information below.

Beacon Point Homes

100 Tern Rd. Groton, CT 06340


: 1 (860) 446-5913


: Monday-Friday from 0800-1700


We hope this guide to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy dorms eases some of the inevitable stress that comes with any move. Be sure to reference this guide and talk to friends about their move-in experience to learn valuable tips as you make your transition to New London. Enjoy your time in Connecticut, and good luck with your studies at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy!

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