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Education is a huge part of any family’s decision when moving and setting down roots. However, when you’re in the military, duty sometimes dictates a bit more than you’d like about where you get to live. Naval Base Coronado features thousands of personnel calling its eight facilities home. Fortunately, Coronado schools are some of the best California has to offer for education.

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An Overview of Coronado Schools

Finding the right school for your kid is important. Fortunately, Coronado schools are some of the best the Golden State has to offer. Here’s a snapshot of some of the key features benefiting your child during their educational journey:

  • The Coronado Unified School District is in the top 20% of California. However, the overall rank for the district is in the top 10% (ranked 66 out of 1,200).
  • The highest proficiencies for reading and math reach the top 10% for the state.
  • Furthermore, the district boasts a top 5% graduation rate (97%).
  • Featuring a 21 to 1 teacher-student ratio, the district is on par with the rest of the state.
  • Investment outpaces the state average helping further education.

Keep in mind that the statistics above are only for the district. It does not account for the city’s private school offerings.

Public Coronado Schools

There are four total public Coronado schools in California. Together, these facilities represent grades K-12. All are a part of the Coronado Unified School District, here are your options:

Coronado Village Elementary School

  • In the top 10% for reading and math proficiency in California.
  • The top public elementary school in Coronado for reading.
  • Over 700 students representing grades K-5.

Silver Strand Elementary School

  • In the top 10% for reading and math proficiency in California.
  • The top public elementary school in Coronado for math.
  • Over 330 students representing grades K-5.

Coronado Middle School

  • In the top 20% for reading and math proficiency in California.
  • Falls in the middle of the pack for public elementary schools in Coronado for math and reading.
  • Over 630 students representing grades 6-8.

Coronado High School

  • In the top 5% for reading and math proficiency in California.
  • Boasts a nearly 90% reading proficiency rate among students.
  • Over 1,000 students representing grades 9-12.

Private Coronado Schools

If you are looking for private school offerings, there are three available. However, they all focus on elementary-aged students. Therefore, if you’re looking for middle or high school options, you may need to look outside of the area for educational solutions:

  • Sacred Heart Parish School is a Catholic school with more than 270 students. It is the highest-rated private school in the city. They offer grades K-8, offering an exception to finding private middle schools in the area.
  • Christ Church Day School has just over 100 students attending grades K-6. It is an Episcopal faith-based school.
  • Montessori School of San Diego at Coronado is a Montessori school that only offers grades K-1. They have around 20 students.

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