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Welcome to your new home at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona. A fun history fact - Davis-Monthan AFB was officially activated in 1924, with Charles Lindbergh conducting the opening ceremonies. Tucson is the second-largest city in Arizona, and the surrounding community around Davis-Monthan AFB hosts active-duty members of all ranks. Other nearby communities include Marana, Oro Valley, Vail, Sahuarita, and Green Valley. We hope that this guide is a valuable resource for you as you settle into your new living arrangements in the Davis-Monthan AFB housing communities. Here you’ll find that your new home has many outdoor activities to enjoy with plenty of options for entertainment in and around Tucson.

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BAH Davis-Monthan

To look up your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) for additional zip codes, please follow this link. This is a great tool to help you create a budget and guide you through your home search. To learn more about your military BAH rate, visit our in-depth guide here.

Davis-Monthan AFB Barracks

At Davis-Monthan AFB, unaccompanied housing is available to enlisted ranks E-1 to E-3 and to E-4s with less than three years of military service. The Unaccompanied Housing facilities strive to provide a personal residence that creates a comfortable, modern, functional, and well-maintained home with a mission to take pride in the community. Each Airman is provided with a private sleeping room, furnishings, bed linens, and supplies that are required for comfortable living. Specific room arrangements will vary depending on the location within the Unaccompanied Housing facilities. Airmen in the E-4 rank with greater than 3 years of service will need to find housing in the local community.

Davis-Monthan Dormitory Manager

3655 S 3rd Street Tucson, AZ 85707


: 1(520) 228-5089 Davis-Monthan AFB Housing Office

Davis-Monthan AFB Housing Office

The first thing you should do once you relocate to Davis-Monthan AFB is head to the Housing Management Office. There you will receive a warm welcome from a team of professionals looking to help take the stress out of relocating. You will get assistance here with all of your housing needs and any information you need on military relocation. The Housing Management Office provides services that will help you with referrals, relocation assistance, guidance for entering a lease agreement, and tenant-landlord disputes.

Davis-Monthan AFB Housing Management Office

8090 Ironwood Street DMAFB, AZ 85708


: 1(520) 228-3687 Davis-Monthan AFB Housing Options

Davis-Monthan AFB Housing Options

Military family housing at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base is privatized. The owner, Actus Lend Lease/Soaring Heights Communities, is responsible for maintaining and managing the community neighborhoods. We advise you to contact the Housing Management Office as soon as you know that you are moving to Davis-Monthan AFB. There, you will receive the latest information about privatized housing and help with the application process from the government housing team. You will also be informed about base-specific policies.

Soaring Heights Communities

The Soaring Heights Communities offers three distinct neighborhoods with 2-4 bedroom housing. There are both single-family homes and duplex style housing in the community. Something unique to this housing community is the 80,000 solar panels that make up the solar array that provides power to the neighborhoods and surrounding community. Amenities vary depending on the neighborhood you choose at Davis-Monthan AFB but include some of the following: Air conditioning, fenced-in backyards, refrigerator, washer/dryer hookups, cable/Satellite hookups, garages, and carports. The communities themselves offer amenities that will provide your family with entertainment year-round. These include 16 parks, internet cafes, 3 basketball courts, a splash park, a dog park, miles of walking and biking paths, and access to the base outdoor and indoor swimming pool. If your family has school-aged children, the housing on base is within the Tucson Unified School district. Located on base is the Borman Elementary School for grades K-8 and a tuition-free private charter school, grades 6-12th. The neighborhood is near Palo Verde High School and Roberts Naylor k-8 school in the Tucson School District to provide additional education needs. Applying here is similar to living in the local community. You will sign a tenant lease agreement, typically for a one-year term. Your lease will include a military clause and a lease termination clause. Rent is paid by authorizing an allotment of your BAH that is paid directly to the property manager.

Davis-Monthan AFB Soaring Heights Family Homes

8090 E. Ironwood Street Tucson, AZ 85708


: 1 (888)226-8601


  • Monday to Friday

    : 8 AM-5 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday

    : Closed

1. Kachina Village

In the Kachina Village, you will be near the Borman K-8 school with plenty of community amenities, also just a quick walk away. Baseball and softball fields will be located just west of you, with the solar array located to the north. Enjoy the walking trails and parks that are nearby to Kachina Village too.

2. Palo Verde Village

In Palo Verde Village, you will be near the dog park and pet wash station. There’s plenty of trails to enjoy here that can take you all the way around the Soaring Heights community. You will have access to both schools on base located between the Sonoran Science Academy and the Borman K-8 school. Nearby there’s even a roller hockey rink and basketball courts for the sports enthusiast in the family.

3. Sonoran Vista

In the Sonoran Vista neighborhood, you will be walking distance from the Sonoran Science Academy, which is a tuition-free boarding school located on the base. You will also have quick access to some of the base amenities from this neighborhood, including the Davis-Monthan base theater and the Exchange. This is also a great place for younger kids with access to many playgrounds.


We know that relocating can be a stressful endeavor, but we hope this guide has given you a place to start while planning your move to your new posting at Davis-Monthan AFB. We hope you enjoy your new adventure in Tucson, Arizona, in one of the three great neighborhoods Davis-Monthan AFB has to offer. Always plan ahead and check availability based on rank and waiting lists through the Davis-Monthan AFB Housing Service.




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