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The Fort Jackson MEPS was originally called the Armed Forces Examining and Entrance Station, and it is one of few USMEPCOM stations located within a military installation. Their mission is to process individuals for enlistment or induction into the armed services. They are responsible for physical evaluations, medical evaluations, enlistments, testing for the ASVAB, and processing.

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Fort Jackson MEPS Location and Contact Information

MEPS stands for Military Entrance Processing Station, which is where initial testing, medical and physical examinations, screenings, and other administrative actions are necessary for enlistments to enter any branch of the armed services. All branches of the armed services have standards for aptitude, medical, and morals. The Fort Jackson MEPS also offers some amenities for entertainment while you’re there. They offer food and beverages, rest and relaxation, and multimedia and gaming facilities.

Fort Jackson MEPS Address

2435 Marion Ave. Fort Jackson, SC 29207


: 1 (803) 740-2810


: 1 (803) 751-5744

General Working Hours

  • Mon.-Fri:

  • Weekends and Federal Holidays:


What Do They Check for in MEPS?

MEPS Fort Jackson is staffed with military and civilian professionals who help to determine the qualifications of applicants' moral and aptitude standards as they are set for each branch of the military. The first thing applicants will do is take the ASVAB test, which will determine what kind of job the applicant is qualified for. Each branch of the service combines the sections of the test results to produce their own scores for different career fields. You will then have to go through the Military Entrance Processing Station medical examination. These are important because everyone who enters the military has to be in good health to be able to go through the physical toughness of basic training and later military service. The physical examination consists of:
  • Hearing and vision examination
  • Height and weight measurements
  • Complete physical examination
  • Muscle group and joint maneuvers
  • Drug and alcohol tests
  • Urine and blood tests
  • Secondary vision and hearing tests
  • Specialized tests if they are required
Some physical conditions can be waived if you are able to provide the correct documentation.

What Disqualifies You From MEPS?

Although each branch of the military has different requirements, they do tend to have a very common list of things that will disqualify you from military service. Medical and legal issues are two big things that will disqualify you from being a part of the armed services. Legal problems are a major disqualifier for applicants, as the military requires their recruits to have good moral characteristics. DUIs, felonies, and some civil court convictions are all examples of the types of legal issues that would disqualify an applicant. Having a history of substance abuse, or having drugs or alcohol in your system when tested at MEPS Fort Jackson, SC, will disqualify you from being in the military service. There’s a good handful of medical conditions that end up disqualifying recruits from military service. Some of the medical conditions include pregnancy, physical deformities, contagious diseases, and problems with internal organs. Having a limited range in motion, a history of bone fractures, and severe dental problems may also lead to issues getting through MEPS. Troubles with mental health, such as anxiety, psychosis, and neurosis, are also conditions that will disqualify a recruit. Your score on the ASVAB test will also determine your eligibility to be in the armed forces. There is a minimum score recruits must have to qualify for the service, and if it is not met, recruits will be disqualified from the military. The Fort Jackson MEPS provides recruits with everything they need to do before going to basic training. The MEPS will make sure you are qualified and ready to go before you fully enter the service.

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