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Welcome to Fort Sill, the home of the Fires Center of Excellence! This base is located in southwest Oklahoma near Lawton in Comanche County. Receiving PCS orders can be exciting, however, figuring out where your child will attend school can be daunting. Whether your child is in day care or heading off to high school let this guide take the stress out of searching. We’ve compiled a list of the best Fort Sill schools on and around the post.

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Fort Sill: In-Depth Welcome Center

Schools on Fort Sill

A great place to start when searching for a school in Fort Sill is reaching out to a School Liaison Officer (SLO). School Liaison Officers help families communicate with school districts and schools regarding education issues (to include school personnel understanding the impact of deployment stress on military students), provide transition support, and link students and families to education and post-secondary resources.

Military School Liaison Officer

4700 Mow-Way Road BLDG 4700 Fort Sill, OK 73503


: 1 (580) 442-2130

Fort Sill Day Care

The Fort Sill Child Development Centers are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children – the nation’s leading organization of early childhood professionals. Only 8 percent of all preschools and other early childhood programs are accredited by the NAEYC. Fort Sill has four Child Development Centers.

1. Grierson Child Development Center (Grierson CDC)

4123 Bragg Road BLDG 4123 Fort Sill, OK 73503


: 1 (580) 558-4305 The Grierson CDC offers hourly care up to 24 hours per week, $5.00 per hour. Professionally trained staff, with strict adherence to health, safety, and facility standards and the philosophy of creating a safe, nurturing environment adds up to offering the finest child care available.

2. Cooper Child Development Center

4125 Bragg Road BLDG 4125 Fort Sill, OK 73503


: 1 (580) 558-5734 Cooper Child Development Center (Cooper CDC) provides quality care such as full day infant/ toddler, pre-school, before and after school Pre-k (Lawton Public School), and before and after kindergarten. Cooper also provided Small ratio groups sizes to address a child’s individual needs and concerns.

3. Tincher Child Development Center

4123 Bragg Road BLDG 4123 Fort Sill, OK 73503


: 1 (580) 558-4305 Full Day Care - TCDC offers full-day care for children 6 weeks to 6 years of age. The center offers trained staff, balanced meals, and age-appropriate developmental activities. Patron fees are determined by the total family income as directed by the Department of Defense Patron Fee Policy.

4. Family Child Care (FCC)

4700 Mow-Way Road Inside the Welcome Center BLDG 4700 Fort Sill, OK 73503


: 1 (580) 442-2470 The Army FCC Program is a child care option provided on and off post by authorized military family members as independent contractors. FCC providers and their homes meet specific requirements and are certified by the installation. FCC providers pass stringent background checks and inspections and complete an extensive training program, to include oversight for activities and curriculum. FCC Homes are regularly visited and inspected by FCC staff, Child and Youth Services (CYS) inspection teams, and installation representatives to include fire, safety and health proponents.

Fort Sill Elementary School

Freedom Elementary School

Geronimo Rd. Fort Sill, OK 73503


: 1 (580) 713-0060 Grade: Pre-K - 5th Freedom Elementary serves military children on Ft. Sill. The school community of students, teachers, and parents work together to produce lifelong learners. Their mission is to educate all students to achieve their highest level of academic performance, fostering the development of positive self-esteem, as well as creating healthy and fit career-bound citizens.

Fort Sill Middle School

Central Middle School

1201 NW Ft. Sill Blvd. Lawton, OK 73507 Phone: 580-355-8544


: 1 (580) 355-8544 Grade: 6th - 8th Central Middle School is a vibrant, family-oriented school with a mission to inspire all students to achieve their optimal potential and to be productive citizens in today's global society. Central Middle School promotes positive growth through excellence in education!

Fort Sill High School

Lawton High School

601 NW Ft. Sill Blvd. Lawton, OK 73507


: 1 (580) 355-5170 Grade: 9th - 12th Lawton High School is named after Henry Ware Lawton who was a highly respected U.S. Army officer who served with distinction in the Civil War, the Apache Wars, the Spanish–American War. Lawton High has approximately 1,400 students in grades 9-12 with a wide range of diversity. They have 160 teachers and staff members. In 2016 and 2017 Lawton High was recognized, with bronze, as one the Best High Schools by U.S. News & World Report.

Schools Near Fort Sill

Lawton Public Schools is a public school district based in Lawton, Oklahoma. This district serves most of the city of Lawton with three high schools, four middle schools, fifteen elementary schools, and two pre-kindergarten centers. They also offer three Virtual Schools if you wish to homeschool your child.

Elementary Schools Near Fort Sill

1. Almor West Elementary

Lawton Public Schools 6902 SW Delta Lawton, OK 73505


: 1 (580) 536-6006 Grade: PK - 5th In June, 1997, Almor West was recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a National 1996-1997 Blue Ribbon School. In May 2011, Almor West was recognized as a PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support) model school. Over the years, the enrollment has fluctuated from 250 students to as many as 460 students.

2. Carriage Hills Elementary

Lawton Public Schools 215 SE Warwick Way Lawton, OK 73507


: 1 (580) 248-6161 Grade: PK - 5th The mission of Carriage Hills Elementary School is to develop leaders. To motivate, inspire, and challenge children to achieve excellence in learning and living by providing them with intelligent, honest, and sincere guidance and instruction so each child acquires academic competency and self-knowledge.

3. Cleveland Elementary

Lawton Public Schools 1202 SW 27th St. Lawton, OK 73505


: 1 (580) 353-8861 Grade: PK - 5th The mission of Cleveland Elementary is to create a student centered learning atmosphere that will reflect a caring, connected community, set positive and high expectations, and provide opportunities for meaningful participation for student success.

4. Crosby Park Elementary

Lawton Public Schools 1602 NW Horton Blvd. Lawton, OK 73505


: 1 (580) 353-7107 Grade: PK - 5th Build good character through knowledge in the mind, honesty in the heart and strength in the body. Crosby Park Elementary will strive to live in friendship and harmony and learn the joy of helping others. They will do their best every day, in every way to show the Crosby Park Attitude! They will provide encouragement, guidance and support for all students to reach their highest potential.

5. Edison Elementary School

Lawton Public Schools 5801 NW Columbia Ave. Lawton, OK 73505


: 1 (580) 536-4223 Grade: PK - 5th Edison Elementary is home to the Superhawks! This school has 495 students. The school hours are from 0910 to 1555. Check their website for more information.

6. Eisenhower Elementary

Lawton Public Schools 315 SW 52nd St. Lawton, OK 73505


: 1 (580) 355-4599 Grade: PK - 5th Eisenhower Elementary is a student-centered community that strives to provide a strong academic curriculum for its multicultural student population. We are proud to say that our students consistently perform at or near the top range in most subjects on the OSTP yearly. Elementary Schools near Fort Sill

7. Hugh Bish Elementary

Lawton Public Schools 5611 Allan-A-Dale Lawton, OK 73505


: 1 (580) 355-4599 Grade: PK - 5th The mission of Hugh Bish Elementary is to instill a love of learning and provide a nurturing environment where students will demonstrate academic growth to sustain proficiency in all academic areas while the staff models and promotes strong character traits in students to prepare them to become successful, career bound citizens.

8. Lincoln Elementary

Lawton Public Schools 601 SW Park Ave Lawton, OK 73501


: 1 (580) 355-4799 Grade: PK - 5th Lincoln Elementary’s vision is to promote collaboration between staff, parents, students, and community in order to achieve academic and personal excellence. We strive to cultivate a safe learning environment, which fosters all students to achieve at their maximum potential and to develop into responsible, respectful, and caring students who are lifelong-learners prepared to meet the challenges of a culturally diverse society.

9. Pioneer Park Elementary

Lawton Public Schools 3005 NE Angus Place Lawton, OK 73507


: 1 (580) 355-5844 Grade: PK - 5th Pioneer Park Elementary features a highly qualified staff that continually seeks to improve the educational experience for each student. Our goal is to help each student build a solid education foundation that they can use to become college and career ready citizens in the future.

10. Pat Henry Elementary

Lawton Public Schools 1401 NW Bessie Ave Lawton, OK 73507


: 1 (580) 355-2617 Grade: PK - 5th Pat Henry Elementary serves students in grades K through 5 and we also have 3 self-contained autism classes, and we house the Student Adjustment Center for elementary school students. We have a very nice library/media center with an inventory of over 18,000 books of which 5,700 books are in the Accelerated Reader program.

11. Ridgecrest Elementary

Lawton Public Schools 1614 NW 47th St Lawton, OK 73505


: 1 (580) 355-6033 Grade: PK - 5th Ridgecrest Elementary is instituting Positive Behaviors Interventions and Supports (PBIS) as a way to support and recognize their students. They are teaching the students to be amazing HAWKS by being Helpful, Accountable, Wise, Kind, and Safe.

12. Sullivan Village Elementary

Lawton Public Schools 3802 SE Elmhurst Lane Lawton, OK 73501


: 1 (580) 355-0800 Grade: PK - 5th Sullivan Village Elementary is committed to providing a safe, positive learning atmosphere that will challenge students to strive for scholarship, leadership, and citizenship. Elementary Schools near Fort Sill

13. Whittier Elementary

Lawton Public Schools 1115 NW Laird Lawton, OK 73507


: 1 (580) 355-5238 Grade: PK - 5th Whittier Elementary is inspired by a rich tradition of excellence, and is committed to the shared responsibility of preparing all learners for productive, responsible leadership in an ever-changing world as college and career bound citizens.

14. Woodland Hills Elementary

Lawton Public Schools 405 NW Woodland Drive Lawton, OK 73505


: 1 (580) 536-7991


: PK - 5th Woodland Hills Elementary will prepare well-educated, productive, and career-bound students by providing quality data-driven instruction in a safe and orderly environment.

Middle Schools Near Fort Sill

1. Eisenhower Middle School

Lawton Public Schools 5702 West Gore Blvd Lawton, OK 73505


: 1 (580) 353-1040 Grade: 6th - 8th At Eisenhower Middle School, the mission is to teach the whole child to become a caring, successful, and informed citizen through a partnership involving students, staff, parents, and community. We are dedicated to providing a safe, stimulating, and developmentally appropriate learning environment where each student may enhance academic skills, build self-reliance, and strengthen a sense of responsibility to self and others as foundations for future success.

2. MacArthur Middle School

Lawton Public Schools 510 NE 45th Lawton, OK 73507


: 1 (580) 353-5111 Grade: 6th - 8th MacArthur Middle School our mission is to advocate for our students to help them become productive citizens of good character. We will foster our students’ natural curiosity and love for learning to build a strong foundation as life-long learners and responsible citizens. The school boasts a very proud tradition of Scot Pride, which is evident as you walk through the school. High Schools near Fort Sill

High Schools Near Fort Sill

1. Eisenhower High School

Lawton Public Schools 5202 West Gore Blvd. Lawton, OK 73505


: 1 (580) 355-9144


: 9th - 12th The mission of Eisenhower High School is to promote integrity, knowledge and excellence. They do so by holding high standards in academics, participation in activities, and exemplary behavior. This school has been awarded a Promising Practice in National Schools of Character and is working steadily toward designation as Oklahoma School of Character.

2. MacArthur High School

Lawton Public Schools 4400 E. Gore Blvd Lawton, OK 73501


: 1 (580) 355-5230 Grade: 9th - 12th MacArthur High School staff and students will strive to continue that excellence in everything we do and represent MacArthur in a positive way within the community and the state of Oklahoma.

Charter Schools Near Fort Sill

1. Comanche Academy Elementary

1701 NW Taft Avenue Lawton, OK 73507


: 1 (580) 699-3347 Grade: PK - 5th Comanche Academy is a placed-based elementary School where the Comanche (Numunu) Culture language instructional format, will nurture strong, compassionate bilingual young people who are committed to their personal and community health, wellness, relationships and progress.

2. Bishop Public School

Bishop Public School District 2204 SW Bishop Rd Lawton, OK 73505


: 1 (580) 353-4870 Grade: PK - 5th The vision is to provide all students in every classroom an opportunity to learn. All faculty and staff will set high expectations of achievement and clear standards of conduct for all students. The mission is to educate all students to become independent, lifelong learners and responsible citizens. Bishop School is accredited by the Oklahoma State Department of Education. Private Schools near Fort Sill

Private Schools Near Fort Sill

1. Trinity Christian Academy

902 SW A Ave Lawton, OK 73501


: 1 (580) 250-1900 Grade: PK - 8th Trinity Christian Academy has a staff that is dedicated to giving your child the best education possible while feeding their Spiritual needs as well. The classes are not crowded, providing a closer student to teacher ratio than public schools and most private schools.

2. Lawton Christian Elementary School

2 Crusader Dr Lawton, OK 73505


: 1 (580) 536-9810 Grade: PK - 8th Lawton Christian School takes very seriously its mission to educate the whole child in terms of his mind, body, and spirit. The faculty and staff of LCS have pledged to give of themselves, their time, and their gifts in the daily implementation of a Christian education.

Day Care Near Fort Sill

Choosing a day care is top priority when moving to a new duty station. Luckily, there are many in-home, private day cares, and preschools in Lawton. Only you know what is best for your child. Here's a list of resources to help you in making that decision. Winnie is a wonderful resource for vetting day care facilities in your area, as well as Care.com. Don’t underestimate the value of Yelp reviews and make sure to visit the day care facility and take a tour whenever possible. Don’t forget to check out the Child Development Center on post.


Fort Sill is a tight knit community whose motto is to train soldiers and to train them well. When it comes to day care or high school that same motto can be applied to your children. Finding the right school should be easy with plenty of options to satisfy your changing needs. If you still have questions, reaching out to the School Liaison Officer on post is a great way to start. If you need some extra help during school closure time, Tutor.com has military families covered. Go to https://military.tutor.com/home for more information!




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