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Taking care of your health should be a priority for everyone, even those who are willing to risk their personal safety for the safety and freedom of others. The Gastroenterology Consultants of San Antonio (GCSA) understand this more than anyone and are committed to providing patients, both military and civilian, with some of the top medical care in the country focusing on digestive health. From preventative measures to discreet care, the team at the Gastroenterology Consultants of San Antonio Medical Center is ready to help you feel your best through state-of-the-art treatment, expert care, and long-term solutions for a better life.

What Are Gastroenterology Consultants?

Consultants in gastroenterology help identify, treat, and care for issues involving your digestive system and liver health. This can vary, as there are many different issues one may face, but some of the common issues include the following:
  • Heartburn
  • Issues with your colon
  • Liver disease
  • Your stomach
  • Complications with your rectum or liver
Basically, if it involves digesting the food you’ve consumed, these are the people you need to go to if there are issues. The team of San Antonio gastroenterology experts is comprised of a variety of doctors, including physicians, oncologists, radiologists, and surgeons. In addition to outpatient services, which are available throughout their twelve clinics and three accredited endoscopy centers, their team is also available to take care of patients throughout many area hospitals due to their noted skill, esteemed reputation, and cultivated relationships.

Expect a Personalized Approach Surpassing National Averages

What sets the Gastroenterology Consultants of San Antonio apart from others is their commitment and ability to deliver personalized results to their patients. At GCSA, you receive more than just health care; you receive health care specific to your body. This is accomplished using advanced techniques that range from diagnosis to prevention and treatment. The experts working to improve your digestive health have vast experience with many digestive issues but are helping lead the way when it comes to colonoscopies. This procedure, while necessary, is never on the top of anyone’s bucket list, but the care and service at GCSA lead to an effective, discreet process. You’ll be sure that you are given the time and attention you deserve to help you prevent and eliminate discomfort, which is part of the reason why the Gastroenterology Consultants of San Antonio has a 15% and 14% better rate than national standards in finding precancerous polyps during a screening colonoscopy in males and females, respectively.

GCSA Is Located Near Joint Base San Antonio

Tens of millions of Americans deal with and suffer from digestive issues each year. For the troops who call Joint Base San Antonio home, relief is just around the corner. Again, GCSA has multiple locations around the San Antonio metro area, including a couple near the base. The closest can be found about 6.5 miles from the military installation at 306 W Sunset Rd. #107, San Antonio, TX 78209. You can’t serve your best if you don’t feel your best. Many people suffer from issues that, with the right care, preventative measures, or screenings, could be eliminated, avoided, and detected in a manageable fashion. Gastroenterology Consultants of San Antonio has been serving patients since 1978 and is one of the biggest private GI practices in the Lone Star State. If you’ve been feeling discomfort, be sure to request an appointment with the top gastroenterology services in South Texas today.



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