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Learn about the variety of housing possibilities available. Options are available to your unique situation including: housing for families, single service members, families that are enrolled in the exceptional family member program, pet owners and unaccompanied personnel. Explore your options to find a home that best fits your needs.  

Government Housing

The Housing Service Center (HSC) staff is pleased to welcome you to the Saratoga Springs, NY area. HSC staff members look forward to providing assistance for all of your house hunting needs. Availability NSA Saratoga Springs Public Private Venture (PPV) housing is managed by Balfour Beatty Communities. PPV housing is available to all active duty service members with or without dependents, officer or enlisted ranks and regardless of marital status. Active duty members with dependents have assignment priority. Housing consists of 50 two-bedroom townhouses and 50 three-bedroom townhouses. The apartment community offers an additional 100 two-bedroom apartments, some of which are furnished. Each building contains four apartments. Each apartment includes a full size washer and dryer and the use of a detached one car garage. The townhouses offer bi-level living, one-car attached garage and a fenced yard. Application Applications for PPV housing must be submitted to the Navy Housing Service Center (HSC). Applicants may submit a housing application through the Housing Early Assistance Tool (HEAT) or by contacting the HSC to submit a DD Form 1746. The phone application process is short and should take only 2-3 minutes. Spouses are also able to submit a housing application if the service member is not available. Applicants will be placed on the PPV Preferred Referral List (aka "waitlist"). The application can be submitted in advance; however, the service member's detachment date will be used as the control date on the application. Contact the Navy HSC at 518-886-0200 Ext 168 to submit a housing application or for additional information. Applicants may also email SaratogaSprings_Housing@navy.mil for assistance. Single Service Member Housing NSA Saratoga Springs does not have barracks; however, single service members may live in PPV housing and are authorized to live in the local community. Housing is open to all ranks, officer or enlisted. Active duty service members with family members have housing assignment priority. Single Sailor Program Single Sailors may participate in the Single Sailor Program which allows them to rent only one bedroom in the two bedroom apartments. This program allows service members to reduce their housing costs. The Navy HSC will help secure PPV base or community housing for all service members and their families. Contact 518-886-0200, Ext 168. Exceptional Family Member Housing Contact the HSC prior to arriving in the area if Exceptional Family Member (EFM) accessible housing is required. Placement for incoming special needs families is governed by a priority assignment policy. Contact the HSC at 518-886-0200 Ext 168 to be placed on the priority placement list. Click on photos to see the housing units or go to website for floor plans. All housing units offer air conditioning. Housing does not provide electric generators.  

Non-Government Housing

The HSC staff can provide assistance and guidance throughout your tour of duty. HSC services include generating applications for PPV housing, extensive referral services, Landlord/Tenant mediations/issue resolutions, home buying information, housing contacts and housing application submissions around the globe. The HSC provides administrative support to service members and their families by providing the use of telephones, copy and fax machines. Cost of Living The average cost of housing rentals and sales in the Saratoga area is generally higher than the surrounding areas. Housing costs in the Northeast, in general, are higher than most areas of the country. The average monthly utility (electric/natural gas) bill for housing will vary from property to property. When considering a rental, service members should ask the owner for general winter heating costs. Housing in the Northeast can use a number of different fuels to heat the property. Fuels such as oil, kerosene, electric, propane or natural gas are most common. Pricing varies from season to season. Rental Options Housing Service Center (HSC) - A housing referral counselor will provide an informational briefing and assistance tailored to meet individual housing needs. A comprehensive brief and tools for house hunting such as maps, sample leases, military escape clause and condition reports are provided to all incoming service members and their families. Purchase Options Housing prices vary greatly depending on the community. Before you consider purchasing a home, contact the FFSC for a Home Buying workshop. This workshop includes topics such as; buying vs renting, closing costs, local market information, and more. Even if the service member has owned other homes, the FFSC and HSC will provide home buying information which may be unique to this area. Mobile Homes NSA Saratoga Springs does not have mobile homes on base. Mobile home sites are located throughout the local and surrounding communities.  


Housing at NSA Saratoga Springs is privatized. Housing consists of 100 two-bedroom apartments, some of which are furnished, 50 two-bedroom townhouses and 50 three-bedroom townhouses. The two-bedroom apartments are located on Quiet Harbor Road where each building contains four apartments. Apartments offer a detached one-car garage and a full-size washer and dryer. The two and three bedroom townhouses offer bi-level living, a fenced yard and a one-car attached garage. Contact the Navy Housing Service Center, at 518-886-0200 Ext 127, Mon-Fri from 8:00am to 4:00pm, for availability.




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