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How long is field artillery AIT? When you attend Fort Sill, you will receive 14 weeks of AIT (Advanced Individual Training) after your Army basic training, which lasts nine weeks. Knowing how long your field artillery AIT will be is only part of the equation, however. While you are at Ft. Sill, you’ll learn important skills that can be applied on the battlefield to help fighting forces perform artillery missions with exceptional effectiveness.

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Fort Sill Provides Elite Training for Artillery Units

When you are out in the field, artillery is an important cog in the war machine that makes missions a success. The ability to fire a weapon from a distance and suppress, dismantle, or overtake an enemy is an important component that has a history spanning thousands of years. At the Fort Sill Army base, thousands of troops train to be a part of field artillery and help American forces worldwide. If you’ve been wondering, "How long is field artillery AIT at Fort Sill?" know that, while it is three and a half months, the skills you acquire will last forever because your training at Fort Sill in Oklahoma can save your life and the lives of others, including those you are fighting alongside.

What To Expect During Field Artillery AIT

It’s almost universal to believe that blowing things up is going to be a good time, and there's plenty of in-field training, but you’re going to have to learn in various ways, including in the classroom. A common factor in making lots of cool things possible that's not nearly as sexy as the operation itself is math, and field artillery is no different. During your field artillery AIT, you’ll learn how to operate artillery and also the right way to calculate targets both manually and with instruments. An interesting Army job known as MOS 13B Cannon Crewmember requires such training. It will equip troops with the necessary knowledge and procedures for safely handling ammunition, maintaining howitzers, using computer data to strike targets, setting charges, lighting fuses, and dealing with the pressures of transporting explosives under heavy fire. Such positions will also deal with using laser-guided missiles, a natural evolution of artillery used in modern warfare. These and other destructive explosives are all highly sensitive areas that require the right level of skill and knowledge to execute. If you are looking to pursue such a career, note that you’ll need a minimum score of 93 in the field artillery (FA) area of the ASVAB.

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Fort Sill Produces Elite Field Artillery Members

The USAFAS (United States Army Field Artillery School) continues to be an elite military institution in preparing members of the military for firing artillery. Both the U.S. Army and the U.S. Marine Corps trust Fort Sill to produce the best troops that specialize in such warfare to be used throughout the world when executing missions. How long your field artillery AIT lasts at Fort Sill is, again, only fourteen weeks, but the skills you grow from your time at Fort Sill will last a lifetime.

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