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For those searching for worthwhile jobs after the military, there’s an industry that always has positions to fill: HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning). If you’re a homeowner, you probably already know the importance of HVAC technicians. There are simply not enough technicians to fill the high demand. That’s why RightTek HVAC Training provides a free HVAC training skills program for Soldiers leaving active duty. This is an amazing opportunity to help service members like you enter a promising career post-military.

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Why Choose HVAC Training?

HVAC technician training is essential. The HVAC industry has grown exponentially over the last decade and is projected to grow an additional 5% through 2029. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median entry-level pay for technicians without a college degree is $48,630 per year, and within two to three years, that pay can increase to almost $90,000 per year. Not to mention the average 40,000 HVAC technician openings every year over the past decade. HVAC techs are needed in every state, so you can work from anywhere. There are some states, however, with higher demand. California, Florida, Ohio, Texas, and Illinois are a few where the need for HVAC technicians is high and the compensation is also higher. There’s no student debt to be acquired in learning this trade, and the more skills you acquire, the more money you make. The job security is there. There are many growth opportunities. Pay increases with time and experience. The schooling is minimal. You can get training while already working and earning. We don’t see a downside here!

Free HVAC Training

Before you type “free HVAC training near me” into your Google search bar, let us tell you about the RightTek HVAC Training Program spearheaded by Bill Timberlake and Anthony Maynor. Both have been in the HVAC industry for decades and understand the value of this training to those in service. This is especially true for Timberlake, who served in the Navy until 2004 and even taught at the U.S. Naval Academy. Partnering with the local college, RightTek HVAC training converts a year-long program into a two-month course. Right now, this program is available at Fort Bragg as a part of the Army’s Career Skills Program. This entire program is funded by one of the top HVAC manufacturing companies, Trane, to ensure that there are no out-of-pocket costs through the Trane Warrior Program. HVAC providers hire Soldiers as soon as they graduate from the program and cover the cost of attendance. You also don’t have to have previous experience in the HVAC industry to apply. Because the program is condensed, you’ll go through eight-hour training days, four days a week.

Expanding HVAC Training in Person

While the RightTek program is only available at Fort Bragg, the program is rapidly expanding and will open up to Fort Hood in 2023 and Camp Lejeune at an unannounced date. As part of the program, you gain 1,000 hours of HVAC training courses that go towards the required 3,000 hours for an HVAC license in North Carolina. Trane is also hoping to expand its job pipeline across other states in addition to NC.

When Do You Become an Official Technician?

You immediately begin interviewing for jobs after week two of the program. There are two exams that you must pass at the end of the course: EPA Section 608 Certification exam and a NATE Ready-to-Work exam. Once you pass the exams, graduate, and are no longer on active duty within the military, you become a Trane-Certified Technician!

Apply Now!

In an interview with Military.com, Bill Timberlake said, "To be able to work in the civilian sector, provide for their families and their future with job security. For a lot of these guys coming out of the service, where they're doing something that maybe doesn't translate into civilian life, this gives them a pathway directly from the military into the civilian world, and I think that's part of why it's been very popular." If you’re ready to take the next step, visit the DoD SkillBridge website for more information on the Trane Warrior program and make sure to contact RightTek HVAC Training. Don’t miss out on an incredible opportunity; start an inquiry today!

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