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Camp Lejeune North Carolina: In-Depth Welcome Center (2020 Edition)
Camp Lejeune North CarolinaCamp Lejeune North Carolina

Camp Lejeune North Carolina: In-Depth Welcome Center (2020 Edition)


Hello and welcome to Camp Lejeune! Home to II Marine Expeditionary Force, the 2nd Marine Division, Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC), and more, Lejeune is the primary East Coast base for Marine Corps operations and training. Taking up 246 square miles of North Carolina, including 14 miles of beaches and 80 live fire ranges, it’s the ideal place for the men and women of the world’s finest amphibious forces to live and train. And, when you’re stationed here, you’ll belong to our proud community of over 130,000 Marines, Sailors, DoD civilians, and their families.

Continue reading for our in-depth guide on Camp Lejeune to help aid you in your transition to your new base home.

1. Where Is Camp Lejeune?
2. Google Map View
3. Directions to The Base
4. Where Should I Live Near Camp Lejeune?
5. What Schools are Near Camp Lejeune?
6. Camp Lejeune Weather
7. Things to Do in Camp Lejeune
8. Moving Tips
9. Check-in Procedures For Incoming Personnel
10. Camp Lejeune Gate Hours and Info

Where Is Camp Lejeune?

Welcome/Visitor Center Address:
812 Holcomb Blvd
Camp Lejeune, NC 28542
Phone: 1 (910) 451-2197 or 1 (910) 451-7735
Phone (DSN): 1 (312) 751-2197

Seated right on the Atlantic coast between two deepwater ports, Camp Lejeune is located in the ideal spot for a Marine installation. Construction on the base began in April of 1941 and in 1942 it was officially named Camp Lejeune after Lieutenant General John A. Lejeune, who served as the Corps’ 13th Commandant.

Camp Lejeune Map

Camp Lejeune North Carolina

Camp Lejeune Directions

Driving Directions to Camp Lejeune

Whether you’re coming from the north or south, the easiest way to reach Camp Lejeune is via I-95.

  1. From the highway, take Exit 81B (Wilmington/Clinton) to Route I-40 East.
  2. Then take Exit 364 to Route 24 and turn left on Route 24 East.
  3. Merge onto I-10 East via the exit on the left toward Beaumont and continue on Route 24 East to the Main Gate.

If it’s your first time on base, or you don’t yet have a valid military ID and tags for your car, you may have to stop at the Visitor Center to check in before you’re allowed in the base. Click here to learn more about what to expect.

Public Transit

Jacksonville has a fairly extensive, bus-based public transit system. And its Scarlet Express Route includes several stops both on and off base, including one at the main MCX. So it’s easy to get on or off Lejeune via public transportation.

Greyhound Jacksonville NC

The Jacksonville Greyhound station sits right in the middle of town and not far from the base itself. It’s also near several of the stops on the aforementioned public transit routes, so getting from the station to the base is a matter of one easy transfer.

What Amtrack Station Is Closest to Camp Lejeune NC?

The nearest Amtrak stop is in the nearby city of Wilson, North Carolina. And Greyhound service runs from that station to their station in Jacksonville, making it fairly easy to transition from rail to bus in order to reach Camp Lejeune.

Flights to Camp Lejeune North Carolina

There are a number of small and regional airports near Camp Lejeune, but the nearest major hub is the Raleigh-Durham International Airport in Raleigh, North Carolina. Roughly a two and a half hour drive from base in a POV, there’s also a Greyhound station in Raleigh that can get you to Jacksonville in under four hours.

Cities Near Camp Lejeune

Camp Lejeune resides entirely within the city of Jacksonville, North Carolina. The principal city of Onslow County, Jacksonville’s military history dates back to the eighteenth century when the nearby New River served as production and storage hub for naval supplies. Today it’s one of the countries fastest growing cities and home to one of the lowest average age of residents, due in no small part to the large number of military personnel and young veterans living here.

Where Should I Live Near Camp Lejeune North Carolina

Where Should I Live Near Camp Lejeune?

Being not only within a decent-sized city but situated right on the beach, there’s no shortage of great places to live while you’re stationed at Camp Lejeune. Jacksonville itself offers several fine residential neighborhoods, but some of the neighboring towns and municipalities also have a wide array of housing and amenities that might sound ideal to you and your family when moving here.

Best Places to Live Near Camp Lejeune

Jacksonville NC

Not only is Jacksonville a very convenient place to live while stationed at Camp Lejeune, but it also has tons of things that make the city a great place to call home. There are several residential areas throughout the city, from the golf course adjacent Country Club Estates to the family-friendly Williamsburg Plantation neighborhood. And for those who want city convenience with a bit more rural living, the West River neighborhood sits on the edge of town giving you access to both. And since the base is right in town, your commute will be around 15 minutes.

Cedar Point

It’s a bit of a ways from base, about an hour from the main gate. But if you want to enjoy quality beach living, then Cedar Point is perfect for you. With miles of oceanfront and Croatan National Forest just to the north, this is a great town for anyone who loves the outdoors.


Another beautiful beach village about an hour’s drive from base, Swansboro sits right on the Atlantic Ocean. Living here provides great opportunities for anyone who loves to swim, boat, or otherwise enjoy the water.

Sneads Ferry

The town is already home to an Annual Shrimp Festival, why not make it home to you and your family too? This once-tiny fishing town a mere half hour from base has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few decades, mostly due to Camp Lejeune personnel moving and living there. And if they enjoy Sneads Ferry, you probably will, too.

Camp Lejeune North Carolina

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Best Schools Near Camp Lejeune

Being in a city means that duty at Camp Lejeune offers access to not just the on-base elementary, intermediate, and high schools. There are also several schools, both public and private, in Jacksonville and the surrounding towns for children and teens of all ages. Not to mention preschools for the real youngsters.

Whether you decide to enroll your kids in one of the fine institutions belonging to the DoD’s Education Activity community in the Camp Lejeune area or one of the other schools nearby, rest assured that they’ll get years worth of fine education while you’re stationed here.

Find more local school information at The Best Camp Lejeune Schools: Daycare – High School).

Camp Lejeune Weather

Given its location on numerous rivers and waterways in the southern United States, you can expect the climate at Camp Lejeune to be humid, muggy, and fairly warm. But the region does get its share of all four seasons, colder weather included.


Though March often starts a little on the chillier side (low 40s), spring around Camp Lejeune is typically mild. The chance of precipitation hovers around 30%, so you should be able to enjoy plenty of sunny days through May.


By the end of spring, the daily temperature is typically in the high 70s to low 80s and it gets hotter as summer goes, usually peaking in mid-July. The chance of rain also goes way up as the weather gets hotter, so you may see far more wet days than dry ones until the weather starts to cool again. You will want to prepare for humidity as well as the heat.


Generally cooler than the summer, but the falls here are about as mild as the springs are. The average low doesn’t even start to dip below 50 until November. And the chance of rain drops off drastically after August.


While winters here, like most places, are colder than the other seasons, they’re generally not too dire. The temperature can drop into the low 30s, but rarely lower than that. And average annual snowfall is usually about an inch, so the roads will likely stay clear year-round.

To find out more in depth weather information visit our blog Camp Lejeune Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here.

Things to Do in Camp Lejeune North Carolina

Things to Do in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

Want to enjoy some great city sights and living with restaurants and shopping aplenty? There’s more than enough of that right here in Jacksonville, from museums to tours of the waterways that wind through town. Not to mention the recreation and entertainment options available on base thanks to the Lejeune-New River MCCS.

Outdoor Activities Camp Lejeune

Since both the base and the city sit right on Stones Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, there are beaches aplenty to enjoy. And several protected forest areas, including Croatan National Forest and several designated game areas for hunting offer plenty of ways to enjoy the unspoilt natural splendor of North Carolina.

Suggested Read: 18 Of the Best Things to Do Near Camp Lejeune (2020 Edition)

Restaurants Camp Lejeune

Anybody looking for good grub near Camp Lejeune is in luck. Not only are there plenty of places to get great American cuisine and barbecue (just like in any other town in the Carolinas), but the proximity to the ocean means there’s great seafood all over. Including some top rated sushi restaurants. Not to mention quality cuisines from all over the world, from Italian to Morroccan.

Craving more than just great food? Look no further than 25 of the Best Restaurants Camp Lejeune.

Shopping Near Camp Lejeune

The MCX isn’t the only shopping option for those stationed here. There are several large shopping centers in town, including the massive Jacksonville Mall. And places like the local Burkes Outlet and Twice as Nice Flea Market mean you won’t have to break the bank every time you’re looking to buy.


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Moving Tips

Check-in Procedures For Incoming Personnel

All incoming personnel should first check-in at the Joseph “Randy” Reichler Reception Center (JRRRC) before checking in with their individual commands. The JRRRC is in Building 59 on Molly Pitcher Road and you’re expected to arrive with a valid military ID, a copy of your orders, your SRB/OQR, and Health & Dental Records. After completing a check-in with reception, they will direct you to IPAC (also within Building 59) to complete the procedure.

The reception desk is open Monday-Friday, 0730 to 1630. For after hours, weekend, or holiday check-in there is a buzzer within the JRRRC to call the duty NCO.

Camp Lejeune Visitor Center

The base visitor center is located in Building TT-13, right next to the Wilson Boulevard Gate off Highway 24. Open from 0500 to 2100 Monday-Friday, the center processes all non-contractor visitors who wish to enter Camp Lejeune. If you have any specific questions about visiting, you can reach the center at 1 (910) 451-7734.

Camp Lejeune Gate Hours

The Camp Lejeune Main Gate, on Holcomb Boulevard, is open 24/7. Hours for the other base entrances are as follows:

  • Wilson Boulevard – 24/7
  • Triangle Outpost – 0600 to 1900.
  • Sneads Ferry – 24/7
  • Stone Bay – 24/7
  • Camp Johnson – 0600 to 1900.
  • Midway Park – 24/7
  • Piney Green – Monday thru Friday, 0500 to 1700. Outbound traffic can leave via this gate up until 1800.
  • Tarawa Terrace I – Monday thru Fri, 0600 to 1700
  • Tarawa Terrace II – Gate currently closed to traffic.
  • Butler Gate – Open to inbound traffic only. Monday thru Friday 1500 to 1800.

Hotels Near Camp Lejeune North Carolina

Hotels Near Camp Lejeune

Dozens of hotels dot the region around Camp Lejeune, many of them not only in nearby Jacksonville but within minutes of the base’s main gate and visitor center. These are 5 of the most convenient, but rest assured they’re not your only options nearby:

Red Roof Inn & Suites Jacksonville, NC

1723 Lejeune Blvd
Jacksonville, NC 28546
Phone: 1 (937) 505-5916

Suburban Extended Stay Hotel Camp Lejeune

1323 Lejeune Blvd
Jacksonville, NC 28540
Phone: 1 (910) 346-7759

Days Inn Jacksonville

505 North Marine Blvd
Jacksonville, NC 28540
Phone: 1 (910) 347-5131

Motel 6 Jacksonville

603 N Marine Blvd
Jacksonville, NC 28540
Phone: 1 (910) 455-4100

Baymont by Wyndham Camp Lejeune

474 Western Blvd
Jacksonville, NC 28546
Phone: 1 (910) 347-6500


Military Relocation Guide

Hot Tip: Download MyBaseGuide’s Camp Lejeune Military Relocation Guide for information about hotels near Camp Lejeune.


There’s a lot to like about being stationed at Camp Lejeune. It’s home to some of the most storied units in the US military and the kind of training that makes Marines the feared fighting force they are. And the mix of city, beach, and country living and amenities available makes it a fun place to live. Whether you’re stationed here on your own, with a family, here for training, or on TDY, we think you’re going to relish and deeply benefit from your time here. With all its upsides, both personal and professional, this installation is more than worthy of being named for the man called “the greatest of all Leathernecks.

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