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Camp Lejeune Housing: 12 On Base Options (2022 Edition)
Camp Lejeune HousingCamp Lejeune Housing

Camp Lejeune Housing: 12 On Base Options (2022 Edition)


Welcome to Camp Lejeune, home of the 2d Marine Division and II Marine Expeditionary Force. With new orders come moves and a new home. Moving can be difficult at the best of times but moving your family across the country can be extra tough. This housing guide is to help you find your new home and get settled a little easier at Camp Lejeune.

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Camp Lejeune BAH

Camp Lejeune BAH

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is provided for you based on your rank and location. BAH is given if housing on Base is not available and you are looking at living in the surrounding area. The calculator below will help you figure out your BAH based on your rank, time in service, and duty station.

You can follow this link to look up your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) for your rank and zip code. This will help you create your budget and guide your home search.

To learn more about what goes into your military BAH rate, visit our in-depth guide here.

Camp Lejeune Barracks

Single Marines below the rank of E5 must live in their unit barracks Marine Corps wide.

Bachelor Enlisted Quarters are available throughout Camp Lejeune and reservations can be made by calling the following numbers:

Camp Lejeune– 1 (910) 451/1385/2146

Camp Geiger– 1 (910) 449-0435

MCAS New River– 1 (910) 449-5024/5897

For Bachelor Officer Quarters, use the following numbers:

Camp Lejeune– 1 (910) 451-1385/2146

Camp Geiger– 1 (910) 449-0435

Camp Johson– 1 (910) 440-7493

MCAS New River– 1 (910) 449-5024/5897

Geographic Bachelors are provided with quarters on a space-available basis.

Camp Lejeune Housing office

Camp Lejeune Housing Office

Wait times for on base housing average one month but can be up to six. Current wait times can be found here.

THe Military Housing Office (MHO) oversees more than 5,000 homes. There is also a Public-Private Venture (PPV) with Atlantic Marine Corps Communities and Lincoln Military Housing

Applications for housing are accepted in person from 0730 through 1530, Monday to Friday. Advance applications may be submitted any time, provided that the service member is or will be attached to Camp Lejeune/MCAS New River. In the case of a wait list, completed applicants will be placed on the inbound wait list until the service member has physically checked into the command. For more details on application procedures, check the base website here.

Camp Lejeune Military Housing Office (MHO)
43 Inchon St, Tarawa Terrace
Camp Lejeune, NC 28543
Phone: 1 (950) 450-1627 or 1 (950) 450-1628
Hours: Monday through Friday 0730-1600

Camp Lejeune Housing OptionsCamp Lejeune Housing Options

Neighborhoods on Camp Lejeune are broken down by grade.

Enlisted Neighborhoods

  1. Berkley Manor
  2. Heroes Manor
  3. Knox Cove
  4. Knox Landing
  5. MCAS New River
  6. Tarawa Terrace
  7. Watkins Grove
  8. Watkins Village 
  9. Midway Park

Officer Neighborhoods

Officer neighborhoods are delineated by company-grade officers (O1-O3), field grade officers (O4-O6), and Senior Grade (O7-O10). The four officer neighborhoods are:

The Villages of Camp Lejeune

Camp Lejeune has approximately 4,001 family homes available for military families on Base in ten neighborhoods. There are 3,942 located on Camp Lejeune proper with another 77 located in Dahlonega, Georgia.

Note: Even though some villages may include all ranks, only certain units within that village may be available to certain ranks.

1. Berkley Manor

Ranks: E1-E5, E6-E9

With 659 units, this neighborhood has three and four bedroom homes for enlisted personnel. 235 three bedroom and 98 four-bedroom units are designated for senior enlisted personnel.

2. Courthouse Bay

Ranks: O4-O6

This small neighborhood has only eight houses. All of them are three bedroom homes.

3. Heroes Manor

Ranks: E1-E5

Made up of 560 housing units, 419 are three bedroom, and 141 are four bedroom.

4. Hospital Point

Ranks: O1-O3

This neighborhood has 18 housing units all of which are three bedroom homes.

5.Knox Cove

Ranks: E8-E9

This neighborhood for senior enlisted personnel is made up of 80 units all of which are four bedroom homes.

6. Knox Landing

Ranks: E6-E9

For senior enlisted personnel, there are 186 houses, 99 of which are three bedroom and 87 four bedroom.

7. MCAS New River

Ranks: E1-E9, O1-O10

This housing area consists of 349 houses. In McCutcheon Manor, there are 156 three-bedroom and 32 four-bedroom housing units designated for enlisted personnel; there are 56 three-bedroom 16 four-bedroom housing units for senior enlisted personnel (E6-E9). In Peterfield Point, there are 57 three-bedroom and 19 four-bedroom housing units designated for company grade officer (O1-O3) personnel; there are four three-bedroom and six four-bedroom housing units designated for field grade officer (O4-O6) personnel; there are three four-bedroom homes designated for senior grade officer personnel (O7-O10).

8. Midway Park

Ranks: E1-E5

This neighborhood has 698 houses. 161 are two bedroom, 516 three bedroom, and 21 four bedroom.

9. Paradise Point

Ranks: E1-E5, E6-E9, O1-O3, O4-O6, O7-O10

This neighborhood has 511 houses. 266 three-bedroom and 26 four-bedroom housing units are designated for company grade officer personnel; there are 150 three-bedroom and 11 four-bedroom housing units designated for field grade officer personnel; there are 51 three-bedroom housing units designated for senior grade officer personnel; there are seven four-bedroom housing units designated for general grade officer personnel.

10. Tarawa Terrace

Ranks: E1-E5

This huge housing area is where the largest number of personnel live. With 1,687 houses, there are 544 two bedrooms, 1,061 three bedrooms, and 82 four bedrooms.

11. Watkins Grove

Ranks: E6-E9

With 136 housing units, there are 69 three bedrooms and 67 four bedroom houses.

12. Watkins Village

Ranks: E1-E5

This neighborhood holds 312 houses. Of these, 38 are three bedroom and 148 four bedroom for enlisted personnel, while 26 three bedroom and 100 four bedroom homes are designated for senior enlisted.


Camp Lejeune is a huge hub for the Marine Corps ecompasses a large swath of the North Carolina coastal area. There are plenty of places to choose from for housing on base. Your first stop when PCS’ing should be your Military Housing Office to assist you in the transition and find the place that’s right for you.

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Last Updated: 9/27/2021

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