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Best Schools in Houston Near Ellington Field JRB
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Best Schools in Houston Near Ellington Field JRB

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Heading for Ellington Field JRB near Houston, Texas? If you have children, you may be wondering about the schools in Houston. Military moves can be daunting, and researching the schools your child can attend is no small task. Let us help!

If you’re researching the schools in Houston, this article is a good place to start. We’ll cover the school districts surrounding Ellington Field JRB, the nearby Houston school district, and enrollment requirements in Texas.

Have younger kids? We’ll explore early childhood programs in Texas and child care resources for military families, as well.

Let’s get started!

COVID-19 Notice

Schools and child care programs may have special COVID guidelines and recommendations to help slow the spread of COVID. For current COVID policies and guidance for schools in Texas, visit the Texas Education Agency’s website or contact the school or child care facility directly.

Texas School Enrollment

To enroll your child in a Texas school, you will need proof of residency, parent and student identification documents, the student’s current immunization record, and the student’s previous school records. Check with the school for additional requirements.

Schools Near Ellington Field JRB

There are no DoDEA schools in Texas. Ellington Field JRB is between two public school districts: Pasadena Independent School District and Clear Creek ISD. Other nearby districts include Deer Park ISD (to the north), La Porte ISD (to the northeast), Friendswood ISD (to the south), and Pearland ISD (to the west).

Pasadena Independent School District
1515 Cherrybrook Lane
Pasadena, TX 77502
Phone: 1 (713) 740-0000

Clear Creek Independent School District
2425 E. Main St.
League City, TX 77573
Phone: 1 (281) 284-0000

Deer Park Independent School District
2800 Texas Ave.
Deer Park, TX 77536
Phone: 1 (832) 668-7000

La Porte Independent School District
1002 San Jacinto St.
La Porte, TX 77571
Phone: 1 (281) 604-7000

Friendswood Independent School District
302 Laurel Drive
Friendswood, TX 77546
Phone: 1 (281) 482-1267

Pearland Independent School District
1928 N. Main St.
Pearland, TX 77581
Phone: 1 (281) 485-3203

However, if you decide to live closer to Houston itself, your child may attend schools in the Houston Independent School District. If you’re looking for a list of schools in Houston in the Houston ISD, keep reading.

Schools in Houston, Texas

Houston Independent School District
4400 W. 18th St.
Houston, TX 77092
Phone: 1 (713) 556-6000

As the largest school district in Texas, the Houston Independent School District serves more than 194,000 students. The district’s 274 campuses include eight early childhood centers, 160 elementary schools, 39 middle schools, 37 high schools, and 30 other combined or alternative campuses.

Houston ISD offers a variety of school models for students to choose from, including magnet, Vanguard, dual language, specialized, and career and technical schools. The district offers school choice as well, which means families can choose to enroll their children in their zoned school or apply to attend other schools districtwide.

Stats on academic achievement, demographics, personnel, and budgets for 2021-2022 are available on the district’s website.

For more information on the Houston Independent School District, including a school search tool, enrollment information, parent resources, bus schedules, school calendars, and more, visit the district’s website.

Charter Schools in Houston

In Texas, charter schools are free, public schools of choice. Charter schools aim to provide innovative learning opportunities for their students.

There are dozens of charter schools available in Houston and the surrounding region. For more information on Texas charter schools, including a charter school locator map, visit the Texas Education Agency’s website.

Child and Youth Services Near Ellington Field JRB

Military families who need child care should check out MilitaryChildCare.com. This DOD website provides easy access to the child care resources military families need. This singular site helps military-connected families find military-operated or military-approved child care programs, wherever they are stationed.

Texas Early Childhood Programs

Texas has limited free early education programs for eligible children who are 3 and 4 years old.

To be eligible for these classes, children must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • They are unable to speak and comprehend the English language.
  • They are educationally disadvantaged.
  • They are homeless.
  • They are the child of an active-duty military member or a member of the armed forces who was injured or killed
  • while serving on active duty.
  • They are or have been in foster care.
  • They are the child of a person who is eligible for the Star of Texas Award (a peace officer, a firefighter, or an emergency medical first responder).

For more information on prekindergarten and early childhood programs in Texas, visit the Texas Education Agency’s website.

National Guard Family Program Resources

Navigating military life can be tough, but there are special resources you have access to as a National Guard family. If you’re looking for assistance in finding the best schools in Houston for your child, the National Guard Family Program can help. This program helps refer families to the services they need to enhance their quality of life. Whether you need help getting an ID card, learning about your military medical benefits, accessing emergency financial services, or finding community resources for your family, the Family Program can help!

Family Assistance Center
14657 Sneider St.
Houston, TX 77034
Phone: 1 (281) 929-2056

Class Is Dismissed!

Studying your school options before a big move can be stressful. We hope this article helped you feel more prepared! There are many schools in Houston and near Ellington Field JRB to choose from, so you have lots of options when it comes to your child’s education. Good luck and happy learning!

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