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MCAS Miramar Housing: 6 On-Base Options (2022 Edition)
MCAS Miramar Housing: 6 On-Base OptionsMCAS Miramar Housing: 6 On-Base Options

MCAS Miramar Housing: 6 On-Base Options (2022 Edition)


Welcome to Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar in beautiful San Diego, California. Located just a few minutes northeast of downtown San Diego, the Air Station is in an excellent spot to enjoy the local area while offering slightly cheaper housing prices than closer to the water. When moving to a new duty station, if you’re not sure you want to buy a house in the local area or the time simply isn’t right for you, on-base housing on MCAS Miramar is a great option. This guide will help you figure out your options and get you started.

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MCAS Miramar BAH

Miramar BAH

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is provided for you based on your rank and location. BAH is given if housing on-base is not available and you are looking at living in the surrounding area. The calculator below will help you figure out your BAH based on your rank, time in service, and duty station.

You can follow this link to look up your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) for your rank and zip code. This will help you create your budget and guide your home search.

To learn more about what goes into your military BAH rate, visit our in-depth guide here.

MCAS Miramar Barracks

Unaccompanied personnel can find housing through the MCAS Miramar Billeting Office. Accommodations are one to two people to a room based on your pay grade. Service members of all ranks will be given temporary rooms. Unaccompanied E5 and below will be given permanent rooms.

MCAS Miramar Billeting Office
Elrod Avenue Marine Corps Air Station
Building 4312
San Diego, CA 92145
Phone: 1 (858) 577-4233

MCAS Miramar Housing Office

MCAS Miramar Housing Office

The housing office for Naval Base San Diego also handles Miramar housing. Wait times for on-base housing can vary and, depending on availability and time of year, can be between one month to two years. Contact the Housing Services Office for the most up to date information. All Officer and Enlisted personnel accompanied by their family are eligible to apply. It is advised that you sign up within 30 days of your arrival in order to maintain your place on the waitlist.

Family Housing Office
2625 Lee Hardy St, Bldg 3544
San Diego, CA 92134
Phone: 1 (619) 556-8443
Hours: Monday through Friday: 0800-1700

Housing on-base is a public-private partnership with Lincoln Military Housing. The Navy manages your housing application and the waitlist. The Privatized Managing Partner manages the lease signing, property management, and meeting the residents’ needs.

Contact the Family Housing Office for directions on the application process and current wait times. You will need:

  • DD Form 1746 (Application for assignment to housing)
  • Copy of your orders
  • Record of Emergency Data (proof of dependent’s information)

MCAS Miramar Housing Options

MCAS Miramar Housing Options

There are six neighborhoods on MCAS Miramar with various floor plans and amenities. All are pet friendly and all but one (Mira Mesa Ridge) are on base.

Note: Even though some neighborhoods may include all ranks, only certain units within that neighborhood may be available to certain ranks. Though some neighborhoods are open to all ranks, certain floor plans may be restricted to those of higher rank.

1. Capeharts East

Ranks: E6-E9

This neighborhood comprises three and four bedroom homes with washer dryers, fenced-in backyards, and air conditioning. Community amenities include a playground, swimming pool, and fitness center.

2. Capeharts West

Ranks: W1-O5

This neighborhood features four bedroom homes with a laundry room, washer dryer, built in computer nook, fenced in backyard, and air conditioning. There is a playground, swimming pool, fitness center, and easy access to the base MWR, gas station, veterinary clinic, and other shops and restaurants.

3. Mira Mesa Ridge

Ranks: E1-E6

Located 3 miles off base, the community is just 20 minutes outside of downtown San Diego. These two and three bedroom townhomes feature patios, attached garages with storage space, air conditioning, and washer dryers.

4. Miramar Milcon

Ranks: E1-E9

This neighborhood features 3, 4, and 5 bedroom homes with a laundry room and garages with storage. The community features a playground, swimming pool, wading pool, fitness center, business center, conference room, game room and easy access to base amenities.

5. Miramar PQ

Ranks: E1 – E6

This neighborhood has three bedroom homes with laundry rooms, washer dryers, air conditioning, patios, and garages with storage shelves. The community features a playground, swimming pool, wading pool, fitness center, business center, conference room, game room and easy access to base amenities.

6. Miramar Townhomes

Ranks: E1-E6 & W1-O3

This neighborhood offers two and three bedroom townhomes and apartments. The community offers a playground, swimming pool, and fitness center with easy access to the Exchange, Commissary, gas station, and golf course.


Base housing is always a great option if you’re looking for a well maintained and safe place to live and don’t want the hassle of scouring the local community. The San Diego area is quite expensive if you’re looking to buy so base housing may be the best fit for you. Always contact your gaining unit and the Family Housing Office first for help in getting settled on or off base. Enjoy the gorgeous San Diego weather!

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