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Missile Defense Integration and Operation Center

Missile Defense Integration and Operation Center

The Missile Defense Integration and Operation Center is critical to the development, integration and test, deployment and operations of the Ballistic Missile Defense System. 

The IOC is the nation’s premier center for missile defense integration and therefore the Missile Defense Agency uses the IOC to support the development of the command and control, battle management and communication element. These tie all the missile defense elements into a single, multi-tiered BMDS. 

It is also the responsibility of MDA activities in the IOC to initiate the operators early on into the missile defense system. This is accomplished through war games and exercises, providing tools for the warfighters to examine concept of operation and doctrinal issues, and revise their requirements for the operational system. 

The IOC was established as the National Test Facility in 1988 by the Missile Defense Agency, known then as the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization. It was originally the center for missile defense research centers in a geographically distributed test-bed. The Center’s support of missile defense spans the entire spectrum of the acquisition process, from requirements definition to development, acquisition and finally deployment and operational support. The IOC is also the place where ballistic missile defense architectures, key technologies and concepts of operation are closely examined for integration and interoperability. 

Representing one of the Department of Defense’s most powerful computational centers, the IOC maintains state-of-the-art computer hardware and software. More than 100 military and civilian representatives from the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force support missile defense activities and missions within the IOC. A contractor team of more than 900 personnel supports the government staff. The contractor team is made up of a prime contractor and more than 25 sub-contractors. This gives the IOC significant depth of expertise in solving a wide array of missile defense related issues. 

The United States has increased its resolve to develop and deploy missile defense systems for our nation, our forward-deployed force, and our friends and allies. National Security Presidential Directive 23 states, “missile-defense cooperation will be a feature of U.S. relations with close, long-standing allies.” As a result, MDA has increased its international focus hosting a wide variety of multi-national war games, to look into international and coalition missile defense issues, at the IOC. Representatives from more than 85 nations have come to the IOC to explore opportunities for joint missile defense related work. 

The Missile Defense Agency continues to use the IOC in the a critical role in ensuring the developing missile defense system becomes, and remains, integrated with the interoperability necessary to create a safer, more secure world. 

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