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iSportsman Fort Jackson is a system you need to know about if you don’t already. iSportsman is an all-encompassing outdoor recreation portal that’s available at a large number of installations throughout the country. It makes things like getting your recreational licenses, checking statuses for popular hunting spots, and reading up on post-specific regulations a breeze. Learn more about your iSportsman Fort Jackson portal here!

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An Overview of Features in iSportsman Fort Jackson

Many people hear the word “sportsman” and only think of hunting, fishing, and other animal-related sports. But Fort Jackson iSportsman offers service members much more value than just a great kill early on a Sunday morning. No matter if you’re an angler, a trapper, a runner, or a cycler, you’re gonna wanna get in on the wealth of information at your fingertips, thanks to iSportsman Fort Jackson. Ready to dive in? Grab your flippers and join us!

iSportsman Fort Jackson Hunting & Fishing Licenses

Permits, permits, and more permits! If you’re looking for a license to be able to legally hunt and fish in Fort Jackson recreation spots, iSportsman makes it easy as pie. Instead of having to visit an office in person and deal with the hassle of having to look presentable in public, you can apply for your permits online through Fort Jackson iSportsman. The website will show you exactly which types of permits are available and the price for each. It’ll also tell you what activities you’ll be required to have a permit for. Feel free to visit the page directly for the full catalog, but for quick reference, here are some of the most popular licenses and prices for each:
  • 1-year Fort Jackson fishing permit:


  • 2-week Fort Jackson fishing permit:


  • 1-year Fort Jackson hunting permit:


  • 1-day guest hunting permit:


  • Senior hunting:


  • Youth hunting:


  • Youth fishing:


  • Cycling:


If you don’t yet have your permit, all you need to do is register through iSportsman Fort Jackson and hit “Acquire Permits” on the home page.

iSportsman Fort Jackson Maps

One of the most impressive features of the iSportsman system is their area maps. To start, they offer Fort Jackson hunting maps and fishing maps that are highly detailed for anyone to take with them as they go off on their adventures across the post. There are literally dozens of these to choose from, so you can print out the ones that make the most sense for your activity. The live map, however, is where things get really exciting within iSportsman. Almost everyone who’s a recreational enthusiast knows the struggle of showing up to a hunting or fishing spot just to find out that it's full, and you’ll have to try and find somewhere else or head home. With the live area maps, you can check out how full each recreational spot is before you even put on your boots. The live map is color-coded to indicate the status of each individual area on post. If a recreation spot is closed on a particular day, you’ll know well ahead of time by the big block of red on the map. You can filter the map results by activity type based on what you’re looking to participate in: bow hunting, deer stands, lakes and ponds, night fishing, cycling and running, training, turkey hunting, and waterfowl hunting.

Take on the Outdoors With iSportsman

There’s a lot more to iSportsman Fort Jackson that you can discover. You can read up on rules and regulations, check into and out of areas, report any harvest, and much more through the system. Register today to make every recreational outing smooth and simple.

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