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iSportsman Quantico is a dream come true for all outdoor recreation enthusiasts stationed at the Marine Corps base. MCB Quantico hunting and fishing are popular pastimes for military personnel stationed here. If you’re looking for more information on the best spots to fish, hunt, and enjoy the great outdoors around base, iSportsman Quantico has everything you need. Below, you’ll find handy information about what iSportsman Quantico can do for you and links that lead you straight to what you need to know.

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iSportsman Quantico Has It All

Whether you’re an avid hunter, fisher, trapper, cycler, or boater, you need to know about the Quantico iSportsman portal. Through the iSportsman website made specifically for your base, you can obtain your Quantico fishing license, get a hunting and trapping license, learn about the Quantico hunting regulations, and even access the base’s hunting map, which we’ll get more into later. This website makes getting your licenses and understanding the base’s unique regulations easy and simple, as everything you need to know about outdoor rec on base is right here in this one spot.

Quantico Fishing & Hunting

Many people interested in outdoor rec are looking to get into the hunting or fishing scene on base. Quantico Marine Base sits right next to the Potomac River, which is one of the finest fishing holes around. Striped bass, large and smallmouth bass, catfish, and snakehead (an invasive species) are all popular catches for the Potomac. You can also enjoy Quantico fishing in any of the below lakes and ponds on base.
  • Breckenridge Reservoir
  • Joe Fox Fishing Pier
  • Buffalo Pond
  • Montford Point Pond
  • Cedar Run
  • Quantico Creek
  • Chopawamsic Creek
  • R-6 Pond
  • Chopawamsic Trout Waters
  • Secon Pool
  • Dalton Pond
  • Smith Lake
  • Gray's Reservoir
  • Upshur Pond
Hunting is incredibly popular on MCB Quantico, too. Quantico hunting opportunities include:
  • Quantico archery hunting
  • Quantico deer hunting
  • Quantico turkey hunting
  • Quantico waterfowl hunting
There are also opportunities for youth hunting on base. If you’re ready to get your little one into the sport, check out the Quantico youth hunting informational guide on iSportsman Quantico.

Hunting, Fishing, Trapping, and Boating Maps

Part of what iSportsman Quantico offers is detailed maps showing the different viable spots for all of their available outdoor recreation activities. There are both real-time interactive maps and PDF maps, which you can print out and take with you. The interactive Quantico hunting map will show you areas that are currently closed in red, areas that are open in green, and areas that are currently full in orange. This is the perfect tool to use before your next outing; with the Quantico hunting map, you can avoid those awkward moments when you show up to a hunting spot just to be told it’s full or closed. The Quantico outdoor recreation PDF maps, which you can print at any time, offer even more useful information. They outline protected areas for animals like bald eagles, show you exactly where gates, ramps, and check-in stations are located, and even warn you of areas that are currently off limits for unexploded ordnance (UXO) hazards.

Quantico MWR & iSportsman Quantico Are the Dream Team

Quantico MWR works side-by-side with their iSportsman portal to ensure you have the best possible outdoor recreation experience. With iSportsman, you can easily check in to different hunting areas, report your harvest, and check out, all without having to make a phone call or special trip across base. If you’re looking to do some fishing in open waters, Quantico MWR boat rental will be your best friend. Be sure to always check the Quantico fishing report, hunting report, and trapping report through the interactive maps before heading out for a day of leisure. To access all of the amazing features of iSportsman Quantico, simply sign up on their website.

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