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Maxwell-Gunter AFB is located in Montgomery, Alabama. This means that there’s a ton of great southern food options available in the area. From BBQ to comfort food, you’ll find yourself in a veritable paradise when it comes to a good home cooked meal. You can take the whole family or just some wingmen and explore what the various neighborhoods of the city have to offer in terms of cuisine. There’s a ton of great restaurants to choose from. So many, in fact, that you might have a hard time choosing between them. Read through our guide to see which ones come highly recommended. A lot of these are the best restaurants in Montgomery, AL. Know what you’re hungry for? Click the links below to go straight to the information. (1-3) Maxwell-Gunter AFB Exchange Food Court (4-5) Fast Food on Maxwell-Gunter AFB (6-8) Mexican Restaurants near Maxwell-Gunter AFB (9-11) BBQ Restaurants near Maxwell-Gunter AFB (12-14) Italian Restaurants near Maxwell-Gunter AFB (15-17) Asian Restaurants near Maxwell-Gunter AFB (18-20) Southern Restaurants near Maxwell-Gunter AFB Suggested Read: Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base: In-Depth Welcome Center

Maxwell-Gunter AFB Restaurants

Maxwell-Gunter AFB BX Food Court

The following places can be found in the Maxwell-Gunter AFB base’s exchange food court. Visit the exchange's website for more information on the exchange's food court and restaurants.

1. Taco Bell


355 S. Kelly Street Bldg. #1090, Maxwell AFB, AL 36112


1 (334) 263-6044

2. Charley’s


355 S. Kelly Street Bldg. #1090, Maxwell AFB, AL 36112


1 (334) 263-6044

3. Popeyes


355 S. Kelly Street Bldg. #1090, Maxwell AFB, AL 36112


1 (334) 263-6044

Fast Food 

4. Domino’s

Address: 355 S. Kelly Street Bldg. #1420, Maxwell AFB, AL 36112 Phone: 1 (334) 240-9606

5. Burger King

Address: 355 S. Kelly Street Bldg. #1114, Maxwell AFB, AL 36112 Phone: 1 (334) 265-3913

Best Restaurants in Montgomery, AL

Mexican Cuisine in Montgomery, AL

Mexican Cuisine

6. Caporal Mexican Restaurant

6132 Atlanta Hwy Montgomery, AL 36117 Phone: 1 (334) 604-2106 Caporal Mexican Restaurant is a very highly rated authentic Mexican spot serving a variety of tasty dishes. They offer a great atmosphere with friendly staff and a big menu. Choose from full plates filled with mains and lots of extras, an extensive selection of grilled food, vegetarian options, and desserts. And make sure to look out for the discounted margarita specials.

7. El Taco Shop

3271 Malcolm Dr Montgomery, AL 36116 Phone: 1 (334) 649-4202 El Taco Shop is a local favorite. Here you can order a complete meal or put together your own tacos from a huge list of meats and traditional ingredients. They have a seafood menu, tons of sides, combos, and plenty of options for kids. It may not look like much on the inside, but the no-frills attitude really shows through in the quality of the food.

8. Taqueria El Campesino

1550 Mt Meigs Rd Montgomery, AL 36107 Phone: 1 (334) 312-5194 Taqueria El Campesino is a great affordable spot for amazing tacos and other delightful eats. You’ll also find gordita, tortas, huaraches, along with a list of chef’s specialties, all under ten dollars. It’s a bit of a hole in the wall, but don’t let that fool you. Next door is a Mexican grocery store so you can try out the recipes at home. BBQ Cuisine in Montgomery, AL

BBQ Cuisine

9. Dreamland BBQ

12 W Jefferson St Montgomery, AL 36104 Phone: 1 (334) 273-7427 Dreamland BBQ is a local chain that serves up tons of great BBQ. This place has a ton of loyal customers and the reason why is clear. You can find a large selection of BBQ classics at really great prices, including a three-meat combo for $14.99. Stop in for a half slab of ribs or a stacked and dripping sandwich.

10. Fat Man’s Smokehouse BBQ

1660 Federal Dr Montgomery, AL 36109 Phone: 1 (334) 396-9501 Fat Man’s Smokehouse BBQ is a popular place with huge servings of mouth-watering meat and sides. The service is super quick and the food won’t do you wrong. The prices here are very reasonable, and you can come away from Fat Man’s completely stuffed with your wallet still intact.

11. Brenda’s Bar-B-Que Pit

1457 Mobile Rd Montgomery, AL 36108 Phone: 1 (334) 262-9349 Brenda’s Bar-B-Que Pit is a highly rated Montgomery BBQ restaurant serving great food at affordable prices. It’s a hidden gem for locals that gives you a taste of the authentic southern BBQ experience. Italian Cuisine in Montgomery, AL

Italian Cuisine 

12. Mr. Gus’

6268 Atlanta Hwy Montgomery, AL 36117 Phone: 1 (334) 356-4662 Mr. Gus’ is a family style Italian restaurant that locals love. The portions are huge and shareable, so bring all your friends and family. Try out the big plates of pasta or go for the range of different pizza options. There’s something for everyone here.

13. Midtown Pizza Kitchen

2940 Zelda Rd Montgomery, AL 36106 Phone: (334) 395-0080 Midtown Pizza Kitchen is a very highly rated sit-down pizza spot in the city. You can order a variety of different pasta dishes, but the pizza options are extensive and where this place really shines. You can also choose to build your own pie from the loaded list of ingredients.

14. Tomatinos Pizza and Bake Shop

503 Cloverdale Rd Montgomery, AL 36106 Phone: 1 (334) 264-4241 Tomatinos Pizza and Bake Shop is another popular pizza place. Choose to build your own or pick from the wide variety of premade options like supreme, mediterranean, bianca, and more. They also serve a selection of calzones. Asian Cuisine in Montgomery, AL

Asian Cuisine

15. Sushi Cafe

3004 Zelda Rd Montgomery, AL 36106 Phone: 1 (334) 819-7060 Sushi Cafe is a premium Japanese restaurant serving bento boxes, rice plates, and loads of sushi. You’ll find a number of classic rolls along with some unique choices that make use of interesting flavors. You can order from the combo menu and really get your fill, or share a plate for two or four.

16. Green Papaya Lao Thai Cuisine

409 Coliseum Blvd Montgomery, AL 36109 Phone: 1 (334) 395-7654 Green Papaya Lao is a popular Thai restaurant with authentic food and delicious flavors. It’s a family owned and operated business that focuses on fresh ingredients from local sources. The Lao culture comes from northeast Thailand and is a unique experience in the American Thai restaurant scene.

17. VN Pho

2759 Bell Rd Montgomery, AL 36116 Phone: 1 (334) 272-1700 VN Pho is a favorite for Vietnamese food in the area. It has a great selection of food in a big menu. Try out their pho or go crazy with the traditional plates from authentic ingredients. They offer specials from the kitchen and unique Vietnamese drink choices. Southern Cuisine in Montgomery, AL

Southern Cuisine 

18. Martin’s Restaurant

1796 Carter Hill Rd Montgomery, AL 36106 Phone: 1 (334) 265-1767 Martin’s Restaurant is a well-regarded place for down-home cooking. Martin’s has fried chicken, catfish, meatloaf, and other favorites at great prices. Come by for the southern tastes and munch on sides like cole slaw, steamed rutabagas, and black-eyed peas.

19. Simply Southern Cafe

3457 McGehee Rd Montgomery, AL 36111 Phone: 1 (334) 523-1768 Simply Southern Cafe is a great choice for comfort food packaged in a warm atmosphere with friendly service. The menu changes regularly with rotating specials, so make sure to stay updated on the offerings. You’ll always find something delicious here, though, from the chicken and dumplings to the liver and onions, as well as the prime selection of classic sides.

20. Mrs. B’s Home Cooking

415 Air Base Blvd Montgomery, AL 36108 Phone: 1 (334) 264-5495 Mrs. B’s Home Cooking is another popular comfort food locale. Try their rotating daily specials, like meatloaf, oxtails, baked tilapia, and more. There are tons of tasty choices here, like mac and cheese, smothered pork chop, and all the sides and desserts one could ask for.


If you’re PCSing to Maxwell-Gunter AFB, you certainly aren’t going hungry. And maybe it’s best to arrive on an empty stomach since you’ll be busy trying out all the local favorites as soon as you get in. There’s truly something for everyone around base, and the southern comfort food is truly divine.  

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