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MCRD San Diego Housing

If you're about to make a military move, the list of PCS "to-do's" can feel overwhelming. One of the first items on your move list is likely finding a place to live at your new base. If you've gotten orders to MCRD San Diego, this article can help you learn about your options for MCRD San Diego housing. San Diego is a great place to live, and fortunately, you have lots of options when it comes to military housing. According to Military OneSource, military family housing in the San Diego region is the largest housing complex network in the world. But with so many options, where do you start? Right here! Read on to learn about MCRD San Diego housing, other military housing available in the area, San Diego BAH, and how to find your next home sweet home.

San Diego BAH

San Diego BAH, or Basic Allowance for Housing, can be used for military family housing or for non-military housing, apartments, and rentals. The official BAH calculator can be found here. You can use the MCRD San Diego zip code of 92140 to see what housing allowance you rate for MCRD San Diego housing. Keep in mind, while military family housing may take all of your BAH, it also typically covers basic utilities (like electricity, water, sewer, and trash). If you live in non-military family housing, factor in these costs along with rental or mortgage costs when making your housing decisions.

MCRD San Diego Barracks

MCRD San Diego Billeting and Lodging

Building 625 San Diego, CA 92140


: 1 (619) 524-4401 MCRD San Diego barracks for single Marines are available. Bachelor enlisted quarters are furnished and set up for multiple-occupancy. Each room has two twin beds, and two rooms share a single bathroom. The lodging facilities at MCRD San Diego also provide space-available rooms for active-duty military, DoD, and civilian personnel on TAD orders, retired military, and families of graduating new Marines from Wednesday through Saturday of graduation weeks only. For more information on MCRD San Diego barracks and lodging, visit the MCCS San Diego lodging website.

MCRD San Diego Base Housing Office

San Diego Housing Service Center

Building 3544 625 LeHardy St. San Diego, CA 92136


: 1 (619) 556-8443 MCRD San Diego military members who are looking for the San Diego military housing office will be directed to Naval Base San Diego's Housing Service Center. Naval Base San Diego's Housing Service Center provides housing assistance to Navy personnel, as well as MCRD San Diego service members and service members assigned to MCAS Miramar and USCG Sector San Diego. Check in with the Housing Service Center after you arrive in San Diego. The center will verify your eligibility and process your application for privatized military housing or help you find other temporary or long-term housing. The center has a database of available off-base apartments and rental homes if you are looking for non-military housing. And the center can review lease agreements to ensure your rental agreement has your best interests in mind. The center also offers home-buying counseling if you're interested in purchasing a home in the region. All military personnel, their families, and DoD employees are eligible for these Housing Service Center services. For more information on San Diego's Housing Service Center, visit its website.

San Diego Military Housing Options

MCRD Historical Housing

Military Housing Office

Building 31, Suite 204 3800 Chosin Ave. San Diego, CA 92140


: 1 (619) 524-8082 There are only five historical homes on the MCRD San Diego base. This MCRD San Diego housing is assigned to eligible O6 and above military members of the depot. For more information on eligibility and applying for these homes, visit the MCRD San Diego Military Housing Office website.

Military Family Housing

Liberty Military Housing


: 1 (888) 578-4141 Liberty Military Housing, formerly known as Lincoln Military Housing, is the privatized military housing provider in San Diego. Liberty Military Housing is responsible for building, managing, maintaining, and repairing San Diego's many military housing communities. Liberty Military Housing has dozens of housing communities in the San Diego region. Military members can sign a lease with Liberty Military Housing to live in any one of these communities. Liberty Military Housing does not require a credit check to qualify for its housing. There is no security deposit. Basic utilities (gas, water, and average electricity usage) are included with your rent, as well. Other Liberty Military Housing perks include 24/7 maintenance services, community service programs and events, and award-winning customer service. And if you're bringing a four-legged friend, you'll be happy to learn that pet-friendly Liberty Military Housing communities are available. Many Liberty Military Housing communities have playgrounds, parks, pools, or sports courts. Want a garage or a fenced backyard? Is air conditioning a must? With so many Liberty Military Housing neighborhoods to choose from in San Diego, you're sure to find the perfect one for you. To explore Liberty Military Housing communities in San Diego, view individual floor plans and housing photos, take a virtual tour, and learn more about each community's amenities, check out the Liberty Military Housing website.

Welcome Home

House hunting in a new place can be daunting, especially in a place with so many options. We hope this article has helped you understand your MCRD San Diego housing options. If you have any other questions, be sure to reach out to the military Housing Service Center. Good luck and happy house hunting!

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