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Maryland is a state rich with history that has a lot to offer. Its natural beauty and local flavors give residents and visitors of the Free State a lot to enjoy. Still, beauty and food aside, the Old Line State is home to some of the most important military installations in the country. Military bases in Maryland help defend, innovate, and take care of the many things we take for granted that go into keeping the U.S. safe. Get to know the many Maryland military bases and how they keep our country secure.

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What Military Bases Are in Maryland?

Little America is ready to defend the country. Military bases in Maryland reach double digits, and while the state is responsible for delicious creations, such as the Baltimore Pit Beef sandwich, they’re also cookin’ up plenty of innovations for the military. Despite the proximity to the water, you won’t find the U.S. Marine Corps here. However, every other branch is represented. Learn more about the many military bases in MD.

Andrews Air Force Base

While Andrews AFB is named after famous World War II Army Air Force General Frank Maxwell Andrews, it’s best known as the home of Air Force One, which consists of the two Boeing VC 25A aircraft responsible for flying the President of the United States.

Aberdeen Proving Ground

Predating World War I, Aberdeen Proving Ground is one of the oldest Army bases in Maryland and in the country, in general. The primary objective of the Harford County military installation is to provide the U.S. Army with innovative weapons and equipment.

Fort Detrick

Located in Frederick, MD, you’ll find a mix of research, development, training, medical studies, and more at Fort Detrick. Originally, the site was built to create biological weapons and was built on more than 1,200 acres of land. The base is the largest single employer in Maryland, and during WWII, scientists were able to make over 5,000 anthrax bombs here.

Fort Meade

Inside IMCOM (Installation Management Command) and US MDW (U.S. Military District of Washington) in Odenton, Maryland, lies Fort Meade. Its proximity to other military installations and Washington, D.C., makes it the ideal location for many predominant organizations within the Army. It’s here where you’ll find the national centers for information and intelligence, the Defense Information School, the Headquarters for the U.S. Army Field Band, and soon, the U.S. Cyber Command Headquarters. Part of the U.S. Armored Cavalry is also stationed here.

Coast Guard Yard

A military base in Baltimore, Maryland? Or maybe it’s a shipyard. Acting as one of the most unique military installations, the Coast Guard Yard found on Curtis Bay is the only shipbuilding installation for the U.S. Coast Guard. The military base near Baltimore is known for its innovation and ability to handle larger repair jobs.

Surface Forces Logistics

Surface Forces Logistics is the Baltimore military base consisting of six divisions that work together through collaboration, making sure the logistics of the USCG are running smoothly. It’s the most important logistics center in the country and is led by its Workforce Services Division.

United States Naval Academy

Since 1845, in Annapolis, MD, the U.S. Naval Academy has provided America with some of the best officers in the American Armed Forces. An infamous training ground, the U.S. Naval Academy is a prestigious institution training Marines and Sailors to be the best they can be on the remains of Fort Severn. It’s also a National Historic Landmark.

Naval Medical Center

The National Naval Medical Center, a.k.a. the Bethesda Naval Hospital, is one of the world’s best hospitals and has even served by taking care of presidents. Located in Bethesda, Maryland, the thousands of workers here help maintain the best practices in healthcare.

NAS Patuxent River

NAS Pax River in Lexington Park, MD, gets its name from the nearby Patuxent River after originally being named Cedar Point. Home of the United States Naval Test Pilot School (USNTPS), this Maryland military base serves a major role in training test pilots for the Navy.

NSA Annapolis

Featuring air shows from the Blue Angels, over 400 buildings, and more than 1,500 acres, NSA Annapolis is a military base in Maryland unlike any other. Established in 1911, it was the first naval air station in the history of the U.S. Navy.

NSF Indian Head

Along the Potomac River in the southern portion of Maryland, you’ll find NSF Indian Head. Plenty of testing ranges are found here, as this military base in Maryland is known for creating and testing weaponry. Specifically, explosives, biological weapons, and chemical weapons are tested.

Naval Support Facility Thurmont (Camp David)

Tucked away in between the hills of Catoctin Mountain Park lies the Naval Support Facility Thurmont. Though these days, it may better be known as Camp David. Both the Navy and the Marine Corps remain active on the site; however, it’s also used as a retreat for the POTUS to enjoy and recharge with privacy.

The Carderock Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center

In West Bethesda, Maryland, thousands of the brightest minds in the world work to improve maritime capabilities for the U.S. Navy. The focus is on improving technology across a wide range of watercraft and vehicles used by Sailors.

How Many Military Bases Are in Maryland?

You’ll find 11 military bases in Maryland representing all branches of the military except for the USMC, though Marines are trained at the U.S. Naval Academy. There are some abandoned military bases in Maryland, but the ones above are the active installations. Together, they push the American Armed Forces forward through superior training, standards, and innovation.

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