By Olivia Rigby
Many military spouses have had to deal with the topic of unemployment for years due to their spouses being relocated every few years. This means that the unemployment rate for military spouses is regrettably very high. So, are military spouses eligible for unemployment? The answer is… yes and no. Keep reading to learn more about the qualifications for military spouse unemployment.

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Military Spouse Unemployment Rate

In a recent study of around 4,000 military spouses, around half of the participants stated that they don’t feel prepared for retirement. While military members have retirement plans and pensions, those don’t always extend to spouses. Employment can offer spouses retirement plans, but with the constant relocating, it can be difficult to keep a job and plan for retirement. About 30% of the 4,000 spouses are unemployed but are seeking employment. Additionally, 90% of these participants have reported that their spouse’s military service has negatively impacted their career. This can lead to even more difficulties in a marriage, so how can you be a supportive spouse while still not having to worry about your income? Unemployment for military spouses can be a great resource for many.

Qualifying for Military Spouse Unemployment

According to MYSECO, military spouse unemployment due to PCS is available to some but not to others. This availability is largely determined by state. Some states will still consider a PCS relocation as you voluntarily leaving your job. Thankfully, however, most states see military spouses as eligible for unemployment due to a PCS or military move. To determine if your state offers military spouse unemployment, CareerOneStop has all the details you need to find out if you qualify for it. Once you find out if you’re eligible for military spouse unemployment, keep in mind that you’ll need to file for unemployment benefits from the state you were employed in, not the state you are moving to/have moved to. There are many ways to file unemployment claims; they can be filed in person, online, or even over the phone! But, if you need some additional help figuring out how to file for unemployment, you can get help from your local unemployment office. Also, the U.S. Department of Labor is another great resource for finding out more about unemployment.

Other Options for Military Spouses

If unemployment doesn’t work for you, there are numerous online-only jobs available. Since COVID-19, many businesses have shifted their workforce from in-person to online. Veteran.com has a list of potential remote employers for those seeking online-only employment. Many states will also let you work part-time while still benefiting from unemployment. Additionally, if you have a higher education that can qualify you for more positions, websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and more can help you find remote employment opportunities. These websites will often offer the option to filter your search by remote, hybrid, or in-person work. These all can be great options for those needing a job but struggling to find one in the area where their spouse is stationed or for those seeking more opportunities to save for their retirement. The unemployment rate for military spouses is alarmingly high. For those wanting to work, it can be hard finding a stable job when you’re moving every few years. For those wanting an income but are struggling to find a job, military spouse unemployment can be a great option for you. There are resources available, such as MYSECO and the U.S. Department of Labor. These resources can help you figure out if you qualify for military spouse unemployment and how to file for those unemployment claims. Additionally, if solely living off of unemployment is not possible for you, many states will also let you work part-time while still reaping the unemployment benefits.

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