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Financial planning and responsible spending are always great practices; however, there are many situations in life where people may find themselves in need of a little help. The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) provides many different programs providing everything from interest-free loans to support for families to educational assistance and more. Both active duty and Veterans are eligible for the Navy Relief fund, as are members of their families. Learn more about this impressive support system and the resources available to those who qualify.

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What Is the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society?

The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society was founded in 1904 as a non-profit consisting of more than 3,600 volunteers. The NMCRS supports the military community through financial, educational, and other resources to Sailors, Marines, eligible family members, and survivors. Members of the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society help military families by providing millions of dollars to tens of thousands of people in the military community per year. The organization provides up to $1,000 in interest-free loans to military families in need of things like basic living expenses, funeral costs, medical bills, insurance, etc.

How the Program Works

The NMCRS is known for many different programs, including its Quick Assist Loans (QALs). Here's a more in-depth list of what the Navy Relief Program has to offer:

1. Financial Assistance and Education

Helping military families get quick access to finances is a valuable solution, but financial literacy can set them up for the long term. The NMCRS helps families create a game plan to get back on track and create a brighter future.

2. Quick Assist Loan

A QAL provides quick cash for families who may be in need due to an emergency. If you qualify and are in a bind, you can receive up to $1,000, which must be repaid within 12 months. If you're on active duty, you’ll need to apply in person, which takes around 15 minutes. Other eligibility requirements may apply, including the amount of QALs you have received in a lifetime, of which the max is five. However, there are other loan options available depending on your eligibility and situation.

3. Education Assistance

Interest-free loans and grants are available to those who qualify to apply for education. The amount you receive can range between $500 and $3,000 per academic year.

4. Visiting Nurses

The NMCRS Visiting Nurse Program is a beneficial program in which healthcare professionals deliver expert information to families. This can be assistance for new mothers, healthcare tips for the elderly, or simply helping a family learn about the best healthcare options available to them.

5. Budget for Baby®

Starting your family can be exciting, but learning how to budget for your new child is an important step in the journey. Expecting parents receive free, one-on-one consultations with financial advice tailored to their needs.

6. Emergency Travel

When injury or sickness requires you to travel, even if you have the time, getting to your destination can be costly. Emergency travel assistance helps alleviate this financial burden.

7. Disaster Relief

Extreme weather doesn't care who or where you are. The United States is a diverse nation featuring many different natural disasters. If you're affected, the NMCRS is there to help you rebuild.

8. Thrift Shop

No matter what your income level is, saving money is always key to financial freedom. The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Thrift Shop provides gently used items at a great discount.

Can Retired Navy Use Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society?

Yes, retired members of the U.S. Navy and the USMC can use the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. This comprehensive resource provides plenty of opportunities to receive assistance for a wide range of scenarios no matter which stage of your life you might find yourself in. Funding is provided for qualifying households of all kinds; however, this is an extremely important resource for families, as they often face steeper financial hurdles.

Is Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Nonprofit?

Yes, thanks to thousands of volunteers and its small, dedicated workforce, the NMCRS is a nonprofit organization with officers all over the world, though it’s headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society continues to provide both financial and non-financial assistance to the military community and reminds us all to lend a helping hand to those who have sacrificed so much to keep our nation free.

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