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Welcome to Robins Air Force Base, Georgia! Now that you have your orders, your first thought is probably on finding a place to live. House hunting can be stressful and a little overwhelming at the best of times. With that in mind, we’ve put together a guide to help you get started and give you an idea of what to expect when it comes to your choices for housing on base.

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Robins AFB BAH

This link will allow you to look up your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) for your rank and zip code. Knowing your BAH is crucial for making a budget and guiding your home search. To learn more about how your military BAH rate is determined, visit our in-depth guide here.

Robins AFB Barracks

Unaccompanied Housing is for single or unaccompanied airmen in the ranks E1 to E3 or E4 with less than 3 years of service. Airmen are provided with a private sleeping room, furnishings, and supplies required for comfortable living. The Unaccompanied Housing Office can be contacted at 1 (478) 327-6110.

Unaccompanied Housing

775 Macon Street Robins AFB, GA 31098


: 1 (478) 327-6110 Robins AFB Housing office

Robins AFB Housing Office

The Military Housing Office should be your first point of contact when you get to Robins Air Force Base. This office offers relocation services, and support for soldiers and their families as they prepare to move to their new base. All Airmen are required to contact this office to receive counseling and guidance before entering into any written lease or rental/sales contract for housing.

Robins Air Force Base Military Housing Office

78th CEG/CEIH 775 Macon Street Robins AFB, GA 3109


: 1 (478) 926-3776


: Monday through Friday 0800 - 1600 Robins AFB Housing options

Robins Air Force Base Housing Options

Robins Family Housing

Robins Family Housing offers many different styles of homes in varying floor plans across 7 unique neighborhoods. Check here to input your rank and family size to see which neighborhoods you qualify for and what floor plans might be best for you. Most homes are between 3-4 bedrooms, though houses can range from 2-5 bedrooms depending on the neighborhood. Almost all homes have a one-car garage or a carport; some offer two-car garages. Single and two-story homes are available as both single-family homes and duplexes. The neighborhoods feature several amenities such as parks, playgrounds, tot lots, biking/walking/jogging paths, basketball courts, swimming pools, Clubhouses, sports fields, picnic areas, an arts and crafts center, library, dog park, fitness center, bowling alley, golf course, child care, access to 24-hour emergency maintenance services, and a lot more.

Robins Family Housing

75 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Warner Robins, GA 31098


: 1 (888) 740-9851


: Even though some neighborhoods may be available to all ranks, only certain homes within that neighborhood may be available to certain ranks.

1. Crestview Glen


: E7-E9, O1-09 Crestview is open to service members with a ranking of E7 or higher, and made up of 3-5 bedroom, ranch-style, single-family homes that feature village architecture and are close to all base amenities. They feature front and back patios and attached two-car garages.

2. Forest Park Ridge


: E1-E9, O1-O10, O1E-O3E, W1-W5, WL4, CW5 Open to all ranks, Forest park is made up of 3-5 bedroom single-family and duplex style homes. This pedestrian-friendly neighborhood features brick exteriors and detached one-car garages. This neighborhood is located near the center of the base, so they’re close to all base amenities.

3. Turner Park


: E2-E9, O1-O7 Turner Park is made up of 3- and 4-bedroom single-family and duplex style homes and offers a charming village design and pedestrian-friendly streets. These homes are located close to the lake, dog park, and other base amenities and feature private patios and attached one-car garages.

4. Huntington Hills


: E1-E9, O1-O10, O1E-O3E, W1-W5, WL4, CW5 Huntington Hills is made up of 3- and 4-bedroom duplex style and single-family homes and offers a wide variety of floor plans. This neighborhood is close to playgrounds, sports fields, a large swimming pool, and offers charming tree-lined streets. These homes have one-car carports and private patios.

5. Huntington Crest


: E1-E9, O1-O10, O1E-O3E, W1-W5, WL4, CW5 Huntington Crest offers 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-bedroom duplex style and single-family homes designed to maximize space and amenities at the most affordable cost. Each home offers spacious yard space and is located close to a large pool, basketball courts, tennis courts, and baseball fields. They also have one-car garages and are close to all 4 City of Warner Robins Schools.

6. Huntington Park


: E1-E9, O1-O10, O1E-O3E, W1-W5, WL4, CW5 Huntington Park is made up of 3- and 4-bedroom duplex style and single-family homes and is close to basketball courts, playgrounds, picnic areas, a community center, and a pool. These homes feature one-car garages and are close to all 4 City of Warner Robins Schools.

7. Huntington East


: E1-E9, O1-O10, O1E-O3E, W1-W5, WL4, CW5 Huntington East features of 2-, 3-, and 4-bedroom duplex style and single-family homes. It is close to the largest common area, playgrounds, basketball court, volleyball court, and pool, and is designed to be family-friendly. They feature one-car garages and like all Huntington homes, are close to all 4 City of Warner Robins Schools.


When you’re moving, a little research can go a long way. There are lots of great housing options for anyone stationed at Robins Air Force Base and we hope this guide will help you narrow down the options that might be best for you and your family. Be sure to check availability based on rank and to contact the housing office for counseling and guidance when you start your search.

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