By Buddy Blouin

As the old saying goes, when you look good, you feel good; however, chasing the latest fashion trends isn’t always responsible. The advent of fast fashion continues to generate unsustainable practices and waste affecting the world around us. Fortunately, several sustainable clothing brands are working to fix these issues. Sustainable clothing isn't about some preachy message or agenda but rather actionable ways to make a difference in your world.

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What Is Sustainable Clothing?

The basic idea behind sustainable clothing is making responsible choices when producing garments. Sustainable clothing brands decide to use practices and materials that are of quality, promote longevity, and keep in mind the consideration for future generations throughout the product’s production and life cycle.

Fast fashion practices continue to negatively affect our world, even as new solutions come about. Sustainable women's clothing, as with any clothing, is available. However, the impact of the Internet continues to create challenges in reaching customers with affordable options.

The Negative Effects of Fast Fashion

The fast fashion industry continues to experience rapid growth over the last few decades. A big contributor to this is the evolution of and ease of access to the Internet.

This has resulted in a 400% increase in global fashion consumption, which is negatively impacting the water we drink, the land we live on, and the wildlife we share the planet with.

It's an uncomfortable reality that has multiple factors, but the fashion industry contributes to negative effects on the planet because of these trends and actions.

The production of clothing uses energy and animal-based textiles, like wool. It also contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution, habitat loss, and other wildlife harm.

In fast fashion, wool is often blended with oil-based fibers and treated with chemicals. This can create an environmental impact during production as well as the disposal of such garments.

Finding affordable sustainable clothing can be an issue for some. Fast fashion provides the latest styles, and makes them easily accessible for low prices. But, alternatives do exist. The harm of fast fashion affects us all and it’s important to consider our spending habits as a collective.

Climate change can be a preachy subject. After all, we need energy, and if you’re reading this, from whichever device, they each rely on petroleum-based products to make them a reality.

However, purchasing sustainable clothes is a great way to make a difference and look great doing it. There is no singular solution, but collectively better choices by all of us can help make an impact in the world around us.

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Where to Buy Sustainable Clothing?

The best sustainable clothing brands are going to provide you with quality garments that are built to last and have responsible production. Whether you are looking for sustainable workout clothes or just everyday wear, Ordae Clothing has you covered.

Featuring a powerful message of hope and empowerment, Ordae provides quality clothing using sustainable practices from inception through production and beyond. It’s stylish comfort with the future of our world in mind.

Stylish crew necks, pullovers, and joggers made from high-quality materials are available at an affordable rate. Purchases also help the company donate to orphanages and fund our orphanage in Ghana. Many sustainable clothing brands talk the talk but Ordae walks the walk. Shop now to find the right piece for your collection.

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