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Nestled on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, Annapolis is known for its stunning historical architecture and cultural activities. If you just moved to the NSA Annapolis base, there is plenty to do nearby. As the capital city, there are many things to do in Annapolis with your family and friends, as it is suitable for all ages and interests. Featuring the picturesque waterfront and the historical gems, you will find something to keep you entertained!

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Things to Do in Annapolis For History Nerds

Annapolis is a charming city because of its cobblestone streets and Romanesque-style architecture. Additionally, the well-preserved historic buildings and museums contribute to its charm. If you are a history nerd, there are plenty of sites to add to your list of things to do in Annapolis!

For those interested in the Declaration of Independence, one of the signers, William Paca, owned a mansion in Annapolis. Be sure to check out the mansion he designed. As a national historical landmark, you can't miss this oasis beauty filled with two acres of nature.

Did you know that Annapolis was once the capital of the United States? Annapolis is home to the oldest state house that is still in use. Additionally, the state house served as the capitol building. It is famous for housing historical events, like George Washington's resignation as commander in chief of the Continental Army.

Suppose you want to explore a bit across the river. Head on over to the Historic London Town. It is known as London's "lost" colonial town, featuring the national historic landmark, the William Brown House. Moreover, it includes a restored village in the area when settlers first arrived.

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Activities For the Adventurers

For those who want to stay active, there are numerous activities related to boats to help you enjoy the Chesapeake Bay. For this reason, be sure to add boating to your list of fun things to do in Annapolis, Maryland.

Annapolis receives its charm from being so close to the water, where all boat owners can show off their looks at Ego Valley. Many expensive boats are lined up here to flaunt their looks. Furthermore, it's easy to walk around and enjoy the exquisite views. You can even rent a boat or take a cruise along the Severn river to appreciate all the natural beauty.

Quiet Waters Park is another place to enjoy on your list of things to do in Annapolis, but don't be fooled by its name. There are plenty of activities to do in this park, ranging from mountain biking, to going to a water park, to water skiing. Still, if you'd like to pay homage to the name, you can also have a quiet picnic.

Are you seeking a bit more adventure? Terrapin Adventures will have you covered for your daily dose of the thrill if you're looking for unique things to do in Annapolis. From zip lines to climbing courses, your daily activities are sure to be exhilarating.

Fun For the Foodies and Shopaholics

Annapolis is known for its seafood, cozy taverns, and culinary events. Additionally, if you like to shop, the main shopping streets are close to many restaurants - a double whammy!

Main Street has all the amenities anyone would need to relax through retail therapy. This includes small boutiques and plenty of cafes. You will get your fill of luxury while treating yourself.

Annapolis is famous for its blue crabs, oysters, and several other local foods. Many restaurants will fill your craving for seafood, and it is worth a try if you've never had any.

If you want to combine your love for history and food, visit the Reynolds Tavern to taste high tea in the colonial era. There is even an Armed Forces Brewing Company that supports Veterans. Be sure to look out for the Rams Head On Stage. Here you will find various music performances and comedians. Additionally, this is a great place for fun things to do in Annapolis for couples.

As you can see, Annapolis, Maryland, will have you covered with things to do and will satisfy your mood. You can do everything from eating seafood, to taking spontaneous history lessons, to getting a dose of nature in the capital city. In short, you can't underestimate the opportunities this city has to offer!

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