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The military community has a problem that isn’t being discussed nearly enough—a lack of testosterone in service members and Veterans. While this can be an uncomfortable subject and surprising statement, studies have shown the U.S. military population suffers from this issue as a result of training and operating in the field. Fortunately, TRT treatment is a safe, simple method that helps men and women improve their overall health.

What Is TRT Treatment?

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is healthcare that helps people dealing with low testosterone levels (low-T).

TRT treatment can be administered through a variety of methods, best determined by your doctor to find the right application for your needs.

You can receive TRT treatments through a gel, getting a shot, wearing a patch, or through a long-acting pellet applied under the skin.

Best of all, because there are so many different methods of receiving care, there is even at-home TRT treatment for convenience and privacy.

How Military Members Benefit

The benefits for military members of TRT treatments will vary depending on one’s individual health; however, there are several reasons why restoring hormone levels to their normal levels is a great way to improve overall health.

You can improve your energy day-to-day, increase your sex drive, stabilize your mood, and treatment can even help with erectile dysfunction (ED).

Thousands of military members and Veterans have shown symptoms that can require TRT treatment. Here’s how it can improve your life:

More Stamina and Energy

From the battlefield, to working around the house, to pursuing your passions, you’re going to need energy and stamina to get the job done.

TRT treatment helps service members improve their metabolic rates and increases energy as a result.

The physical demands of service improve but so too does your workout routine, love life, and even your daily challenges where mental energy is needed.

Better Cardiovascular Health

The VA conducted a study that showed improvement for over 83,000 men receiving TRT treatments compared to men not receiving treatment.

Their findings?

The treatment improved health in the men, helped lower the risk of heart attack, stroke, or death, and increased the heart’s ability to pump blood, which improved overall blood flow within the body.

Heart disease continues to be the leading cause of death in the United States, highlighting the emphasis on taking care of your cardiovascular health.

Overall Improved Health

There’s no discounting the importance of heart health but receiving treatment isn’t just a singular benefit.

Your body’s metabolism, which can affect your weight, along with your skin and hair can benefit from TRT treatment.

Testosterone can help you feel and appear more youthful which has benefits for your mental and physical health in ways that are too often discounted.

How Much Is TRT Treatment?

The cost of TRT treatment is going to range mightily depending on where you receive care, the medication you need, the type of treatment you undergo, your insurance coverage, and more.

Some may pay as little as $100 per month while others may have costs reaching $1,000 per month. However, it’s worth remembering that you may be covered by TRICARE, making TRT treatment an affordable option. However, be aware that TRICARE often won’t help with reimbursement.

Does TRICARE Insurance Cover TRT Treatment?

If you have TRICARE, your hormone replacement therapy may be covered provided that it’s approved by the FDA and you have a prescription with labeled indications. Your treatment must be medically necessary. And, you have to submit the claims yourself.

The Importance of TRT Treatment for Troops

One of the reasons the military community can benefit from TRT hormone treatment is because of the stress service members endure.

Having an adrenaline rush and dealing with stress in a short period is good for survival instincts and during these periods your body will release hormones to adjust.

However, elevated cortisol levels for long periods of time have a negative impact on your health. It can make it difficult for proper hormonal balance long-term if you never find an appropriate level of rest.

The benefits of TRT treatment continue to help millions of Americans lead more fulfilling lives and feel like themselves again.

Alpha MD Is a Leading Expert in TRT Treatment

Receiving the best treatment means working with a healthcare team that continues to lead the field, such as Alpha MD.

The experts at Alpha MD are dedicated to providing the military community with TRT treatment that is safe, effective, and meets the needs of the individual. Here’s how it works:

  • Create your account and see if you’re experiencing low-T by using Alpha MD’s home test kit.
  • From there, you’ll consult with the Alpha MD healthcare team to discuss your options and goals.
  • Once this is defined, your healthcare team works with you to create a personal plan to help you reach your goals.
  • Finally, receive medication and supplies at home for confidential, effective treatment.

If you are experiencing a drop in libido, lower energy, ED, struggling with motivation, or finding it hard to lose weight, TRT treatment may be right for you.

Alpha MD offers 20% off monthly TRT costs to active military members and Veterans as well as 20% off your initial consultation when using the coupon code “MyBaseGuide.”

You shouldn’t have to work twice as hard as everyone else around you just because genetics and age are working against you.

Contact Alpha MD to get started with your TRT treatment today.

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