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Welcome to West Palm Beach where the sun and sea are shining. Weather in Florida, West Palm Beach is mostly sunny and hot. Here and there you will get a sprinkle of rain. West Palm Beach not only provides a sweet stay during your time off, but is the home of one of the U.S. Marine Corps reserve training centers. Read on to find out more about the information needed for your stay.

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Where Is the Marine Corps Reserve Training Center in West Palm Beach?

1227 Marine Drive West Palm Beach, FL 33409

Phone: (561) 683-4443

Directions to the Marine Corps Reserve Training Center in West Palm Beach

Below are directions from Palm Beach FL International Airport to the Marine Corps Reserve Training Center.

From Palm Beach International Airport

Continue to Perimeter Rd.

Head West on James L Turnage Blvd for about 400 ft and keep right.

Then merge to the left lane and continue straight onto James L Turnage Blvd for 0.2 miles.

Follow Perimeter Rd to Belvedere Rd and keep right to continue on Perimeter Rd for 0.3 miles.

Continue straight to stay on Perimeter Rd for 0.1 miles.

Then take a slight left onto Belvedere Rd.

Continue on Marine Dr to your destination and then turn right onto Marine Dr. Make a left turn and then a right turn.

Your destination will be on the left.

Entering the Marine Corps Reserve Training Center and Base Amenities

To enter the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Training Station in West Palm Beach, you’ll need to have the proper documents and follow the base’s check-in procedure before gaining access.

Check-in Procedures for Incoming Personnel

Anyone 18 years or older must have a valid pass to enter the base. Access is also available to those with a day pass who list the information on their ID by the end of the day they visit the installation.

If you are entering the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Training Station in West Palm Beach, you must have a valid driver’s license or passport. For entry, you’ll need to request access and provide the proper Base Access form no later than 1200 the day before your visit. Visitors are granted Monday-Friday, not on weekends.

Where Should I Live Near the Marine Corps Reserve Training Center in West Palm Beach?

Moving to a new area can be nerve racking, but with some help you find the perfect place for you that is near Marine Corps Reserve Training Center in West Palm Beach.

Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is a beautiful place to live with plenty of stores, restaurants, and having the Atlantic Ocean nearby makes it ten times better.

If you don’t want a place too expensive then this is not the place for you. Palm Beach’s cost of living is 97% higher than the Florida average. If you are looking for a place that is reasonably priced there are other options out there.

Riviera Beach

Riviera Beach is a growing harbor city that is located along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in southeast Florida.

Similarly to Palm Beach, it is surrounded by lots of restaurants and parks. Many families and young professionals live here. Riviera Beach is also known to have a lot of fun on the water which includes fishing, kayaking, and more.

Palm Springs

Palm Springs is located on the western edge of the Coachella Valley, which is approximately 107 miles east of Los Angeles.

It is said that Palm Springs brings out the mid-century modern look with its amazing architecture, design element, arts, and cultural scene. It is most known for a beautiful sunny day that includes golf courses, restaurants and natural hot springs.

Century Village

Century Village is known for its gated community, and provides security throughout the day. Bus transportation is available for individuals who want to go explore shopping centers and want to make getting around easier.

The residents that stay here are usually around 55 and up. Additionally, it provides an on-site medical building and a pharmacy that will have what you need.

West Palm Beach, Florida Schools

Palm Beach school district is a good place to send your children. Alexander W. Dreyfoos Jr. School of the Arts is ranked number 4 best public high school in Florida.

There are plenty of K-12 school options including private school options as well. This includes: Suncoast Community High School, Morikami Park Elementary School, Bak Middle School of the Arts, and more.

West Palm Beach schools have you and your children covered with the best education possible.

What to Expect With West Palm Beach Weather

When living in West Palm Beach, you can expect hot, rainy summers. The winters are mostly cloudy and comfortable.

The temperatures year-round tend to fluctuate from 59 degrees Fahrenheit to 89 degrees Fahrenheit. In the winters, the temperature rarely drops below 46 degrees Fahrenheit. The best time of year to visit Palm Beach for warm-weather activities is late October to early May.


Moving to a new state, or a new base, comes with its unique set of challenges. However, the US Marine Corps Reserve Training Station in West Palm Beach, FL is a great place to call home. Be sure to check out the local towns, scenery, activities, and food while you are stationed in West Palm Beach.

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