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Welcome to West Point, home of the United States Military Academy. Congratulations on your application or even acceptance to this elite institution. If you’re PCSing here, you’re also ready to take in the rich atmosphere and find a place in the annals of The Point’s long history. The Academy is the oldest school for commissioning cadets in the U.S. It began as a fort in 1778, built by the Continental Army just 50 miles north of New York City in the scenic Hudson Valley. In 1801, Thomas Jefferson ordered the creation of the country’s first military academy, and one year later West Point was refitted for the task. The campus is listed as a national landmark, and several of its romanesque buildings are architectural marvels that attract tourists each year in droves. There are over 4,200 students at West Point Military Academy in a given semester. The garrison is made up of 1,200 soldiers, along with their families, and close to 5,000 civilian contractors. Continue reading for our in-depth guide on West Point to help aid you in your transition to your new home.
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Where is West Point Military Academy?

West Point Military Academy

2107 New South Post Rd Highland Falls, NY 10928


1 (845) 938-4011

West Point Military Academy Map

West Point Directions

Since West Point is close to New York City, there are tons of ways to get here.

Flights to West Point

JFK and LaGuardia Airports service flights from around the world. Newark Airport in New Jersey is a short ride from the city via New Jersey Transit.

Amtrak Station Near West Point, NY

If you’re arriving by train, Amtrak comes into the city at Penn Station from several locations and routes.

Port Authority Bus Terminal

A number of different bus companies operate out of the Port Authority Bus Terminal. From the city, West Point is a 50-mile drive, or a scenic ride up the Hudson River on the Metro North from Grand Central Station.

Driving Directions from New York City

1. Take the FDR north 2. Take exit 24 for I-95 toward the George Washington Bridge 3. Take exit 73/74 toward Palisades Interstate Parkway N 4. Take traffic circle exit onto Rte 9W N 5. Merge onto NY-218 N 6. Turn slight right onto West Point Highway 7. Turn right onto New South Post Road 8. Follows signs to West Point

West Point Transportation Office

The transportation office should always be one of your first calls when PCSing to a new installation. The staff here has seen every scenario and travel itinerary imaginable. They’re here to help you find the best way to get to the base and move your household goods and furniture with you. Take advantage of their knowledge and make sure that your PCS goes smoothly.

West Point Transportation Office

626 Swift Road West Point, NY 10996


1 (845) 938-4051


  • Monday through Friday:

    0800 to 1630
Entering West Point and Post Amenities

Entering West Point and Post Amenities

You’ll need to have your license and registration on you to pass onto the base. If you’re driving a rental car, then the rental agreement will need to be looked at. Anyone you bring along without a proper military ID will need to be sponsored until they can register at the DEERS office.

Check-In Procedures for Incoming Personnel

Make sure you have all your personnel files and various forms of identification with you before entering for the first time. You’ll need to immediately report to your respective command. They’ll want to review your orders and make sure you’re in the right place before you get settled in.

West Point Visitor Center

The visitor center at West Point serves numerous tourists and family members who arrive at the installation daily. Civilians with scheduled tours and museum-goers come through here, as do families and friends for cadet graduations. If visitors are coming to see you, this is where they’ll need to check in.

West Point Visitor Center

606 Thayer Rd, West Point, NY 10996


1 (845) 938-2638

West Point DEERS Office

The DEERS Office will set you up with a military ID or replace your old one. This is also where your family members will apply for their dependent ID cards. Make an appointment so the staff can be prepared when you get in.

West Point DEERS Office

622 Swift Road Room 112 West Point, NY 10996


1 (845) 938-2607

West Point DEERS Office Hours

The hours of operation are by appointment only.
  • Monday through Thursday:

    0800-1120 & 1300-1520
  • Friday:

    0800-1120 & 1300-1500

West Point Gate Hours

  • Thayer Gate:

  • Stony Lonesome Gate:

  • Washington Gate:

    0500-2200 daily. No visitor access.
West Point Commissary

West Point Commissary

The commissary at West Point is the most convenient place to stock your kitchen. The location can’t be beaten and the prices are right. They offer free cups of coffee in the mornings while you browse for everything you could need to keep a balanced diet.

West Point Commissary

1200 Stony Lonesome Rd West Point, NY 10996


1 (845) 938-3663

West Point Commissary Hours

  • Monday:

  • Tuesday through Sunday:


West Point Exchange

The PX on post is just large enough to cater to your shopping habits. The stores inside sell clothing, tactical gear, pet supplies, and provide services like haircuts and car rentals. Stop by the food court for some quick and easy eats.

West Point Exchange

1204 Stony Lonesome Rd. West Point, NY 10996 Phone: 1 (845) 446-5404

West Point Exchange Hours

  • Daily

    : 1000-1800
West Point Barber Shops

West Point Barber Shops

1. Exchange Barber Shop

1204 Stony Lonesome Rd. West Point, NY 10996


1 (845) 839-0019

2. Heritage Barber Shop

443 Main St Highland Falls, NY 10928


1 (646) 897-1254

3. Wolfman Jays Barber Shop & Shave Parlor

521 Main St Highland Falls, NY 10928


1 (845) 859-4333

West Point Post Office

The post office at West Point has everything you’ll need to send and receive letters and packages. They’re fully stocked and sell supplies like packing tape and stamps.

U.S. Post Office

745 Brewerton Rd West Point, NY 10996


1 (800) 275-8777

West Point Finance Office

The finance office is a great resource for soldiers and their families. The staff here will walk you through procedures both simple and complex, and help you make sure you’re getting the most out of your money. They can show you how to open a checking or savings account, or how to successfully plan for retirement. Learn about everything from basic budgeting to options trading.

West Point Finance Office

626 Swift Road West Point, NY 10996


1 (845) 938-6134

West Point Finance Office Hours

  • Monday through Friday:

    0800 - 1130 & 1300 to 1600
  • Closed Tuesday:

    1130 to 1600
West Point Legal Office The legal office on base is the place to go for any issues that arise with the law. This can be as simple as notarizing a document, or as complex as pending charges. The attorneys here are available to consult with you by appointment.

Office of the Staff Judge Advocate

U.S. Military Academy ​646 Swift Road West Point, NY 10996


1 (845) 938-3205

West Point Legal Office Hours

  • Monday through Friday:

    0830 to 1600

West Point Library

The library at West Point is a world-class facility for use by researchers and academics. It’s stocked with everything from recent bestsellers to obscure field manuals. Stop by to check out the stacks and see if you don’t come home with a pile of worthy reads.

West Point Library

758 Cullum Rd West Point, NY 10996


1 (845) 938-2230 West Point Hotels

West Point Hotels

1. The Thayer Hotel

674 Thayer Rd West Point, NY 10996


1 (845) 446-4731

2. Bear Mountain Inn and Overlook Lodge

3020 Seven Lakes Drive Tomkins Cove, NY 10986


1 (855) 548-1184

3. Holiday Inn Express & Suites

1106 Rte 9W Fort Montgomery, NY 10922


1 (845) 446-4277 Download MyBaseGuide’s Relocation Guide for information about hotels nearby.

Hot Tip: Download MyBaseGuide’s West Point Military Academy Military Relocation Guide for information about hotels nearby.

Where Should I Live Near West Point?

Where Should I Live Near West Point?

If you’re considering living on post, check out the available on-post housing options. Otherwise, read on to find out more about living off post. The Hudson Valley is full of beautiful river towns and communities with rich culture and friendly neighborhoods. The whole area is a hiker’s paradise, with trails leading up into the lush mountainous scenery. Not far away, too, is New York City and its northern suburbs. Picking a place to settle down near the post is easy with so many available options.

Cities Near West Point

New York City is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the nation. There are five boroughs and over 8 million residents. North of NYC is Yonkers, a smaller city in the northern suburbs. Across the river from the post is Peekskill. North of West Point in Newburgh, and across the river from there is Beacon. These are some of the closest cities you’ll find.

Best Place to Live Near West Point

New York City

NYC is packed with things to do and see. You could live here your whole life and still fail to experience it all. Countless populations of diverse peoples call the city home. You’ll find every cuisine, culture, language, and activity imaginable within its borders. The biggest obstacle to living here is the price tag. But there are deals available if you put in the effort to find them.


A cheaper option that’s pretty convenient location-wise, Peekskill is just across the river from West Point. Just five miles northwest you’ll find the Bear Mountain Bridge and be on a straight shot to the post. The 25,000 people populate the city so that you won’t be seeing the same crowds as in NYC. Several notable people once called Peekskill home, and there are multiple industries here contributing to a healthy economy.


Garrison sits across the Hudson from West Point. It’s home to just 4,300 people. It’s a quaint town with an arts community and its own Metro North station. Multiple nonprofits and cultural institutions are based here. If you find yourself looking for a separation between work and home life, then this might be a nice option for you.

Highland Falls

Directly south of West Point and just a short drive down the road, Highland Falls is a conveniently located village of around 4,000 people. It’s part of the larger Poughkeepsie-Newburgh-Middletown metropolitan area, and therefore has access to a wealth of resources, shopping, and dining. There’s probably nowhere better suited for soldiers and their families who are looking for a great commute and a nice balance of lifestyles. Look for homes and apartments for rent or sale on AHRN.com.

Hot Tip: Look for West Point Military Academy homes and apartments for rent or sale, and find BAH, PCS, TLA & ETS military housing information at AHRN.com.

West Point Schools

West Point Schools

The West Point Public School District serves children in grades PK-12. There’s a child development center on post for daycare needs. There are also private options for schooling and childcare in the surrounding area as well. Find more local school information at The Best West Point Schools: Daycare - High School. West Point Weather

West Point Weather

West Point experiences a range of weather depending on the season. In the valley on the water, winters are freezing and the temperature can dip down to 20 degrees or below. Summers are generally mild and tend to stay in the 60s and 70s. Fall and spring are on the colder side, but can be comfortable leading into the summer months. It’s usually partly cloudy here, with the wet season peaking in the beginning of August. Things to Do in West Point, NY

Things to Do in West Point, NY

West Point is a rich cultural location with plenty of history to take in. Residents and visitors can tour the West Point Museum, take in the fall foliage in the scenic Hudson Valley, hike through winding mountain trails, or take a train ride down to New York City. The options here are practically endless. For more detailed suggestions on things to see here, check out our guide to the best things to do around West Point. Connect with military-trusted businesses and deals exclusively at MyBaseGuide.com.

Hot Tip: Connect with military-trusted businesses and deals exclusively for West Point Military Academy at MyBaseGuide.


The U.S. Military Academy at West Point is a revered institution the world over. The garrison here provides support and continues a historic role of defense that began during the Revolutionary War. It’s an honor to serve here where heroes are made and have fought for centuries to keep America strong. With so many options for entertainment nearby, it won’t take you long to settle in and venture out to see it all. Take advantage of all that West Point has to offer while you’re here. From the outdoors lover, to the history buff, to the arts fanatic, there’s something for everyone nearby.  

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