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When you need medical care, the Beaumont hospitals have made a name for themselves as delivering premier healthcare to their patients. Located at 18511 Highlander Medics St., El Paso, TX, 79918, inside Fort Bliss, TX, is the William Beaumont Army Medical Center Fort Bliss. As a TRICARE medical center, here, military personnel and their families can receive a wide range of healthcare, including preventative care, lab work, mental health and substance abuse resources, dental care, surgeries, and even a pharmacy. You can receive healthcare assistance for COVID-19 and can even find essential medical equipment and supplies. We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know before your first appointment at the Ft. Bliss Medical Center.

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William Beaumont Army Medical Center in Fort Bliss, TX

William Beaumont Army Medical Center - Fort Bliss has had a lot to offer ever since 1849, helping provide healthcare to the military ever since. The new WBAMC facilities opened in 2021 and continue the tradition of delivering top-tier medical services. Everything from suicide prevention to sexual assault resources to a variety of clinics is available. This is due largely because of the many clinics available to patients. These clinics offer services such as radiology, family healthcare, dental care, and much more. With a bed capacity of 150+, with the capability to reach 373 beds during trying times, military and Veteran personnel rely on the William Beaumont Army Medical Center in Fort Bliss from the region of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. The center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To contact WBAMC, you can call

1 (915) 742-2273

. Individual clinic hours will vary depending on a variety of factors, including the discipline needed for your medical care. COVID-19 guidelines are still in place, and patients are required to wear masks while visiting the medical center.

Clinics Make a Difference in Your Healthcare

The clinics at WBAMC allow better medical care, a wider range of services, and a better focus on specific healthcare needs. These are the following clinics available to patients:
  • East Bliss Clinic
  • Rio Bravo Clinic
  • McAfee Health Dental Clinic
  • Soldier Family Medical Center (West Bliss)
  • Mendoza Center
  • Desert Sage Clinic
These clinics provide you and your family with a more complete scope of healthcare as opposed to other medical centers, which may only focus on one area of healthcare. It’s a great way for medical personnel to help better serve the military, their families, and Veterans.

The Fort Bliss Hospital Built for Military Personnel

Healthcare is always a complex field to navigate. When you throw in military service, things get even more complicated, as military service can be damaging from both a physical and mental standpoint. Combined with the unique needs that come with being in a military family, it’s important that your healthcare provider be someone you can not only trust but who can help you with their expert knowledge as it pertains to your health. This is why WBAMC is such a great choice for so many military families. It’s obvious that the folks at Willian Beaumont Army Medical Center Fort Bliss have plenty of experience and expert knowledge to help you get the best care possible. The long-standing hospital is a critical medical facility for those in the region and is capable of handling a range of medical needs. From small, routine medical needs to complex, urgent medical care, you’ll find virtually everything you need health-wise available right on Fort Bliss.

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