By Jamie Lustig

From March 16th-17th tens of thousands of people showed up at Travis Air Force Base flightline, to watch performers, including the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, take over the sky. Two lucky individuals were ready to take over the show, Jamie Butler and Sean Kelly. They expressed their excitement and gratitude for the opportunity. If you were not able to attend the air show yourself, no worries. Here's a little recap of the show.

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The Amazing Blue Angels

Since 1946, the U.S. Navy Blue Angels have been a representation of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps, whether that is at home or to audiences and have performed for nearly 500 million fans. 2021 marked the team's 75th anniversary and the Blue Angels’ 35th year flying the Boeing.

Some of the team members from the Blue Angels spoke while they prepared for the show. Greg Jones, a member of the team, explained the importance of the Wings Over Solano air show because it could be used as a tool to recruit individuals to join the armed services.

2024 Wings Over Solano Recap: Where the Impossible Becomes Possible

There were about 65,000 people who attended the Wings Over Solano event. Some of the performers included the F-22 demo team, Wings of Blue parachute team, Edge 540, the Red Thunder airshow, and more.

The schedule for the show was intense, with many armed forces showing off their unique skills in the sky. The show started with six F-18s flying close and fast together, the Wings of Blue Parachute team showed their skills as well. Pilot Sammy Mason, who has been flying since he was 10, got to show the audience what it was all about.

The Oregon Air National Guard flew a demo show of F15-Cs, and showed their skills as well as many others.

Additionally, Wings Over Solano 2024 was not only a shower to see the skills marked in the sky, but an opportunity to meet the people who work hard over the months for this show. It gives people a chance to ask questions and see what it’s like to be in their shoes.

Two Lucky Residents Got to Take the Sky

Jamie Butler, who has been a choir teacher for more than two decades, and Sean Kelly, a police officer, both got nominated for the show.

Butler's father, who passed two years ago from cancer, served in the Air Force. He knew that at this moment his father would be proud of him. Sean Kelley, who got nominated by his co-worker, finally lived his dreams since he was a child.

An Unforgettable Day at Wings Over Solano 2024

Wings Over Solano 2024 was an opportunity for everyone to come together and support our armed forces. Furthermore, it was a chance to talk to the individuals behind the pilot seat and get to know who they are outside of the armed forces.

If you are thinking about joining the armed forces, Wings Over Solano would be a good opportunity to make your decision. After all, you never quite know what will spark inspiration.

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