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MCLB Barstow Housing: On-Base Options (2021 Edition)
MCLB Barstow Housing: On-Base OptionsMCLB Barstow Housing: On-Base Options

MCLB Barstow Housing: On-Base Options (2021 Edition)


Welcome to MCLB Barstow located in San Bernardino County, Southern California! MCLB Barstow is located about 118 miles northeast of Los Angeles, California, about 155 southwest of Las Vegas, Nevada, and about 185 miles north of San Diego, California. The base was first built in 1942 and today serves 1,700 civilians and has approximately 100 active-duty service members living on base. Additionally, there are approximately 6,000 retirees living within a 30-mile radius of MCLB Barstow.

Now that you’ve received your orders and are making plans for the big move to your new home, you may be stressing about finding the home and the neighborhood that will be the best fit for you. Looking for a home in a new area that’s unfamiliar can be overwhelming, and that is why we have put together the following guide to give you a better idea of what on-base housing options to expect at MCLB Barstow and hopefully give you a clearer picture of where you would like to settle in once you arrive.

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California BAH

California BAH

You can click here if you would like to look up your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) for other zip codes. This is a great tool to help you create a budget and guide you through your home search

Also, to learn more about your military BAH rate, visit our in-depth guide here.

MCLB Barstow Barracks

Bachelor housing, a.k.a. unaccompanied housing, is available for both single active-duty service members and those designated as “geographical bachelors.” All single E5 and below personnel will be assigned a room in the barracks. Unaccompanied housing is handled by the service member’s gaining unit. You can reach the Single Service Member Housing Barrack staff by calling 1 (760) 577-6494.

MCLB Barstow Single Service Member Housing Barrack
7th Street & Wake Avenue
Building 15 (Base Headquarters)
Barstow, CA 92311
Phone: 1 (760) 577-6494

So what is a GEO Bachelor exactly, and could it be an option for you? Explore pros and cons in our sister site AHRN’s blog here.

MCLB Barstow Housing Office

MCLB Barstow Housing Office

The Family Housing Office will be happy to assist you to prepare for your new adventure in the community of MCLB Barstow. The team is ready to help you familiarize yourself with the housing options and services available to you.

When you first arrive at MCLB Barstow, you will need to visit the Family Housing Office and they will provide you with all of the necessary information and guidance you require before entering into any written lease or rental/sales contract for housing.

MCLB Barstow Housing Office
Gloucester Street
Community Center
Building 363
Barstow, CA 92311
Phone: 1 (760) 577-6872

MCLB Barstow Family Housing

MCLB Barstow Family Housing

Military family housing at MCLB Barstow is not currently privatized. Currently, there are 74 available government quarters for families stationed on the base. There are two primary living areas at MCLB Barstow: Desert View and Quarters Street. We advise you to contact the Family Housing Office in the community center, located at Building 363, as soon as you know that you are moving to MCLB Barstow. This will ensure you receive all the necessary information about privatized housing, and the folks at the office will help you with the application process. You will also be informed about base-specific policies. The housing office numbers are 760-577-6872.

The community of MCLB Barstow offers on-base amenities that will help you and your family feel right at home, including a gym, multiple childcare options, a golf course, playground, and more. Additionally, the homes include central air, garbage disposal, dishwasher, plenty of closet space, and much more. Additionally, each home-type is also pet friendly with a two pet limit for eighteen dogs or cats. There are certain restrictions on exotic pets and certain dog breeds, so if you have clarifying questions please make sure to contact the MCLB Family Housing Office.

The MCLB Barstow gym boasts a weight room with free weights and weight machines, basketball courts, racquetball courts, tennis courts, group exercise programs, and more.

The community at MCLB Barstow offers residents and their families plenty of outdoor options so that you can take advantage of the Southern California sunshine year-round, including field sports (football, soccer, and baseball), as well as the Oasis Pool and Water Park. The neighborhoods include walking paths, so you can enjoy family outings without having to leave base and hopefully you will meet some of your new neighbors in the process.


We know that relocating can often be a stressful and exhausting undertaking, but we hope this guide has given you some peace of mind and a clearer idea of what to expect as you begin planning your move to your new posting at MCLB Barstow. We hope you enjoy your new home in sunny San Bernardino County, Southern California! Remember to always plan ahead and check availability based on rank and waiting lists through the MCLB Barstow Family Housing Service.

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