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Coastal seafood, barbecue and fresh produce are staples of North Carolina’s vibrant cuisine, but Goldsboro has enough variety to satisfy any craving. There are many well-known chains, mom-and-pop shops, and ethnic eateries to choose from. So, as you orient yourself to your new community, you may wonder: where are the best places to eat in and near Seymour Johnson AFB? Know what you’re hungry for? Click the links below to go straight to the information. (1) Seymour Johnson AFB Food Court (2-8) Family & MWR Restaurants on Seymour Johnson AFB (9-12) TripAdvisor’s Top 4 Restaurants Near Seymour Johnson AFB (13-15) Yelp’s Top 3 Restaurants Near Seymour Johnson AFB

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Seymour Johnson AFB Restaurants

Dining options on base are available in many flavors and multiple locations. Due to ongoing coronavirus concerns, it is best to confirm restaurant hours before you go.

Seymour Johnson AFB Food Court

Be sure to verify hours of operation for the Main Exchange Food Court.

1. Subway

Seymour Johnson AFB 1350 Edwards Street Bldg. 3735 Goldsboro, NC 27531


1 (919) 731-4000

Family & MWR Restaurants

Please check Seymour Johnson Air Force Base’s Force Support Squadron webpage for COVID-19 updates and to view the restaurants’ current menus.

2. 10-Pin Cafe

Seymour Johnson AFB 1290 Andrews St. Goldsboro, NC 27531


1 (919) 722-0349 You don’t have to be there to bowl to get a good meal from 10-Pin Cafe. Whether you’re stopping in for breakfast, a sandwich or salad, grabbing a burger, or picking up a pizza, 10-Pin has you covered.

3. Afterburner Kiosk

Seymour Johnson AFB 2814 Jabara Ave. Bldg. 4610 Goldsboro, NC 27531


1 (919) 722-0349 Afterburner Kiosk offers grab-and-go items, as well as several kinds of hot entrees, for those working on or near the flight line. Their menu changes each week, so there’s always something new to try.

5. Compass Cafe

Seymour Johnson AFB 1385 S Andrews St. Bldg. 4082 Goldsboro, NC 27531


1 (919) 722-0394 Compass Cafe serves breakfast favorites as well as sandwiches, salads, and beverages for lunch. They also offer curbside service.

6. Mustang Taproom

Seymour Johnson AFB 1240 Andrews St. Inside Eagles Landing Goldsboro, NC 27531


1 (919) 722-4914 With 20 beers on tap. With good bar food, pool tables, and foosball, the Mustang Taproom is the perfect place to watch games, enjoy live entertainment, or just hang out. Seymo Joe to Go, Seymour Johnson AFB, NC

7. Seymo Joe to Go

Seymour Johnson AFB 1515 Goodson St. Bldg. 3508 Goldsboro, NC 27531


1 (919) 722 - 3104 Seymo Joe to Go offers brewed coffee, espresso, cold and blended beverages, coffee alternatives, and food to include bagels, and protein packs. It’s available as a walk-up or drive-thru.

8. Southern Eagle Dining Facility

Seymour Johnson AFB 3650 Pope Street Bldg. 3650 Goldsboro, NC 27531


1 (919) 722 - 5294 The Southern Eagle Dining Facility is located right by the dorms and offers a different meal for lunch and dinner each day of the week, so be sure to check out the menu before you head over.

Restaurants in Goldsboro, NC

There are more than 100 restaurants in the area according to Visit Goldsboro. Farm-to-table, upscale, and casual dining are easily accessible. So, what restaurants are in Goldsboro, NC? With so many great choices, which restaurants are truly the best? That depends on who you ask so we provided some local favorites rated by TripAdvisor and Yelp to get you started. Tripadvisor’s Top 4 Goldsboro, NC Restaurants

Tripadvisor’s Top 4 Goldsboro, NC Restaurants

9. Great Harvest Bread Company

1721 E. Ash St. Goldsboro, NC 27530


1 (919) 288-2401 Great Harvest Bread Company is unsurprisingly most famous for its bread, but reviewers rave about everything here, whether it’s a sandwich, soup, homemade lemonade, dessert, or the service.

10. McCall’s Bar-B-Q and Seafood

139 Millers Chapel Rd. Goldsboro, NC 27534


1 (919) 751-0072 McCall’s Bar-B-Q and Seafood is a buffet known for its excellent barbecue and fried seafood, as well as it’s generous portions.

11. Los Fogones Peruvian Restaurant

209 S. Berkeley Blvd. Goldsboro, NC 27534


1 (919) 288-1172 Reviewers describe Los Fogones Peruvian Restaurant as a hidden gem with a wonderful staff. Its cinnamon-infused sweet tea and yucca fries draw particular praise, but everything on this small but generously portioned menu is excellent.

12. Brooklyn Pizzeria

912 N Spence Ave Goldsboro, NC 27534


1 (919) 778-5666 Home to the “best pizza in Goldsboro,” Brooklyn Pizzeria has been in business for more than 30 years. You’ll come for the New York-style pies, but don’t sleep on the steak and cheese sub or the garlic knots.

Yelp’s Top 3 Phoenix, AZ Restaurants

13. Mezcalito Goldsboro

808 N Berkeley Blvd. Ste. J Goldsboro, NC 27534


1 (919) 330-4056 Mezcalito Goldsboro has a reputation for being the best Tex Mex place in the area. Its incredible margaritas and other mixed drinks, excellent beer selection, exceptional service, and wonderful food make a convert out of just about everyone who visits.

14. Brisas

103 N. Center St. Goldsboro, NC 27530


1 (919) 288-1946 Brisas serves up authentic Latin cuisine in a lovely atmosphere that includes outdoor dining and often live music. The knowledgeable staff is happy to recommend a beer to pair with your meal. Pier 34 Seafood and Pub, Goldsboro, NC

15. Pier 34 Seafood and Pub

1206 N. Berkeley Blvd. Goldsboro, NC 27534


1 (919) 947-5851 A family run establishment, Pier 34 Seafood and Pub is best known for its outstanding service and wonderful seafood. Reviewers particularly lavish praise on the shrimp and crab boil.


Hungry for more? Check out Visit Goldsboro for dozens of food and beverage listings to explore. Remember, our list is just a starting point. As you settle into your new community at Seymour Johnson AFB, you will find your own favorite restaurants. Don’t forget to ask your friends for their recommendations, too!  




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