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Under the Air Force’s 502nd Air Base Wing, mission support group squadrons keep JBSA running smoothly with their services but under slightly different names and with slightly different responsibilities on each of the three installations. At Lackland, the 502nd Installation Support Group consolidates and furnishes civil engineering, communications and operations support across JBSA. Its airfield operations support is confined to Lackland.


The 24th Air Force is the Air Force component of U.S. Cyber Command. Its warfighting domain is cyberspace, and one of its missions is to supply secure communications wherever needed. It also guarantees Air Force personnel, wherever they may be, the highest levels possible of network support and cybersecurity.


The 37th Training Wing is the Air Force’s largest training wing. It provides Air Force basic military training, technical training, medical courses, English language training for international military personnel, specialized maintenance and security training, and the International Squadron Officer School and International Non-Commissioned Officer Academy for Latin American students attending the Inter-American Air Forces Academy. It also carries out joint service training for the Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines in security and law enforcement and the military working dog programs, among multiple other courses. The 37th Training Wing consists of five training groups and graduates more than 80,000 students annually.


Lackland’s Defense Language Institute English Language Center, part of the Department of Defense, is divided into three sections — general English, specialized English and instructor development — to teach English to military students from more than 100 countries. The training may be as brief as nine weeks or last a full year. The center also brings U.S. service members who speak a primary language other than English to proficiency in English.


The Inter-American Air Forces Academy conducts technical, professional and management courses in Spanish each year for nearly 1,000 military and governmental students from Latin American countries. The academy provides military education and training to military personnel of the Americas and other eligible partner nations. The academy’s mission is to strengthen international partnerships through education and training, while promoting peace, democratic values and respect for human rights in the Western Hemisphere.

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