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1st Marine Logistics Group

1st Marine Logistics Group

The 1st Marine Logistics Group was activated July 1, 1947, at Pearl Harbor, territory of Hawaii, as the 1st Combat Service Group. On March 30, 1976, the logistics unit was reconfigured as the 1st Force Service Support Group.

On Oct. 21, 2005, the 1st FSSG was redesignated the 1st Marine Logistics Group. In August 1950, the 1st MLG was deployed to Kobe, Japan. In September 1950, the unit was redeployed to Inchon, Korea, and assigned to the 1st Marine Division. The 1st MLG participated in the Korean War, operating in many key battles during the war.

The unit was deployed in February 1967 to the Republic of Vietnam. The unit participated in the war in Vietnam from February 1967 until April 1971, operating from Da Nang. The 1st MLG participated in numerous training exercises throughout the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s. The unit was next deployed during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm from September 1990 through April 1991 and then again for Operation Restore Hope in Somalia from December 1992 to February 1993.

Most recently, the 1st MLG has deployed in support of the Malaysia-United States Amphibious Exercise 2014, which was a realistic and challenging exercise that brought service members closer and improved both nations’ abilities to work bilaterally and provide regional and global security. It is a versatile, multifaceted combat service support organization. The 1st MLG provides combat service support for the I Marine Expeditionary Force, while troops are in garrison, employed separately or as part of Marine Air-Ground Task Force operations.

The 1st MLG consists of Headquarters and Service Battalion; 1st Supply Battalion; 1st Transportation Support Battalion; 7th Engineer Support Battalion; 1st Medical Battalion; 1st Dental Battalion; Marine Expeditionary Unit Marine Logistics groups 11, 13 and 15; Brigade Marine Logistics Group 1; Combat Marine Logistics Group 1 at MCAGCC, Twentynine Palms; Intermediate Maintenance Activity Detachment (IMA Det) at MCAS Miramar; and Combat Service Support Detachment at MCAS Yuma. The group headquarters is in the 14 Area, with elements of the group situated throughout Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.

In addition to providing the group headquarters, Headquarters and Service Battalion provides disbursing, postal and military police support to the Fleet Marine Force and communications support for the group.

Brigade Service Support Group 1 is located in the 14 Area and is the combat service support element of 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade. It also serves as the 1st MLG Forward Headquarters. It contains a full-time nucleus staff that, for exercises and operations, is augmented with personnel and equipment from each of 1st MLG’s battalions.

Combat Logistics Battalion 1 was created Dec. 18, 1998, as the 1st Transportation Support Battalion (TSB). It resulted from the merger of 7th Motor Transport Battalion and 1st Landing Support Battalion. CLB-1’s mission is to provide thorough output and distribution of supplies, personnel and equipment, as well as medium and heavy motor transport support to I MEF. This is accomplished through operational and tactical application of shore party, helicopter support teams, air delivery and airfield control groups. The battalion is in the 14 and 21 areas.

The 1st Maintenance Battalion provides intermediate-level maintenance support for Marine Corps-furnished tactical communications and electronics, engineer, general support, motor transport and ordnance equipment. Maintenance facilities are in Las Pulgas (43), Del Mar (21) and Chappo (22) areas. The 1st Supply Battalion supplies all classes of supply, except bulk fuel, required by I MEF. The Supply Activity Support System Management Unit, the heart of this operation, is with the other functional areas in the warehouse complex in the Chappo (22) Area.

The 7th Engineer Support Battalion is organized to provide general engineer support to I MEF. Its services include bath and laundry, water supply, mobile electric power, storage and distribution of bulk fuel, and explosive ordnance disposal support. The battalion is in the 14 Area.

In the late 1990s, 7th Motor Transport Battalion and 1st Landing Support Battalion combined to form 1st Transportation Support Battalion. On Oct. 21, 2005, 1st TSB was redesignated as Combat Logistics Battalion 1.

The 1st Medical Battalion is organized to provide collection, emergency treatment, temporary hospitalization, specialized surgery and evacuation of battle injuries. The battalion also coordinates preventive measures for control of disease. The battalion is in the Chappo (22) Area. The 1st Dental Battalion is charged with the dental health of I MEF personnel and provides specialized care for casualties. The 1st Dental Company, in the 22 Area, provides dental services through the 13 Area dental facility. Combat Logistics Regiment 1 provides combat service support to I MEF units based at Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command (MAGTFTC) and provides combat service support to MAGTFTC and other units as directed by the commanding general, 1st MLG. The maintenance facility is in Building 2000.


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