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21st Mission Support Group

21st Mission Support Group

Peterson Guide 2018 21space Wing 21st mission Support Group 


The 21 MSG provides civil engineering, contracting, cyber, logistics, personnel, security and services support for Peterson AFB, including the headquarters of NORAD/NORTHCOM, AFSPC, numerous mission partners, and for squadrons operating worldwide to execute their missile warning, missile defense and space control missions. The group provides world-class mission and quality-of-life support to a population of more than 50,000 military members, civilians, retirees, contractors and their families using Peterson AFB. In addition, the group provides expeditionary combat support personnel and equipment to our nation’s combatant commanders worldwide, supporting the projection of combat power by our nation’s premier air, space, cyber, ground, maritime and special operations forces. The 21 MSG is composed of warriors from six squadrons, all dedicated to protecting and caring for the Air Force’s most valuable resource — you!


The 21 CONS acquires, negotiates, awards and manages contracts directly supporting missile warning, space surveillance and space object identification for the 21st Space Wing and its geographically separated units around the world. Additionally, the squadron provides contract support to the wing’s mission partners, including HQ AFSPC, NORAD-USNORTHCOM, and the 302d Airlift Wing (Reserves). The squadron provides strategic contract support to other military installations along the Front Range, including the U.S. Air Force Academy, Cheyenne Mountain AFS, Schriever AFB, Buckley AFB, FE Warren AFB and Fort Carson. The squadron has an annual execution of more than $300 million of operational and specialized contracts and manages on-going contracts valued at above $5 billion in the form of more than 1,700 contract actions. The squadron is the largest CONS in AFSPC, and includes a detachment in Copenhagen, Denmark.


The 21 CES, consisting of more than 400 military, civilian and contractor personnel, manages and controls resources totaling more than $1.3 billion in real property, 479 facilities and about 1,300 acres of land at Peterson AFB, including HQs AFSPC, NORAD-USNORTHCOM, SMDC-ARSTRAT and the 302d AW. Support includes planning, programming, design, construction, operation and maintenance of facilities, utilities and real property installed equipment, military family housing services, snow removal, structural and aircraft fire protection, environmental quality and compliance, and base disaster response support. In addition, 21 CES provides civil engineering technical, programming, environmental and contract administration support to 21 SW’s geographically separated units as well as more than 50 major tenant and other units assigned to Peterson AFB. 21 CES maintains Prime BEEF mobility teams to support worldwide contingency operations. Other support includes operating and maintaining critical electrical and mechanical utility systems, which sustain crucial space missions, and providing explosive ordnance disposal support to Team Pete, the U.S. Secret Service, Fort Carson, Schriever AFB, Buckley AFB and local authorities.


The 21 SFS mission safeguards the people, property and resources on Peterson AFB and Colorado’s Front Range. The squadron maintains the second largest Air Force military working dog kennel in the United States and deploys combat-ready, warrior Airmen worldwide. The security forces desk can be reached at 719-556-4000 for routine business. For emergencies or to report a crime in progress, call 911 or Crime Stop at 719-556-4357.


The 21 LRS provides a complete spectrum of logistics services to Peterson AFB, Cheyenne Mountain AFS, Schriever AFB and missile warning, space surveillance and contract space communications units spread around the globe. They are responsible for all aspects of the 21 SW’s diverse deployment missions including planning and cargo movement operations, air terminal operations and ensuring safe and efficient refueling operations for all transient aircraft. The squadron manages the complex maintenance and operations requirements for the installation’s fleet of more than 540 motor vehicles and ensures accountability and appropriate issue of supply assets for 21 SW, 50 SW and all mission partners.


Supporting the Air Force’s commitment to information superiority, the 21 CS provides responsive communications, information, mission systems and postal support services to its customers at Peterson AFB and 21 SW locations around the globe. The 21 CS is responsible for the program support and maintenance of $79 million in communications and computer systems servicing more than 10,000 users at Peterson AFB. This includes equipping, training and providing personnel to operate and maintain a Milstar ground terminal, Land Mobile Radio systems for all AFSPC bases, telephone, network and computer systems and facilities supporting HQ NORAD/USNORTHCOM, HQ AFSPC, 21 SW and 23 worldwide GSUs and numerous Team Pete organizations. The squadron also provides COMSEC accounting, frequency spectrum management, cybersecurity, knowledge operations, records/publication management, and Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act support.


The 21 FSS is the largest, most diverse squadron in AFSPC. It boasts more than 600 people, 52 facilities and an annual operating budget of $2.3 million. 21 FSS programs, facilities and services enhance force readiness and installation esprit de corps. The staff strives to provide the best leisure and recreational services ranging from sports and fitness to outdoor adventure. 21 FSS also manages the transient quarters and lodging facilities and provides mortuary affairs services and honor guard teams. The squadron also keeps the military community informed of programs, activities and upcoming events through an informative website,, and the 21 FSS GOOD STUFF magazine, transitioning to a four-page monthly insert in the base newspaper. Patrons can subscribe to eNews, a popular opt-in/opt-out free service at and select to receive information based on their interests. Patrons can also follow FSS on Twitter at and can “Like” FSS on any of three Facebook pages listed in the widget box at the bottom of any 21 FSS website page. Finally, the squadron also manages the commercial sponsorship program, the only agency authorized to accept sponsorship revenue, advertising and donations. The commercial sponsorship coordinator can be reached at 719-556-4977 or DSN 834-4977.


The High Frontier Honor Guard fulfills a key role in the quality of life of active-duty, retiree and veteran families by providing final tribute for deceased military members on behalf of the president of the United States and the U.S. Air Force. The High Frontier Honor Guard performs its duties in 37 counties in Colorado and eight counties in western Kansas. The area of responsibility of the High Frontier Honor Guard extends from the Utah border to Colby, Kansas, and from the New Mexico border to Logan, Colorado. This area of about 93,000 square miles contains one national cemetery. The office is in Building 1465. Telephone 719-556-8228/3589. The office is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and is on call 24/7.

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