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Air Force Special Operations Training Center

Air Force Special Operations Training Center

An MC-130J Commando II lands on the flightline at Hurlburt Field, Fla.


The Air Force Special Operations Training Center is a primary subordinate unit of Air Force Special Operations Command. Established as a provisional group in March 2008, awaiting initial stand-up in fall 2008, the AFSOC will consist of a single commander task organized to recruit, assess, select, indoctrinate and train AFSOC personnel. AFSOC was created to align AFSOC training functions in a training organization to allow operational units to focus on warfighting. This includes conducting the MAJCOMs Training Transformation and the Joint National Training Capability Program Execution Plan. This center transforms Airmen into Air Commandos at the individual through the Joint Task Force-level.

The AFSOTC will be the command proponent for all mission qualification training for AC-130H/U, MC-130W, U-28, Aviation Foreign Internal Defense, Nonstandard Aviation (NSA), Special Tactics and ISR exploitation mission areas. Future actions include the establishment of a unit at Cannon Air Force Base, N.M.

Provisionally, the AFSOTC consists of the U.S. Air Force Special Operations School, the Advanced Skills Training Center and Special Tactics Recruitment, Combat Aviation Advisor training and AC-130H/U Gunship Training. The USAFSOS prepares special operations Airmen to successfully plan, organize and execute global special operations by providing indoctrination and education for AFSOC, other U.S. Special Operations Command components and joint/interagency/coalition partners. USAFSOS turns skilled Airmen into special operators.

The Advanced Skills Training Center trains special tactics skill-sets to Battlefield Airmen: Combat Controllers, Pararescue and Special Operations Weather Team personnel. The center provides Special Tactics Squadrons with combat ready CCT 5-skill level personnel. The AST enables Special Tactics Forces worldwide to provide airmanship expertise and establish and control the air-to-ground interface in an objective area. Combat Aviation Advisors advise foreign forces in rotary- and fixed-wing combat aviation, maintenance, base support, security and tactics. CAA personnel complete a demanding training and education curriculum intended to produce foreign language proficient, regionally-oriented, politically astute and culturally aware aviation advisory experts. The training curriculum provides extensive indoctrination in advanced field-craft skills (force protection and personal survival), instructional skills, riskmanagement and safety. CAA training and advisory capabilities in the employment arena include airpower applications, tactical employment and mission planning.

AFSOC’s formal school for AC-130H, AC-130U, MC-130Wtraining and mission rehearsal is conducted at the AFSOTC. Leading the way in providing innovative solutions across the full spectrum of Joint Combat and Contingency Training and Mission Preview/Rehearsal requirements, the school is the Air Force’s most advanced Weapons Instruction and Mission Rehearsal unit. Revolutionary training in close air support, air interdiction, force protection, aerial refueling, airdrops and aerial resupply provide the SOF community the world’s leading mission rehearsal and training capability, preparing SOF warriors for combat.

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