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Naval Branch Health Clinic (NBHC) Belle Chasse, in Building 41 at NAS JRB New Orleans, is one of 10 branch health clinics under the Naval Hospital Pensacola, Florida network.

Members assigned to the clinic provide primary care outpatient, wellness, dental and supporting health care services for more than 20,000 eligible beneficiaries stationed throughout the greater New Orleans area. Emergency, surgical and hospital care and many other specialty services are provided through the civilian network via coverage from TRICARE — Humana South health agencies.

Hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. The clinic is closed on federal holidays.

Drilling Reservists may also have access on the day of their drill for physicals and acute health care. Selected Reserve providers, including flight surgeons, augment the Navy Operational Support Center’s full-time support medical staff on monthly drill weekends to provide physical health assessments and physical examinations. Patients who are in a drill status Monday through Friday may bring a copy of their official muster sheet and be seen for illnesses or injuries that interfere with performance during the drill period.

Reservists on orders for 31 days or more must update their DEERS status to enroll for TRICARE Prime or Remote and to gain access for dependents. Those activated for fewer than 31 days must present a copy of their orders upon check-in.

Administrative Services

Internal administrative services support the requirements of the health care departments and their operations.

Behavioral Health

The goal of the clinic’s behavioral health staff is to provide treatment within the clinic with the staff psychiatrist and licensed counselor whenever possible. If necessary, the clinic will facilitate treatment and continuation of care by consult entry and direct contact with TRICARE and civilian providers. The clinic also strives to provide mental health awareness education to the base in concert with local Fleet and Family Support Center counselors.

Anyone with urgent behavioral health concerns should visit or call 800-342-9647.

Case Management

The Case Management office, available for active-duty service members, their spouses and children, provides assistance in coordinating care for routine and catastrophic mental health cases, including network utilization of addiction and inpatient services.

To discuss the need for case management please send a secure message to your provider using


The Branch Dental Clinic is available for routine exams, comprehensive dentistry care and dental hygiene. Hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

NBHC dental serves all active-duty members and Reservists on active-duty orders for greater than 30 days. To schedule a dental visit, please call 504-678-7965.

After-hours emergencies should be seen at the nearest emergency room.

Health Benefits

The managed care department is ready to assist with enrollment, medical billing issues and referrals for all of its beneficiaries. The Health Benefit Advisers (HBAs) are focused on training everyone to take ownership of their health care benefits. The principal means for accessing these benefits is through TRICARE South, 800-444-5445 or by visiting

The HBAs can facilitate referrals, acting as a liaison obtaining referral approval and the civilian network partner (TRICARE/Humana), to obtain the referred service in the local healthcare network. Most non-urgent referral services can be accomplished at or by calling 800-444-5445.

To reach the managed care department, call 504-678-3660, option 5, between 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Health Promotion Department

The department provides innovative and evidence-based health promotion programs and services that promote lifelong healthy behaviors and lifestyles. Services include counseling with smoking cessation, healthy nutrition, managing high blood pressure, managing blood sugar, lowering cholesterol and more. Classes include Tobacco Cessation, ShipShape (the Navy’s official intervention program for weight management), Weight Management (includes exercise recommendations) and Sleep Management. Individual and group counseling at individual commands can be arranged on a wide variety of health-related subjects by appointment.

Call 504-678-7912 for more information.


The laboratory provides services for the beneficiaries of NBHC Belle Chasse. The staff collects samples for routine and specialty testing and prepares them for transport to outside reference testing centers.

Questions concerning available services can be answered by calling 504-678-7950/8005.

Medical Home Port

Medical Home Port Primary Care Managers (PCMs) provide comprehensive care and preventive medical services, with nearly 6,000 patients enrolled in the PCMs in Medical Home Port. PCMs are concerned with preventing illness, ensuring patients receive recommended health exams and taking care of patients when they are unwell. If patients require specialty care, the patient’s PCM will generate a referral. A behavioral health specialist (psychologist) is also available through PCMs or by self-referral to evaluate and treat behavioral and emotional health concerns.

All medical care is scheduled by appointment. Use the Patient Portal to book all appointments at If an appropriate appointment is not available, please send a secure message to the PCM using the Patient Portal at or call 504-678-7914 or 504-678-7915.

Patients with emergency concerns should call 911 or go to the nearest emergency department.

Medical Readiness

The Medical Readiness team is the other primary access point for regular medical care. This team is principally concerned with Military Readiness exams including aviation medicine, audiology, overseas screening, flight physicals, PHAs, separation/retirement/commissioning screenings.

Service members stationed locally who desire an appointment for their PHA, suitability screening, flight physicals, overseas screenings or other similar evaluations should email the Readiness Center at with their DOD ID number and a phone number in which they can be reached. The phone number for this section is 504-678-3660, option 8.

Medical Records

All health care records for beneficiaries are maintained on-site by military instruction.

Navy medicine is hard at work digitizing every health care encounter into the electronic medical record. Records should be turned in when checking in to commands and enrolling with the Branch Health Clinic, and any hard-copy medical encounters in the civilian network should similarly be turned in (otherwise it won’t exist in the official electronic record). People may receive a courtesy copy of their electronic medical record; call ahead for notification and an appointment: 504-678-7905/7944.

When receiving care from a non-military provider, please have all treatment notes faxed to 504-678-7974 for scanning into electronic medical records.


NBHC Belle Chasse offers full routine eye exams and contact prescription exams for active-duty members and Reservists. Dependents are seen on a space-available basis. Active-duty, Reserve and retired members may order eyeglasses.

Appointments may be made by speaking with an optometry technician at 504-678-7927.
No emergency care is available. Hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.


The pharmacy stocks medication via Navy Medicine formulary guidance with input from Naval Hospital Pensacola and based on local requirements — not all civilian prescription or other military prescription orders can be filled. To avoid inconvenience when attempting to fill a prescription, review the clinic’s formulary in advance on the Express Scripts website at Pharmacy hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

For refills of previously filled medications, please call 888-513-4164 10 days in advance. All refills arrive at NBHC Belle Chasse Pharmacy from Naval Hospital Pensacola. Patients should allow 10 days for medication to be refilled.

Physical Therapy

The NBHC Belle Chasse physical therapy department provides outpatient physical therapy services to active-duty personnel and their dependents with musculoskeletal and neuromuscular pathologies and Tricare Prime retirees ages 18 to 64. Services include examination, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment plans and prognosis. Treatment is administered through manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, modalities (moist hot packs, cryotherapy, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, iontophoresis, kinesio taping and traction) to decrease pain, improve range of motion and strength and return the patient to the prior level or maximum level of function. Hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday. A referral from a Primary Care Manager (PCM) is required for all physical therapy (PT) services. For physical therapy inquiries, dial 504-678-3660, option 3.


Belle Chasse Radiology’s mission is to care for all basic X-ray needs with state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology to better identify problems such as bone spurs, shin splints and fractures. The goal is to assist patients along the road to recovery with greater speed and efficiency.

For additional Information, including digital copies of exams performed at the lab, call 504-678-7939.

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