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18th Medical Command (Deployment Support)

18th Medical Command (Deployment Support)

Pacific Health 18th Medical Command Deployment Support



The 18th Medical Command (Deployment Support), also known as 18th MEDCOM, located at Fort Shafter, Hawaii, serves as the operational arm for Army Health Systems throughout the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.

The 18th MEDCOM (DS) assumes the role of medical mission command in support of combatant commanders during deployment operations as well as during humanitarian aid and disaster relief operations throughout the Indo-Asian Pacific region. By working closely with host nation leaders, non-governmental organizations and joint service medical professionals, the 18th MEDCOM provides the necessary assets to ensure medical treatment providers have every opportunity to accomplish their mission.

It is also the responsibility of the Pacific Knights, in conjunction with U.S. Army Pacific Command (USPACOM), to participate in training exercises throughout the Pacific each year. These exercises are designed to broaden host nation relations and assist with ongoing healthcare initiatives in that particular area. In many cases, the Pacific Knights coordinate with the U.S. Army Reserve and the Army National Guard to provide medical personnel to serve as part of subject matter expert exchanges, community health engagements and emergency combat casualty care instructors at a variety of levels.

Each day, the Soldiers of the 18th MEDCOM train and prepare to execute their mission. Whether it be in support of one of our more than 40 host nation partners, on a neighboring island or in support of contingency operations; the Pacific Knights remain ready.


The 18th MEDCOM (DS) executes mission command of the Army Health System in support of unified land operations in a joint, interagency, intergovernmental and multinational operational environment in order to contribute to a stable and secure USAPACOM area of responsibility; on-order, provide command and control for assigned or attached units.


A mission-ready team of professionals providing health system support in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.


  • Medical Mission Command

Provides mission command, administrative assistance, and technical supervision of assigned and attached medical units. Conducts mission command for multiple medical units by way of Medical Response Package (MRP), Joint Medical Operations Element (JMOE), Operational Command Post (OCP).

  • Hospitalization/ Treatment

Army Healthcare Systems synchronization as part of the theater-wide system for managing sick, injured and wounded patients. Theater hospitalization and treatment are synchronized by way of Joint Theater Trauma System (JTTS) and Wartime Host Nation Hospital (WHNS).

  • Theater Evacuation

Coordinate with USAF Theater Patient Movement Requirements Center (TPMRC) for medical reporting/regulating.

  • Medical Intelligence

Provide the medical threat analysis and medical intelligence support to higher headquarters by way of USARPAC G2 Intelligence Working Group.

  • Medical Logistics

Coordinate/Synchronize full spectrum medical logistics (maintenance, opto, blood, CL VIII, etc); Can Execute Single Integrated Medical Logistics Manager (SIMLM) when directed.

  • Force Health Protection

Publishes Force Health Protection Guidance through weekly reports to USARPAC Surgeon Office.

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