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U.S. Army Dental Activity (DENTAC), Fort Carson

U.S. Army Dental Activity (DENTAC), Fort Carson

Ft Carson_2019 Units U.S. Army Dental Activity (DENTAC), Fort Carson

Camp Carson was opened in February 1942. Health care support to include dental was provided to the installation via a station hospital which was activated in June of the same year. At that time, the senior dental officer reported directly to the installation commander. In 1969, with the establishment of the Medical Department Activity (MEDDAC), the senior dental officer was designated as the director of Dental Services and reported to the hospital commander. On March 24, 1978, the Dental Health Activity (DENTAC) as it exists today was established. The DENTAC commander is again directly responsible to the local installation commanding general.

The DENTAC’s mission is to provide warrior-focused oral health with an exceptional team of professionals; dedicated to excellence and unified in service. The DENTAC’s vision is to be “America’s Leader in Warrior Centered Oral Health.”

Physically, the DENTAC is spread over six different structures. In addition to the headquarters area, there are five dental clinics: the Oral Surgery Clinic and Dental Clinic #2, located in Evans Army Community Hospital, Smith Dental Clinic, Larson Dental Clinic and Dental Clinic #1.

The DENTAC provides advanced training in general dentistry through a one-year program for up to eight residents. The Mountain Post has four dental officers directly assigned to the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team and 10th Special Forces Group.

The Dental Activity provides the full complement of diagnostic care, treatment, and consultation services to the active-duty Soldiers of the Mountain Post.

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