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Fort Indiantown Gap has continued to invest in the ranges throughout the years. The ranges are able to accommodate small arms through aerial bombing training runs. We employ a top-notch range maintenance section, and, as a result, the reliability of our targetry out on the ranges is second to none. The range system has both specialized ranges, allowing operators to sharpen their skills, and multipurpose ranges that maximize training time by decreasing logistical constraints. Nearly all of our ranges come equipped with towers, PA systems, latrines and break areas. Units may schedule ranges by calling one of the training professionals at FTIG Range Scheduling at 717-861-2204 or through RFMSS at

Automated Target System (ATS)

FTIG provides multiple ranges on different weapons platforms with electronic targetry and computer scoring, including standard M-16, pistol qualification, our new sniper range and machine gun ranges.

Individual Weapons System

We offer numerous ranges suitable for zero, qualification and familiarization on pistols, rifles and shotguns, including ranges 03, 05A, 07, 08Q, 08Z, 09Q, 09Z, 10Z, 11Q, 13, 13A, 14, 14A, 15 and 16. Automated scoring and NBC fire and night fire are also available on most of the qualification ranges.

Additionally, specialized ranges are available to support the following types of training: short-range marksmanship — Range 05; combat pistol manual control lifter TGTS — Range 4; and military police qualification — Range 17, suitable for live-fire shoots. Known distance ranges are located at Range 08A and Range 12A. Range 6 is a scaled gunnery range with known and unknown distance.

Virtual training is also available for individual weapons systems on the Engagement Skills Trainer (EST); please see the section on Virtual Training for more information.

Sniper/Unit Marksmen

Range 37 offers a 1,000-meter known distance range with a remote enhanced targeting system that allows for 5.56, 7.62 and 25 mm ammunition.

Crew Served

Fort Indiantown Gap’s Range 35, multipurpose machine gun range, is an automated range out to 800 meters for the M-240, M-249 or M-60 zero and qualification. Range 36 provides automated scoring for M-2/MK19 zero and qualification. Familiarization on crew-served weapons is allowed on some of the multipurpose ranges.

Virtual training is also available for crew-served weapons systems on the EST and Fire Arms Training System (FATS). For more information, please see the section on Virtual Training.

Hand Grenades and Grenade Launcher

Range 23D and Range 2 are familiarization and qualification ranges for the M203 and the newer M320 grenade launchers. Ranges 31 and 20 are urban operations ranges where the firer engages targets with the M203 or M320 with 40MM TP-T and 5.56 mm rounds. Range 23A is the live hand grenade range.

Explosives and Demolition Sites

Engineers and other units can train on designated sites Demo B or D or can hone their skills at the Live Fire Breach Exercise facility at Range 33. Please see the section on Collective and Urban Operations Training Sites for more information.

Anti-tank Weapons Systems

Fort Indiantown Gap supports the following weapons systems on the following ranges: AT4, LAW and SMAW on Range 23C; Inert TOW on Range 24B; and the Javelin on Range 38. Tables available vary based on the weapon system.

Indirect Fire

The installation supports live artillery and mortar fire in the range corridor, including the Paladin weapons system. Multiple firing points are available. Virtual training on artillery and mortar systems is available on the Call for Fire Trainer (CFFT) and Virtual Battlespace 3 (VBS3). Please see the section on Virtual Training for more information.

Aerial Gunnery

Range 23 Door is dedicated to air-to-ground live fire training on M-60D and AH-1 helicopters using 7.62 mm MG, 20 mm TP, 30 mm TP and 2.75-inch inert rocket. Virtual training on aviation attack missions is available for pilots on the Aviation Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (AVCATT); please see the section on Virtual Training for more information.

Close Air Support

Joint operations may be coordinated with the Pennsylvania Air National Guard for air-to-ground bombing within the impact area. Coordinate with FTIG Range Operations.

Virtual training on close air support is available on the CFFT. Please see the section on Virtual Training for more information.

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