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Boca Chica Facilities

Boca Chica Facilities

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Airlanes Bowling Center

Located in Building A-337, the Airlanes Bowling Center is the only bowling facility in the Lower Keys. Airlanes features 10 bowling lanes, a pool table, big screen TVs and computers with internet access/WiFi. The Runway Grill is also located in the center and has food and beverages, including a full-service bar, and can support group gatherings. For more information, call 305-293-2976.

Auto Skills Center

Located in Building A-730, the Auto Skills Center features a wide variety of automotive services with a friendly staff to assist you. The shop also has tools and covered bays for the do-it-yourselfers. For more information, call 305-293-2615.

Boca Chica Marina

The Boca Chica Marina is located on Midway Avenue. The marina has a beautiful sandy beach, a screened cabana, tiki huts and a picnic area. Navigator’s Bar and Grill, a full-service restaurant and bar, is also located at the marina. Mooring and dockage are available. For more information or to arrange a group event, please call 305-293-2402/2468.

Landing Zone Resource Center

The Landing Zone Resource Center is located at Building A-711. The center is home to MWR Marketing, and the graphics section offering a variety of services, including custom T-shirts, plaques, mugs, fliers and business cards. The center sells NAS Key West embroidered golf shirts, T-shirts, hats and more. For more information, call 305-293-2884.

Fitness Center

Located in Building A-4165, the Boca Chica Fitness Center provides a variety of cardio and weight machines as well as free weights, instructional classes, fitness assessments, sauna facilities and intramural sports programs. For information, call the athletic office at 305-293-2480.

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