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Fort Polk Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here
Fort Polk Weather: What To Expect When Moving HereFort Polk Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here

Fort Polk Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here


Fort Polk weather might be a shock to anyone who isn’t used to such a humid climate. If you live in a place with dry heat, or somewhere covered by a winter wonderland 24/7, the humidity here might melt your face off at first. Most of the days will be comfortable and won’t require layering up or taking special precautions. Spring and fall are very pleasant, with the occasional outlier day where it rains or is colder than average. It rains most often in June, but December gets the most inches of rain on any given day. If you were coming here hoping to throw the occasional snowball or two, well then you’re out of luck.

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Fort Polk Weather in the Spring


High: 80’s
Low: 50’s

Spring weather at Fort Polk is pretty comfortable. With average temperatures ranging between 50 and 80 degrees, you’ll most likely find the temperature very agreeable from day to day. The humidity begins to assert itself in April, but it’s nothing like the coming months of summer, and shouldn’t be at all uncomfortable until it begins to get hotter. The wind speed peaks in March average around 4.9 MPH, so expect a nice breeze to take off the edge of that approaching humidity. It’ll be cloudy often, as it’s mostly cloudy about half the time in the spring season. It rains an average of 4 inches per month in spring as well. You’ll have about 12 hours of daylight each day in the spring months, with sunrise occurring at 0700 on average.

Fort Polk Weather in the Summer


High: Low 90s
Low: Mid-70s

Summer at Fort Polk is hot and humid. On the high end of the spectrum, temperatures will rise to just under 100 degrees on certain days. You can expect low 90s on most hot days. On the low end, you’re looking at the mid-70s, and it doesn’t get much cooler than that. Nice warm mornings turn into hot afternoons and last until nightfall. It would be a comfortable environment for many, if it weren’t for the drenching humidity that covers you in sweat from sunrise to sunset. The humidity is going to be intense a majority of the time. On a few days here and there it’ll be outright miserable. Expect to be fully moist for a good part of every day. Cloud coverage is heavy in early summer and fairly constant throughout. June is very wet, but the precipitation backs off and surrenders to the crisper fall air. You might see 3 inches of rain on a wet day in the summer. The rays of the sun will shine on you for over 14 hours in the summer months, with sunrise around 0600 and sunset coming in close to 2030.

Fort Polk Weather in the Fall


High: High 70’s
Low: Mid 50’s

Fall is much more tolerable, with temperatures falling into the 50s and 60s, and reaching into the 70s on some days, with an occasional day in the low 80s through October. The truly hot days disappear after September. And so do the clouds, with the clearest days coming throughout the fall months. The chance of rain also falls from the high point during the summer and settles around a low of 23% in October. Daylight creeps back down to 12 hours. You can expect sunrise during the fall just before 0800 and sunset around 1800. The oppressive humidity doesn’t vanish completely, creeping up here and there, though the number of days you’ll be melting while standing still will be far less than they were in the summer. It will actually be pretty comfortable most days, with the temperatures falling and the humidity feeling reasonable. Windy days start to pick up a bit going into the winter and will blow away any excess sweat leftover from the really humid days.

Fort Polk Weather in the Winter


High: High 50’s
Low: Low 40s

Winter isn’t ever exceptionally cold. The lowest lows can reach just below freezing, but this won’t happen very often. You’ll mostly see lows in the 40s. A normal down or down-alternative coat will more than suffice. Crazily enough, it can also reach into the 70s over the winter, though this isn’t exactly normal. Expect mostly cool days, with some fairly cold mornings springing up throughout January. The clouds come back in the winter months and will be with you about 50% of the time. It might be bleak and dreary, but you won’t need to bundle up so tight that you cut off circulation. There’s a 30% chance of rain in the winter, and on rainy days you can expect a high of over 5 inches of precipitation. This is the most amount of rain you’re going to see over the course of the year. The possibility of snow though is as nonexistent as mathematically possible. This is to say that while it’s technically possible, it’s much more likely to happen in your dreams.

Field & Training Expectations

For most of the year, field and training are going to be fairly tolerable. Conditions will be comfortable enough that environmental issues won’t present an extra obstacle to your daily activities. Summer will be your greatest challenge, with the temperatures rising and the humidity pressing in. Some days will be downright slog. Your clothes will likely soak through with sweat, and you’ll need to take care of your skin and any part of you that might rub against something else. Use talcum powder and lotion up, and drink plenty of water to replace what you’re sweating out. In the winter, a couple of layers will probably do you just fine. The days never get extreme enough to need more than that, especially during physical activity.


The heat and the humidity might knock you out if you aren’t used to this type of climate. If you’re a big friend of snow and the cold north, then Fort Polk weather might be a surprise to you. You can adapt by staying hydrated and taking cold showers, and making sure to pace yourself. Take solace in the fact that the majority of the year will be pretty nice. Just watch out for those Fort Polk summers.


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