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Welcome to Naval Station Mayport, Florida, one of three major Navy installations in the Jacksonville area. Mayport is unique in that it is home to a busy seaport as well as an air facility. At Mayport, we sustain and enhance warfighter readiness by providing support to the fleet and to Sailors. We are the “Finest Service to the Finest Fleet.”

Since its commissioning in December 1942, Naval Station Mayport has grown to become the third-largest fleet concentration area in the United States. Mayport’s operational composition is unique, with a busy basin capable of accommodating 34 ships and an 8,000-foot runway capable of handling any aircraft in the Department of Defense inventory.

With more than 3,400 acres, the naval station is host to more than 70 tenant commands including 19 naval ships, the USCGS Valiant (WMEC 621), Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 40, 46, 48 and Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light 60. Naval Station Mayport is also the operational and training headquarters for the SH-60R Seahawk LAMPS MK III with a primary mission of anti-submarine warfare.

The base is at the mouth of the St. Johns River and the Atlantic Ocean near the small fishing village of Mayport, Florida, and near Atlantic Beach, Florida. The warm climate here makes it ideal for outdoor recreation year-round, including boating, camping, fishing and water sports. Although Jacksonville has nearly 1 million residents, including 225,000 with Navy affiliation, the population is spread over a large geographic area, providing ample residential areas.

This guide will serve as a ready reference for the many services available at Naval Station Mayport and the Jacksonville area. For more information, access the naval station’s home page on the World Wide Web at www.cnic.navy.mil/mayport.


Moving from family, friends and familiar surroundings can be frightening and stressful. Planning ahead can make your move to Jacksonville easier.

When you receive your orders, make an appointment with the Personal Property Office at your current station. They can explain the different shipping options you have and ease some of the headaches of moving.

To ensure a place for your family to stay for the first few days, consider making reservations in advance at the Navy Lodge or a local motel. There are several motels close to Naval Station Mayport. The Navy Lodge is on base between the Ocean Breeze Conference Center and the swimming pool. Reservations may be made by those under orders by calling 904-247-3964 or 800-NAVY-INN or by mail to: Navy Lodge, Naval Station Mayport, Mayport, FL 32228. Be sure to include your expected arrival date (check in from 3 to 6 p.m.) and enclose a copy of your orders.


The following is a checklist of things you should do before moving day:

  • Notify the post office of your forwarding address.
  • Send change of address cards to magazines, credit card companies and others as needed.
  • Stop any home delivery services and settle bills.
  • Notify utility companies.
  • Transfer insurance on cars, homes, etc., and check to see if personal possessions are covered during the move.
  • Notify your children’s schools of the move, and arrange to get or forward their school records.
  • Get records from any private doctors or dentists.

Remember — hand carry important documents you will need upon arrival such as birth certificates for your children to register for child care or school. If seeking employment, bring school transcripts, an updated resume or SF171, professional certifications or licenses, proof of car insurance, family immunization records, pet registration licenses and letters of credit from previous utility companies in order to waive utility deposits. Navy Federal Credit Union offers the Utility Deposit Guarantee Program; for $30 per utility they will issue a certificate to members that can be used in lieu of a deposit.



The base is at the end of Mayport Road. To get here from the north, take Interstate 95 south to the Interstate 295 exit. Get off on Atlantic Boulevard and go east until you cross the Intracoastal Waterway. After crossing the waterway, take the Naval Station Mayport exit; it will be on the right. After merging you will be on Mayport Road; continue for approximately 5 miles; you will approach the naval station’s main gate.

From the south, take Interstate 95 north to J. Turner Butler Boulevard. Go east to the San Pablo exit and turn left. Go across Beach Boulevard, and turn right onto Atlantic Boulevard. After crossing the Intracoastal Waterway, follow the aforementioned directions.

From Interstate 10 east, continue to Interstate 95 south. Exit at U.S. Highway 90 (Beaches) until it splits into Atlantic Boulevard and Beach Boulevard. Take Atlantic Boulevard and follow the aforementioned directions.


Jacksonville International Airport, 35 miles northwest of the naval station, services most major airlines. Taxi and limousine services are available from the airport to the naval station. Fares range from $25 to $42. If you are traveling under orders, the fare is reimbursable, but you must get a receipt from the taxi driver and submit it with your travel claim. If you have any problems, you may call the naval station’s quarterdeck using the toll-free courtesy phone at the information desk in the baggage claim area. Dial 904-270-5401 for the quarterdeck.


Greyhound Bus services are at 10 N. Pearl St. in downtown Jacksonville near the BellSouth Tower. Dial 904-356-9976 for information. Local buses or taxis provide transportation from downtown to the base. The Jacksonville Transportation Authority bus information telephone number is 904-630-3100. Amtrak also provides limited service in the Jacksonville area. Amtrak’s toll-free number is 800-872-7245.


Temporary base visitor passes are issued at the Pass and Decal office in the security building just outside the main gate.

The base quarterdeck is in Naval Station Headquarters Building 1 (on Massey Avenue across from Navy Federal Credit Union). Personnel with PCS orders to Naval Station Mayport should report here on arrival. Those reporting to a tenant command should report to that command’s quarterdeck. Personnel ordered to a ship should report directly to their ship if in port. If the ship is not in, check in with the naval station’s quarterdeck for assistance; phone 904-270-5401.


One base van runs daily from Naval Station Mayport Branch Health Clinic to Naval Hospital Jacksonville. For more information, call 904-270-4303.


You must be in uniform when checking in. Service Dress Blue is universally accepted as a travel uniform and may be worn at check-in, regardless of the season.


The Security Office is in Building 1591, just inside the main gate. The pass and ID office, located on the right just prior to the main gate in Building 1983, assists newly reporting personnel and visitors with information, station decals or visitor passes. A valid driver’s license, proof of automobile insurance and vehicle registration are required to receive a visitor’s pass. The following may answer some of your security questions prior to arrival.


If you are on active duty, you may drive in Florida without getting a Florida driver’s license, provided you have a valid license from another state. However, if you or your spouse claim Florida’s homestead exemption or you, your spouse or child become employed here, you must obtain a Florida driver’s license. Licenses must be obtained within 30 days of these actions. A new license costs $25 and is valid for six years. License renewal is $54.25, and replacement cost is $31.25.

When registering your vehicle, only personnel who have home state driver’s licenses and car registrations are exempt from licensing themselves and their cars in Florida. Florida does have a special reduced auto registration fee for drivers who do not intend to establish Florida as their home of record. To get the reduced rate, take a copy of your orders to a local tag agency. For more information, call 904-630-1916 for the tax collector’s office (car tag) and 904-858-6940 for the Department of Motor Vehicles for title and registration information.


Both the Financial Responsibility Law and the No-Fault Law require insurance coverage. Minimum coverage required is $10,000 bodily injury liability, $20,000 bodily injury to two or more persons, $10,000 property damage liability or $30,000 combined single limits. To protect yourself and others, carry liability insurance on any vehicle you own or drive, including motorcycles. The vehicle must be insured at the time the vehicle is registered in your name, even if the car is inoperable or in storage. If you cancel your insurance, you must surrender your tag and registration to the nearest driver’s license office.


All military and civilian personnel assigned to duty or employed at Naval Station Mayport will, within 30 days of reporting aboard the station, register their privately owned vehicles with the Security Department Pass/Decal Identification Vehicle Registration Branch, in Building 1983. This requirement includes vehicles of personnel transferring into Mayport from other installations with valid DOD decals issued by the previous duty station.


Occupants of all motor vehicles operating on base and in the state of Florida are required to wear safety belts. Gate sentries are authorized and directed to inform personnel of this requirement prior to allowing entry to the base. Station police are authorized to issue traffic citations for violations.

In accordance with Florida statutes:

  • Every operator of a motor vehicle, while transporting a child in a passenger car, van or truck on the roadways, streets or highways of this state, will, if the child is 5 years or younger, provide for the protection of the child by properly using a crash-tested, federally approved child restraint. For children through 3 years of age, the restraint device must be a separate carrier. For children ages 4 and 5, a separate carrier or seat belt must be used.
  • Personnel who cannot wear seat belts due to a medical condition shall have in their possession a certified doctor’s statement for presentation to law enforcement personnel, stating that a condition exists that precludes their wearing seat belts.
  • Personnel who wish to operate a vintage motor vehicle on base shall have appropriately installed seat belts, regardless of antique status, personal convenience or preference.


All traffic accidents, regardless of severity, occurring on station will be reported to the Security Department, 904-270-5583. Please DO NOT move any involved vehicle from place of occurrence or damage until base police or security officers arrive at the scene.


Bicycle riders will obey all traffic regulations, traffic control devices and speed limits when operating a bicycle on station streets, roadways and designated bike paths. Bike riding on station streets is permitted. However, station sidewalks are designated as bike paths and are recommended for bike users where feasible. Bicycles used for both day and night riding must be equipped with a white front light, a white front reflector, a red taillight and a red rear reflector visible for 600 feet at night. Bikes not equipped with front and rear lights are restricted to use from sunrise to sunset hours only (as published in the station Plan of the Week). In any case, all bikes are required to have front and rear reflectors. All personnel, including family members, riding a bicycle on a DOD installation or on associated family housing areas must wear an ANSI- or Snell Memorial Foundation-approved bicycle safety helmet. Bicyclists should dismount and walk bikes across crosswalks when riding on the naval station.


No person on roller skates, in-line skates, or riding in or by means of any coaster, toy vehicle or similar device may go upon any roadway except while crossing a street at a crosswalk; when so crossing such person shall be granted all rights and shall be subject to all of the duties applicable to pedestrians. Personnel will wear an ANSI-approved helmet and light-colored clothing. During restricted visibility conditions, reflective clothing shall be worn. Elbow pads, kneepads and gloves are strongly recommended.


Dangerous weapons are defined as any firearm, including blank guns; explosive devices, including fireworks; compressed air- or gas-powered guns; metallic knuckles; blackjacks; billy clubs; ax handles; metal pipe; shurikens; nunchucks; any knife which, when opened, fully extends more than 6 inches in length; all quick-opening knives of the switch or spring type, regardless of blade length; or any knife other than an ordinary pocket knife, larger than 3.5 inches in the closed position. Dangerous weapons shall also include short chain lengths, weighted hoses, straight razors or weapons made utilizing razor blades as part of the weapon, bows and arrows, and spear and blow guns. All such items are strictly prohibited on Naval Station Mayport. Sheath knives or buck knives in a scabbard may be worn while actually engaged in work requiring their use but may never be carried in a concealed manner or carried away from the work site on the user’s person. Knives for use in work, fishing or any other authorized purpose shall be kept in a locked box or in the trunk of a vehicle when being transported within the naval station. Fleet and station personnel who keep firearms in their respective armories or in Navy Housing must register firearms with the Security Department Pass and ID Office (Building 1983). When removing weapons from the installation for hunting, target practice, etc., the Security Department must be notified prior to departing or returning to the station.


Routine fishing aboard the station is NOT open to the general public. Only persons holding a valid military ID card, active duty and retired, their dependents or U.S. civil service employees and their bona fide guests may fish in authorized areas aboard the station. A state of Florida fishing license is required to fish in Lake Wonderwood. Children under the age of 10 must have adult supervision while fishing.


Residents of Privatized Navy Family Housing are permitted small caged birds and fish in aquariums of 50 gallons or less. Residents of Ribault Bay Village, Marsh Cove and Bennett Shores are limited to two other pets (dogs or cats). See the housing office for information on restricted breeds. The privilege of keeping pets in housing shall be contingent upon the owner ensuring the pet is not a nuisance to others and does not destroy the property of others or the government. Dogs and cats shall receive annual rabies vaccinations. All dogs and cats shall be vaccinated and registered with the naval station’s Security ID Office (Building 1983). To help readily identify lost dogs and cats, pet owners are required to have a microchip implanted into their domestic dog or cat at the on-base veterinary treatment facility. A nominal fee will be required to facilitate this procedure. In addition, residents are required to register animals with the city of Jacksonville, and the animal must wear a vaccination tag. When pets are outside, they must be tethered or on a leash and supervised by an adult family member at all times. All animals must be kept inside the home when the owner is not at the home. Pet owners must always clean up pet wastes. Residents are prohibited from keeping exotic pets (e.g., pigeons, doves, poultry, large birds, wild animals, raccoons, rats, mice, snakes, rabbits, etc.). Pets are allowed on the beach provided they are on a leash. No pets of any kind are permitted in Unaccompanied Housing.

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