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Fort Bliss Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here
Fort Bliss WeatherFort Bliss Weather

Fort Bliss Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here


Out in the west Texas town of El Paso, you’ll find a climate that you’ll learn to love. Just about 10 miles from the Mexico border, Fort Bliss is a little blessed, mainly because the desert and mountains near the U.S. Army’s largest training area help modify annual extremes. But you’ll never forget you’re in Texas when a big thunderstorm hits, usually during the brief-but-powerful summer monsoon season.

So saddle up to experience a wide range of temperatures — perhaps even snow — in your new home!

Seasonal Temperatures

Fort Bliss is nestled in the northeast corner of El Paso, which is affectionately known as “The Sun City.” The nickname is with good reason: The sun shines 302 days per year on average, according to the National Weather Service. And while the arid, windy climate of the Chihuahuan Desert helps keep humidity at bay, those same conditions have the potential to kick up dust and lower visibility.


High temps: Mid 60s to mid 70s
Low temps: Mid 40s to low 50s

Spring is a time of clear, blue-bird days with only mild cloud coverage. Perhaps it’s because high spring winds herd the clouds out of the skies. Mild temps and sunny days make spring the ideal time for outdoor activities or hosting visitors. Even so, sunscreen and protective clothing will be wise choices wherever you go outdoors. Layered clothing will help you shed heat in mid-day, but you’ll want that jacket later when the sun goes down.

Fort Bliss Summer Weather


High temps: Upper 90s
Low temps: Low 70s

June, July, and August bring the larger-than-life summer you would expect in Texas, with hotter temperatures, cloudier evenings, and the start of the monsoon season, which can last through September. As desert air heats up, mixing with the unstable atmosphere and moisture coming in from the Gulf of Mexico, spectacular thunderstorms will frequently be in the forecast. Chances for precipitation reach their peak in July, contributing to a risk of flash flooding. Despite the rains, humidity mostly stays at a comfortable level. Being prepared with everything from sunscreen, light colored clothing and raingear can help you stay drier during any blazing day or downpour. However, getting wet at the Fort Bliss Community Outdoor Pool, 253 Club Road, is a preferred way to cool off.


High temps: Low to upper 80s
Low temps: Low 50s to upper 60s

Winds begin to taper as autumn approaches, and even though temperatures can remain high, a decrease in humidity means these temperatures are pleasant overall. The chances for precipitation begin to fall dramatically in October as the crisp returns to the air. Mornings and evenings again call for jackets and layers that you can shed mid-day, but by nightfall you’ll want those layers again.


High temps: Low to mid 60s
Low temps: Low to mid 30s

Though this colder season is relatively short (November through February), you may be surprised by how low temperatures can go at night. Days, however, are usually bright and clear. Snow is rare but not unusual in the high desert, especially at higher altitudes of the Franklin Mountains. The region averages 3 inches of snow per year. Wool socks, fleece pullovers and caps will protect your extremities. Don’t forget to winterize your home and vehicle too. Find tips for dealing with a multitude of weather emergencies at the Texas Ready website.

Fort Bliss Weather

Field & Training Expectations Year-round

Because of its vast area and mountainous desert terrain, Fort Bliss is a perfect location for units readying to deploy to the Middle East. With 1.2 million acres of training grounds, the installation will test your conditioning among 54 training areas, 29 villages, and towns, 58 live-fire ranges, 1,700 miles of tank trails, three post camps, and several rail-head facilities. While summer uniforms and gear may intuitively seem most important, it’s imperative for you and your gear to be prepared for cold winter mornings and nights outside.

Where to Find Gear and Clothing at Fort Bliss

Even if you’ve already received your home goods and unpacked every shirt and sock from your permanent change of station, there still may be items of clothing and accessories you’ll want to acquire. Fort Bliss and the surrounding cities offer plenty of choices to add some substance and spice to your wardrobe’s style.

Military Clothing

You can always find certified apparel at Fort Bliss Military Clothing Sales, Building 1614. The store is in the Freedom Crossing complex, which is also home to a 5.11 Tactical clothing store, a Patriot Outfitters activewear store, as well as an alteration shop.

Leadership will issue announcements on which combat, service, and fitness uniforms are appropriate for each season.

Main Exchange

Fort Bliss’ Exchange is in Building 1611. Each season will bring a variety of new casual clothes for purchase.

Shopping Near Fort Bliss

The Fort Bliss Thrift Shop, operated by the Fort Bliss Spouses Association, is a valuable resource for the newly relocated. The shop, at 801 Chaffee Road, sells gently used clothing, shoes, baby items, military uniforms and all the accessories and gear that go with them. It’s also a great place to donate gently used items that your kids or your interests have outgrown.

Discount retailers, outlet stores, and consignment and thrift shops in El Paso and nearby Sparks, Texas, can also help round out your wardrobe with inexpensive options while you discover what clothing works best.

Mexico International Travel Information

If you plan to shop in Ciudad Juárez, the state of Chihuahua, directly across the Mexican border, be prepared with proper documentation before entering the nation’s second-busiest border crossing at Paso del Norte International Bridge. Be aware of Bliss’ travel regulations and review the U.S. State Department’s webpage for Mexico international travel information, especially while COVID-19 is a concern.

Fort Bliss Recreation Equipment Rentals

Make the most of any weather in El Paso by enjoying the great outdoors with recreational equipment. Whatever you need — from camping gear to GPS units, bikes to snowshoes — you’ll find it at the Robert Loeza Soldier Activity Center, 20732 Constitution Ave., on Central Fort Bliss. Call ahead to confirm hours and availability, 1 (915) 744-1532; center staff can also give tips for what seasonal conditions to expect on local trails.

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Fort Bliss Weather


With the right expectations and gear, you’ll have the giddy-up-and-go to enjoy every season at Fort Bliss. Use our tips listed above and check the installation’s Facebook and Twitter pages to ensure the sun always sets on the perfect weather conditions for you.


The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.

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