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Nellis AFB Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here
Nellis AFB Weather: What To Expect When Moving HereNellis AFB Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here

Nellis AFB Weather: What To Expect When Moving Here


Welcome to southern Nevada and your new home at Nellis (AFB) Air Force Base, the “Home of the Fighter Pilot”! If you’ve never lived in Nevada, you might have some preconceived notions about the “Silver State” While the Las Vegas Strip is well-known and close to the base, there is more to the area than casinos, cheap buffets and 24/7 entertainment. The area has really evolved in the last few years, with high-end shopping, outdoor adventures, amazing restaurants and cultural exhibits. And, since the area is in the desert and close to the mountains, you’ll find warm temps and lots of sunshine which makes the weather Nellis Air Force Base a great place to enjoy outdoor activities throughout the year.

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Nellis AFB Weather in the Spring


High temps: Low 70s to low 90s
Low temps: High 30s to low 50s

Once spring rolls around, the temperatures start to rise a bit. You don’t have to worry about wearing a jacket when you head outside for the day and rain is a rarity. The warmer temps are ideal for outdoor activities and exercise. It’s the perfect time of year to take a tour of the Hoover Dam or head out to Floyd Lamb Park to enjoy the oasis in the middle of the desert. Nights are still on the cool side so you might want to dress in layers if you’re going to be outside after dark.


High temps: High 80s to low 100s
Low temps: Low to upper 60s

Summers in the desert are HOT. Dress in lightweight, flowy fabrics and hats for shade, and try to stay indoors where it’s cooler, if possible. Even with the temps in the 100s in July and August, the Las Vegas area can get pretty crowded with summer travelers. Try to find something to do off the beaten path if crowds aren’t your thing. The Las Vegas Natural History Museum is a cool spot for visitors of all ages. Or head to the Warrior Fitness Center and take a dip in the indoor swimming pool to cool off.

Nellis AFB Weather in the Fall


High temps: Low 70s to mid 90s
Low temps: Mid 30s to high 50s

The temperatures vary widely in fall. Right after summer transitions to autumn, it’s still fairly hot out. Those are the days where you can get away with wearing pants and short sleeves. This is ideal hiking weather and you’ll get a chance to view the beautiful red rock canyons at Lake Mead National Recreation Area. However, once you get closer to Halloween, you’ll want to make sure to dress in layers. Don’t forget to keep a jacket in the car for when you head out to visit the haunted houses and other Halloween events.

Nellis AFB Weather in the Winter


High temps: High 50s to mid 60s
Low temps: High 20s to mid 30s

The winter months, while stationed at Nellis Air Force Base, will be pleasant, but definitely colder than the rest of the year. You can expect to get hit with rainy days here and there, but snow is unlikely. You’ll want to dress in heavier layers, with a jacket and gloves if you have them. The temps might drop but outdoor activities are in full swing so most people are out and about. Don’t miss the opportunity to engage in some skiing, sledding, tubing and snowshoeing in nearby Mount Charleston during the winter months.

Field & Training Expectations

Field & Training Expectations

Nellis Air Force Base Airmen should be prepared to train in a variety of different weather conditions, although heat will play the biggest factor. Having a range of uniforms and clothing is important to remain healthy and effective. Staying hydrated is key to protecting yourself from the dangerous effects of too much heat and sun, such as sunburn, heat exhaustion and heat/sun stroke. If you’re feeling any negative effects from the weather, seek out shade or head indoors immediately. Drink water (slowly) and try to cool off.


One of the benefits of living in beautiful Nevada is that you get to enjoy the desert and the mountains. The climate is mild enough that you can spend time outdoors throughout the year or use the higher temps as an excuse to stay inside with the air conditioning blasting. Use these tips to get the most out of your stay at Nellis Air Force Base and ensure you’re prepared for any kind of weather.


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